BREAKING NEWS: White Plains Common Council Votes to Recall Mayor By Nancy King

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Bradley_Adam-headshot White Plains, NY — At a special meeting on December 22nd, the White Plains Common Council passed a resolution expressing their lack of confidence in Mayor Adam  Bradley and asked for his resignation. The meeting was called by Council Member David Buchwald and four other council members.  Buchwald has been critical of the mayor since his arrests earlier this year and called him a convicted criminal at tonight’s meeting.  It has also been questioned as to whether Buchwald is behind the anonymous website.  Each member of the Common Council was able to address the mayor giving his or her reasons for expressing the vote of no confidence. The lone no vote came form Councilman Dennis Power who read from a prepared statement charging that Mayor Bradley should be afforded his appeal process and despite his legal troubles, he noted the mayor has contributed to the city moving forward this year despite harsh economic times.

Mayor Bradley also read a prepared statement where he in turn defended his inaugural year in office. Mayor Bradley noted that while this was not the year he anticipated it would be, he was still proud of his accomplishments and gave examples of improvements made in Recreation and the response to the Post Road fire this past summer.

Council members quickly exited City Hall after the meeting though Thomas Roach did stop to make a statement that the Common Council would be going forward in asking Governor-Elect Andrew Cuomo to begin the process to remove the Mayor Bradley from office.  It was unclear if the Common Council would be appealing to Mr. Cuomo in the capacity of attorney general or as governor. It was also unclear if this appeal would be in the form of a letter or a personal visit to Albany. What is clear is that this was a sad day for the City of White Plains  and that this vote of no confidence raises more questions than answers.  The Yonkers Tribune / Westchester Guardian will be working on a more in depth story in the coming weeks as this drama continues to unfold.




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eHeziBREAKING NEWS: White Plains Common Council Votes to Recall Mayor By Nancy King

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  1. Beat up the American Constitution (1st Ammendment)- Thanks for your great exapmle Amicone,
    Beat up your wife – Thanks for your great example Bradley,
    Beat up on tax paying citizens – thanks for your great example WESTCHESTER POLITICAL HACKS.
    Sounds like Nazi Germany to me.

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