Exclusive: Yonkers Police Department Suffer $2.35 Million Judgment By Hezi Aris

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YPD_patch Gavel White Plains, NY — The case had come before the jury before Noontime on Thursday, November 19, 2010. The eight jurors departed for home at 5:00 pm returning the next morning by 10:00 am. The White Plains Federal Courthouse was the venue over which Magistrate Judge Lisa Margaret Smith presided when at 11:00 am the deputy clerk spoke the words every plaintiff’s attorney hungers to hear, “The jury wants to know if they can have a calculator."

After enjoying a midday repast, the jury came back with $350,000 for past pain-and-suffering and $2 million for future pain-and-suffering, and about $6,000 in punitive damages.

The case refers to a domestic violence incident that dates back to a summer night in June 2007. aware that his daughter was allegedly physically abused by her boyfriend, Mr Wilson called his son Dedan Wilson (mid 30s) to speak to his sister (early 20s) at her residence in Yonkers to convince her to leave the premises for Dedan Wilson’s residence in Mount Vernon. When Dedan Wilson arrived at his sister’s apartment building, the boyfriend was gone, but the sister had called the police alleging her boyfriend had beat her. When two Yonkers Police Department Officers arrived at the Yonkers address, they are said to have initially believed that Dedan Wilson was the abuser despite his protestations and that of his sister asserting he was her brother, was not the boyfriend, and not the abuser. Despite the tensions of the moment, the first two officers were quieting the situation down when a backup of 16 plus officers arrived as back-up. The first officers on the scene could not maintain control of the situation and family and neighborhood witnesses attested to the YPD beating Dedan Wilson mercilessly. Starting with beating him with police batons, kneeing him in the back, and kicking him senseless upon his falling to the the floor, despite his having been cuffed prior to the beatings taking place.

The domestic violence complaint allegation had never been taken down by the YPD. 

The jury award infers a belief in the testimony by the family members present in the Yonkers apartment, and the neighbors that were witness to the incidents through the front door of the apartment.

Rose M. Weber represented the plaintiff. Her legal expertise is in the realm of excessive police conduct.

Dedan Wilson is emotionally scarred by the brutal beatings and continues to suffer pain in his legs caused by being kneed in the back. Medical remedy may either lessen the pain or make the excruciating pain worse.

This case may or may not be indicative of Yonkers Police Department conduct. Yonkersites have never been permitted knowledge of such incidents because after Yonkers Corporation Counsel brings the cost of settlement to the Yonkers City Council, it is discussed in executive session, thereby denying the public information to the underlying factor(s) that led to such or similar incidents.

Download Dedan Wilson Judgment Against City of Yonkers

inquiry of the Yonkers Police Department has been referred to Yonkers City Hall for comment.

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eHeziExclusive: Yonkers Police Department Suffer $2.35 Million Judgment By Hezi Aris

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  1. Detective Olson is a great man who is letting the residence of Yonkers know what is truly happening in their City. No thanks to Channel 12 news. Other than being a gossip girl. What have you done for the BLACK community? All you are is an individual who enjoys stirring the pot with non-factual propaganda. You are just like Damon the “DOG CATCHER”Jones and Al “THE KING TOOL BAG” Sharpton. You pray on the weak minded and make them feel as if something unjust has happened. Learn the facts before you give your opinion.

  2. I love it when people think the cops are the problem. Take a look in the mirror you skells. I wish the cops would kill more of these perps instead of maiming them, there would be less “victim impact statements” You know right from wrong, dont be a skell.

  3. I don’t have to kiss anybody’s butt. I respect and like Keith Olson. I don’t always agree with him and the union but more police officers are needed to protect and serve us. Crime is out of control in Yonkers and for a city of this size, we are lacking the numbers to effectively fight crime.
    However, that does not mean that I will not address complaints regarding police misconduct and allow the authorities to investigate. I just want fairness and justice. I am not an elected official but a private citizen. I may be a loud mouth, but no ambulance chaser :-). I volunteeer my time and I have a day job, not a City job, not a no-show job but a REAL job here in NYC.
    Have a great day and nothing anyone says will ever stop me. I am like a dog with a bone. The more you hate, is the more you motivate me. So thanks for allowing me to keep the fire in my belly.

