Astorino Signs Term Limits Law Proposed by Westchester County Board of Legislators

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Astorino_Rob-approved photo Law Limits County Executive and Legislators to 12 Years in Office 

White Plains, NY — County Executive Robert P. Astorino has signed a law initiated by the Westchester County Board of Legislators (WCBoL)  that limits the county executive to three, four-year terms and legislators to six, two-year terms. “The ballot box still remains the best way to express the will of the people with respect to elected officials,” said Astorino. “But term limits provide a check against entrenched interests gaming the system. They also promote opportunities for newcomers to serve the public. It is for these reasons that I have signed this legislation.” 

The clock will begin running on the term limits in 2012 for county legislators and in 2014 for the county executive, after the next election in each race. 

The law was passed by the WCBoL  December 6, 2010,  by a vote of 10-6.  




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eHeziAstorino Signs Term Limits Law Proposed by Westchester County Board of Legislators

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  1. So those who voted for this have given themselves another 12 years in office, as most of the districts are jerry mandered for one side or the other. Who voted against this and what’s wrong with a referendum?

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