  4. DOJ is still investigating the YPD and a final report has not been issued as yet. More than likely in the summer of next year, they will issue a final report.

  5. I have a day job and do not need to take proceeds from anyone. I have not been President of the NAACP for 2 years. I do not or ever solicit donations to the NAACP and frankly, I do not care what you think :-). Your opinion is irrelevant in my head.
    This verdict will stand and the monetary damages will not be reduced. I have volunteered for FREE in the community for 8 years for the NAACP, all while working in a corporate job during the day. There is no glory or prestige in doing this and there is no joy! It is nasty dirty work that I for some sick reason enjoyed doing. Maybe I just like the fight (tee hee) and enjoy the mindless criticism from people like you. I dunno!
    I do what I do and if you don’t like it, too bad buddy. Notice I have the balls to sign my name :-). Clearly you are not MAN enough to sign yours.

  6. Let us all take note of Anthony Mangone, a man whose cocky attitude and total disregard for the law was cultivated by such notable criminals as former State Senator Nick Spano, Former DA Jeanine Pirro, and Election Commissioner and Demcratic County Chair Reggie LaFayette. Let us take note that he is the first brick to fall out of the Wall of Westchester County Corruption, “The Wall of Shame.”
    If the Public Integrity Unit of the U.S. Attorney’s Office, and the FBI are actually alive and well, and really not in league with these players, we will probably see more than 100 indictments and convictions over the next few years out of Westchester. People who need to go away include Larry Schwartz, Andy Spano, Jeanine Pirro, Nick and Mike Spano, Ken Jenkins, Reggie LaFayette, Phil Amicone, and so many more it will be mind-boggling. Did I say 100? More like 200, or more.
    Incidently, the County Courthouse will cough up quite a few candidates for cuffs as well if the Feds do a thorough job of it. But don’t forget Anthony Mangone, cocky “Mr. Smartass” was the first to come down. After all, it’s only right that someone who worked so hard at fraudulently putting some of the crooked creatures into office should be the first to come down

  7. i never said my firm was not involved and never said
    i was not involved…I said I was not an equity partner
    big difference..i did however make hundreds of calls
    to very sick first responders and all of them were greatly appreciative of what our firm did on their
    behalf so it looks like those who fault us for taking
    on this magnitude of a case with absolutely no guarantee of suceeding and borrowing 27 million to finance the case was something no other firm believed in .we did and as a consequence the first responders
    prevailed ….and you want it to be pro bono after
    9 years of litigation ….shows how naive you really are

  8. anon, are juries in the bronx more or less educated then in westchester? Because they are much less favorable towards cops. It has nothing to do with education. a college education (or higher) does not provide you with common sense. As a matter of fact, it has been my experience that the more someone is formally educated, the less common sense they have and the less they are able to think on their own. You can’t make an argument to save your life, that is why you are only an ambulance chaser, not a real lawyer

  9. Reading bob hebert’s column in the new york times
    a few weeks ago (bob is african american by the by)
    he pointed out that it was up to the parents of black
    children to retain a coheseive family unit and to
    encourage education..He did not blame white society
    for the trevails of young black men in america noting
    the percentages that wind up in jail which are enormous
    in a bill cosby like way Hebert urged the black community to deal with the problem pointing out that
    a failure to deal with it will condemn a generation or
    more to joblessness and falure…so when we talk about
    diversity in the yonkers pd..lets understand that qualified personel trumps the color of the police officer’s skin…those who take the test pass the other
    physical qualifications will make fine officers those
    who don’t won’t and shouldn’t

  10. You are a pussy and your days of hiding behind your keyboard are severely numbered. You are my pet project you coward, I know who you are.

  11. How’s about the latest laugh. NEWS12 now tells us that YONKERS is the #2 safest city in the United States.
    Right. And Phil Amiclown is the second most honest mayor in the United States.
    And, Ken Jenkins REALLY LIVES IN LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT NUMBER 16. Sure he does. Sure he does. Sure he does.

  12. stop with the ambulance chasing .its getting very
    old..we just secured a 700 million dollar recovery
    for those who were sickened at ground zero…we
    didn’t have to chase an ambulance but we did have
    to convince mt sinai medical that the injuries were
    the result of the toxins at the site ….and we
    had to borrow money to make the case something that
    no other lawfirm would even consdider

  13. So we pay for PHIL’s personal mess = 8 mill
    Harnett = wrecked the PD
    Pinto = Helped wreck the downtown as DW director
    Sansone = Ruined main st
    Phil get to dodge the rain drops and the people of Yonkers get to just take it over & over. Where are those DAMN FEDS when you want them!

  14. Hey faggot you talk real tough on here. Have you ever said anything to Sgt. McCormack in person. Right I knew you wouldn’t. Faggot.

  15. Lack of diversity-there is currently a male black on the YFD who prior to getting appointed was arrested for CPCS 7(220.03). Once this male was appointed he was doled and the results revealed that he had a high level of narcotics in his system-he was fired from the YFD and then re-instated because he was black which showed that the COY & the YFD showed they had no balls-is this what you call diversity Karen.?

  16. Hey Karen you are a two faced tool. You bash the Yonkers Police Dept. on the Tribune and kiss their ass’s on Yonkers Isn’t safe. If you want diversity stop blaming the Man for there not being enough black men and women on the YPD and YFD . Should we just give them City Jobs? They can take the same test that everyone took to get on those jobs. Be a real leader and go into the black community and truly help them. Black on Black crimes occur on a daily basis on the westside of Yonkers. Stop blaming and start helping your people. Your nothing but a loud mouth do nothing loser ambulance chaser.


  18. RISING EXCLUSIVE: The DiPietro Case-Prosecutors Refuse to Turn Over Favorable Evidence
    It appears that the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York has officially taken the low road in the case of Angelo DiPietro. According to a recent court filing, the prosecuting attorneys have told Magistrate Judge Henry B. Pitman that they have no intention of producing any of the evidence that they have been withholding from DiPietro’s defense team for the past seven years. Prosecutors wrote that it is their belief that neither DiPietro’s defense attorney, Joseph A. Bondy, or Innocence Project investigator, Bill Clutter, are entitled to review any of the discovery that may ultimately prove their client’s innocence.
    In recent months, Rising Media has exclusively covered the case of Angelo DiPietro, who is sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison for a crime that never even happened. DiPietro, 54, is sentenced to a high level security facility in Pennsylvania, where he has spent the last seven years of his life convicted of a fabricated kidnapping story at the behest of politically connected “Mo” Sanginiti and a dubious Ponzi scheme operator, John Perazzo, who both stuck deals with prosecutors for a host of enticing benefits, including freedom and money.
    Earlier this year, DiPietro’s legal team, headed by investigator Clutter, successfully uncovered a plethora of evidence and witnesses, which not only prove the case against DiPietro to be suspect, but also points to it being another miscarriage of justice guided under the tainted legacy of former Westchester District Attorney Jeanine Ferris Pirro. However; notwithstanding Clutter’s illuminating investigation, the Assistant United States Attorney’s Office is still unwilling to correct the overabundance of misdeeds that transpired.
    On November 3rd federal prosecutors made a blatant effort to further distort the truth seeking process by telling Magistrate Judge Pitman in court filings that they think Clutter’s findings of six exculpatory witnesses, documented letters, missing surveillance tapes, affiant declarations, perjured testimony, and devastating phone records in support of Angelo DiPietro’s innocence is insufficient to require them to produce any of the discovery that they admittedly possessed from the very beginning of the case, but never provided to DiPietro’s attorney. In sum, prosecutors told Judge Pitman that they should not be ordered to turn over any evidence that undermines the undeniably false evidence previously used to convict a likely innocent man-who is currently scheduled to die in prison.
    In its filing, prosecutors unpersuasively tried to downplay the overwhelming importance of the exculpatory evidence found by DiPietro’s defense team earlier this year. Ignoring witness affiants, phone records, and every other countervailing factor, prosecutors attempted to justify their behavior to Judge Pitman by either relying solely upon their personal beliefs or deliberately ignoring the critical facts that have now been brought to light. In almost every single instance, prosecutors also failed to provide any of the documents or notes that could remotely verify whether any of their arguments were even remotely accurate. A cunning tactic; however, that is apparently in complete disregard of Judge Pitman’s prior Judicial Order that specifically directed them to “submit material of appropriate evidentiary weight when relying upon any facts outside the record.”
    The government’s disingenuous attempt to circumvent the crucial discovery in this case has in fact been an ongoing strategy. Other court filings reflect that this very group of prosecutors has already deployed other unsettling tactics in order to hinder the proceedings and the fact finding process. In one instance, both prosecutors and federal agents claimed to have caught a convenient case of memory loss, as they wrote to Judge Pitman that they could not “recall” whether they took notes during the interview of a critical witness that could have helped prove DiPietro’s innocence.
    The ill-mannered tactics currently being deployed in this case does not only undermine the integrity of the Offices involved, but also inflicts a forbiddingly scary predicament for defense attorneys, judges, and the general public as a whole. This type of conduct, especially by those government officials entrusted by the public, is extremely daunting and truly unfit for a system in which human lives are dependent upon. Clearly, these prosecutors have apparently lost a sense of their oaths to comport with the “truth seeking process,” which is purportedly the main objective of the criminal justice system.
    The task of now dealing with the plethora of prosecutorial misconduct ultimately falls on the hands of Judge Pitman. The Judge will have to decide the discovery issues in question and direct the government to finally produce the documents that undoubtedly would have changed the outcome of this trial had it not been hidden from the federal jury that convicted DiPietro in 2005.
    Rising Media’s investigative journalists will continue to provide coverage on this important case, including Judge Pitman’s decision in dealing with the discovery matters that are critical to the search for justice. Please stay tuned for all updates and follow up on all segments of this series.

  19. Don’t know which side of the politics you are on, Joe, but you are 100% right.
    Your comment is intelligent and it gives pause for a good chuckle.
    Sure hope you are not a Spanoite because you make too much sense and that would be an incongruity.

  20. so blogging has become the “sophisticated” means by which hacks posture their political positions…
    in a normal sane world all of this crap would be called propaganda.
    must be desperate times.

  21. If the DOJ insists the city hire more minority cops and firefighters you might just as well shut the city down. There is nothing wrong with hiring more of them, provided they are not given special status. If they pass the written, physical,medical, and psych tests, AND score high enough, give them the job. Anything less than this is totally wrong. It will be challenged in the courts, hold up hirings, and we are understaffed already!

  22. there are scams and schemes in every profession..
    but that doesn’t mean when you are arguing a point
    and your adversary is a tort lawyer that you make
    your point by saying that some tort lawyers are crooked
    so are some police officers so are some doctors etc
    your point has to be made based on the merits…as
    for andy cuomo he has promised to clean up the mess
    and to stop the pension abuse I don’t happen to
    believe him because I think he is totally compromised
    by virtue of his union ties going back to when mario
    was governor…but you never can tell ..it may be nixon
    going to china…I certainly hope so for all our sakes
    because the present path is unsustainable anyway you
    slice it…now as for liberal versus educated…If
    you take a look at the juries in this county they
    are highly educated for the most part..I am now talking
    about jurors who live and work in the county…so when
    you try to blame liberalism for a multi million dollar
    verdict I have a hard time buying off on it…the facts
    are presented and the judge gives the law to the jury
    their obligation is to apply the facts to the law
    and if they don’t the judge can throw the verdict out
    as against the weight of the evidence or it can be appealed…but juries convict criminals in this county
    all the time…these are not liberal or conservative
    based decisions.these are fact based..so before
    we conclude that this particular verdict was not
    correct we need to read the transcripts and see the

  23. Karen,
    On the topic, where IS the remainder of the DOJ report on the city of Yonkers. As I remember, their first report only dealt with flaws in the police procedural manual, but I don’t ever remember seeing an report on the actual issues. Please enlighten me.

  24. Mike, I could go on all day about the scams and schemes involved in Tort Law cases, so stop with the high and mighty act. As for education, judging (pun intended) from your frequent misspellings, improper grammatical useage, and basic inability to complete a full sentence, I would say that my education was slightly better than yours. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to practice “Tort Law”. Please. But to your credit, I am glad you are starting to realize that Andy is not the answer for NY. He was just the lesser of two evils. You’ve learned well grasshopper….

  25. andrew cuomo is not about change .he only says
    he is..wouldn’t be surprised if he has a side deal
    with all the unions ..but even he has remarked
    about the pension deals that were made by various
    politicians long ago…taking responsibility for ones
    actions does not mean taking responsibility for someone
    elses action that ends up injuring you..thats what
    some of you posters don’t get…if you are sitting
    in your car and you get rear ended and end up not
    being able to work why don’t you explain to all of
    us how sucking it up and not suing is taking responsibility for your actions..how about the person
    hitting you in the rear..should he be taking responsibility for his actions…its why he has an
    insurance policy isn’t it…so that if he is negligent
    he is covered..or do you want to abolish auto insurance
    under the theory that we all should take responsibility
    for our actions…of course that would mean that when
    you do cause an injury your assets are in jeopardy..
    I mean where the hell did you get an education from
    that you can’t make the distinction

  26. Please refrain from using the term “TAKE RESPONSIBILTITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS” because if this gets out and people start abiding by it, people like our “friend” Edelman will be out of work. If only…

  27. when you say cops can’t get a fair shake in this
    liberal county its an interesting comment..westchester
    is not so much liberal as it is highly educated ..far
    more than most..so your pool of jurors is likely
    to have college degrees..so what you are really saying
    is that when evidence is presented to those with
    the ability to think, cops get screwed..that doesn;t
    say a lot for the police department does it..its easy
    to use the word liberal to dismiss why a verdict comes
    out the way it does…but just as with the amicone
    zherka trial…juries particularly federal juries are
    prone to take the law from the judge and apply it to
    the facts…if there are any more of these multimillion
    dollar verdicts based on similar accusations maybe
    its time for some intesive training for the police that
    would elminate these kinds of responses by a very
    limited number of police…clearly because there
    arent a lot of these types of verdicts when you consider the number of arrests per year in yonkers
    and across westchester

  28. Karen you are just another opportunist like sharpton, damon jones, bostic and the others. You seek to villify anyone who doesn’t agree with your positions, police, government, fire department, etc. You blindly believe anyone who files a complaint against the police or the city of Yonkers regardless if there is merit to it or not. There is a thing called TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS, this is something that many residents of Yonkers don’t know anything about and why should they because if they get into trouble with the police or anyone else you or any one of the other ” blockers” will run interference for them and spin the situation to make them right and EVERYONE else wrong. Let me ask you karen, what is your cut of the lawsuit proceeds, or is that too obvious, maybe it will come in the form or an annonymous donation to the naacp… You claim to fight against racism but we all remember the city council chambers all those years ago when you didn’t get your way and you called liam mclaughlin a leprauchan… and when news 12 called you out on it you got choked up and said ” my boyfriend is white so how can i be a racist.” What a joke…

  29. no politician has ever paid hundreds of thousands
    to me…a perfect illustration of how you mangle
    the facts to confuse everyone else…I worked with
    the police for years..most of them try to do their
    jobs correctly under trying circumstances at best ..
    its only getting worse in the city of yonkers and
    there are bound to be instances of over reaction…
    this is one jury verdict…how many arrests are there
    each year in which there is no law suit no verdict
    and a criminal is put away…all of which has nothing
    to do with the overtime argument..its like mixing
    apples and oranges..just because you do a job properly
    doesn’t give you the right to augment a pension
    by taking advantage of the overtime clauses in your
    contracts….if andy cuomo recognizes it and he has
    always had union support..and if tom di napoli
    recognizes it..then its not just taxpayers who are
    upset…they will however drive the change that is
    necessary to stop the practice

  30. One of several cases in the pipeline that we as taxpayers will have to pay for. $2 million future pain and suffering may be reduced for this case, however, the message is clear, jurors are not automatically believing rogue officers anymore. This jury was a predominantly white male jury with one hispanic male. Testimony moved some of these men to tears :-(. His complaint was one of the first complaints I forwarded to the DOJ. I am not surprised by the verdict. A shift in the jury pool is evolving before our eyes…He also was fortunate not to have the usual “sell out” Westchester attorney, he had Rose Weber who is an excellent attorney. Congrats to the family and their attorney for getting some closure to this 3-year nightmare.
    Hartnett was not the answer and is not the answer to the problems in the YPD. Articulate and smart but lacks leadership abilities and gusto that are required to run the YPD. Hopefully best practices have been restored to the department and that diversity in the YPD will improve, because that is the next lawsuit, I can assure you. 20 African American police officers just won’t cut it for me. Not that the figure department doesn’t have its issues. DOJ has an investigation going on regarding the Yonkers fire department and the lack of diversity there as well. hmmm! Interesting times ahead.

  31. I also think the PBA and CLSA
    PUSHED really hard for Hartnett.
    They wanted the YPD to be
    run like NYPD. Now he destroyed
    the job and morale,but hey you
    want him you got him.

  32. “let’s be fair to the boys in blue…” It took me an hour to stop laughing at you Edelman. Once again, fairness only exists when it agrees with your diatribe. “they for the most part have to deal with out of control people…etc”. Exactly. But don’t be on overtime while doing it because then you are a thief. Mike, as a previous poster stated you have no credibility. And as for your savior Andrew Cuomo, I have 2 words “Hazel Dukes”, a key member of his transition team. Go ahead everyone google this fine example of humanity. Things will change Mike?

  33. The real question is when does award modification cross the line into JURY NULLIFICATION?
    In the First Amendment case against Mayor Amicone, and his cohorts, the Commissioners of Police and Public Works, etc., the jury got it absolutely right. Anything significantly less in the way of punitive damages wouild constituite an open invitation for other despots in government like Amicone & Company to likewise step all over our Constitutionally guaranteed Right of Free Speech.
    The simple fact is Amicone did something so egregious, so UNAMERICAN, as to surpass any other prior case of its kind, and, therefore deserved the very fitting and appropriate punitive damages awarded by the jury of his peers.
    When he took the stand in front of them they knew he was a professional liar. God bless that jury for their diligence and their common sense. It’s moments such as their delivery of their verdict; reasonable, but effective, that restores faith in our judicial system, and all that our Nation’s founders put into being, and so many have given up their lives defending.

  34. let’s be fair to the boys in blue..they are on the
    streets protecting us day and night..they have to
    deal with people who are for the most part out of
    control and have no compunction about getting physical
    with those in authority…federal juries can get carried away in terms of monetary awards..it won’t be the first time..that’s why we have appellate courts..
    the verdict doesn’t have to be overturned in order for
    the award to be modified..

  35. Is it always a bad jury when they don’t decide the verdict the way you think it should go?
    Did you think the Simoe’s jury was a bad jury or did they get it right because they found him not guilty of intentionaly hurting her?

  36. Now the Chief Apologist, Mike Anon Edelmen has spoken.
    Is he really attempting to tell us that the body-slamming of Irma Marquez, like a ragdoll by a totally off the wall cop, who would later attempt at trial to defend her “fall” on her face as having “accidently dropped her” though it was perfectly obvious that he had raised her to a point where he swung her head through an arc with a radius of at least seven feet, nearly killing her, but not hesitating for even one second to check if she was even still breathing before jumping on her back and cuffing her, was a justifiable and proper police procedure, particularly in dealing with an intoxicated individual?
    Mike tell it to the Marines. And, the same for your repeated bogus defenses of Janet DiFiore and Phil Amicone, each of whom you were paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to politically consult and lobby for. You’re as conflicted and full of bull as you can possibly be.

  37. As for the apologist for rogue cops and a rogue mayor and his over-paid corrupt band of cohorts; JUST KEEP THINKING THAT THE JURY VERDICT AND AWARD OF PUNITIVE DAMAGES WILL BE “drasticlly reduced.”
    It’s creatures like you, with vested interest in corrupt “public self-servants” who sell out every decent taxpaying citizen while lining your pockets with blood money. If you think those of us who stood up for the very principle that men and women have died for, and continue to die defending, are going to permit that jury’s intention to be stepped on, you’ve got another guess coming.

  38. Nothing wrong here, the Marquez case was lost because of her actions, there was no coverup, the Sleepy Hollow case was dismissed because of lack of evidence, Det Ridley caused his own demise, every cop knows that the ON DUTY UNIFORMEDofficers are in control, you obey their commands until proper identity can be established. The Mt Pleasant incident will go downas a justified shooting, you dont drive off with a cop on the hood of your car. The police are not out there to intentionally rough people up, but when force is used against the police you can bet your bottom dollar they will fight back to protect themselves.

  39. By now it is well established that there is a contingent of some 20 to 25 very violent police officers in the 650 member YPD, and further, that those who are not on steroids, but accompany these women and child beaters, often stand by at the scene as if it was okay. Consider Irma Marquez, Rui Florim, “Mother 72, Daughtwer 49,” etc, etc. There was a good reason Commissioner Taggart stepped down in September 2006 once the Guardian began exposing Yonkers Police Brutality, case after case, about which Amicone and Hartnett played “Hear no evil, see no evil.”
    As for the FBI who have been in Yonkers investigating for more than three years since dozens of families and individuals came forward at the Yonkers Riverfront Library to tell their frightening cases of savagery at the hands of brutal cops, they are impotent under the direction of a United States Attorney’s Office that has repeatedly “blown” cases like Simoes in Yonkers, and Kinoy in Sleepy Hollow. It is all too obvious that the Feds have no intention of prosecuting rogue Westchester cops, even when they murder someone as in the Officer Chris Ridley case, and possibly in the recent Mt. Pleasant incident. Janet DiFiore is a big cover-up scam artist clearly working with the present US Attorney just as she did with Michael Garcia.
    Wake up folks, and smell the corruption, the equal protection violations, and due process violations, the stench of blood on the streets and in the halls of St. Joseph’s Hospital from victims of YONKERS POLICE BRUTALITY. They could be punching your son or daughter in their face next, then barring you and your lawyer from seeing them in the ICU. Shame on St. Joseph’s.
    The same mayor who committed the worst-ever First Amendment violations of Freedom Of The Press, continues to resist any meaningful Civilian Complaint Review process, ruling the City in denial, and iron-fisted oppressive mode

  40. I would say that some people live in a false sense of reality and don’t believe the level of savagery that we see and deal with every day.
    When you explain to someone born and raised in Larchmont, the violence and danger we are faced with which forces us to use physical force, they do not understand and do not believe. Then some mutt gets on the stand with their crocodile tears and they buy it.
    The public in general has less respect for the police and what we do now more than ever and our juries are getting worse and worse. Many people are more concerned with our pensions and our occasional misstep than the heroic deeds we perform day in, day out. Unfortunately, this will cause police to be more apathetic, reactive instead of proactive and society will pay the price.

  41. Juries can be good. Juries can be bad. But it is VERY VERY difficult to overturn a jury verdict, whether one thinks the Jury was good, bad, or indifferent.
    The above applies to this case as well as the case recently decided by a Jury that awarded an $8,000,000.00 verdict against Mayor Amicone personally.
    I wonder which dream team law firm represented the City of Yonkers in this most recent case? Was it the same dream team that represented the City of Yonkers in the case brought by the Westchester Guardian publisher?
    We will soon find out…….and when we do, we will share the information with all of you readers.

  42. I always try to be fair, but are you saying that everyone on that jury was wrong and you are right? How do you explain their guilty verdict after seeing the video, as you describe it? Not diminishing the work of the police department, but I would like your explanation.

  43. This article is as much a disgrace as the verdict, which will be drastically reduced because it was completely unjust. Dedan Wilson was charged with a domestic assault on his sister and the jury was shown a video of him choking her. His injuries were minimal and it was proven that he had a pre-existing injury which already prevented him from “working.”
    Bad jury, bad article. Come walk a mile in our shoes folks…

  44. The mayor has to union bash to take the spotlight off his complete inability to properly manage this city. He and his overpaid cadre are killing this city. I hope that they either resign in disgrace or are led out in handcuffs. The unions are not the problem, the administration is.

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