Gillibrand, Schumer Announce Bipartisan Deal on 9/11 Health

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Gillibrand_Senator_Kirsten-300dpi Schumer_chuck Washington, DC – U.S. Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Charles E. Schumer today announced they have reached a bipartisan agreement to pass the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act today in the U.S. Senate

Senators Gillibrand and Schumer issued the following statement: 

“The Christmas Miracle we’ve been looking for has arrived. Over the last 24 hours, our Republican colleagues have negotiated in good-faith to forge a workable final package that will protect the health of the men and women who selflessly answered our nation’s call in her hour of greatest need. We are pleased to announce that we crafted an agreement that will allow this legislation to pass the Senate, and the House, this afternoon. We thank our Republican friends for coming together to fulfill America’s moral obligation to the Heroes of 9/11. 

“This has been a long process, but we are now on the cusp of the victory these heroes deserve. We would not be here without the strong leadership of Majority Leader Reid, Congresswoman Maloney, Congressman Nadler, Congressman King, Congressman Weiner, Congressman Crowley, Congressman McMahon, the entire New York Congressional delegation, and most of all, the many brave first responders and community survivors.”

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eHeziGillibrand, Schumer Announce Bipartisan Deal on 9/11 Health

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  1. I agree with Jack – why should we cover the health care bills for those 9/11 first responders who got sick?
    They could have just done the same thing as Bush (43)and quit their obligation when it didn’t suit them.

  2. Yeah,Gilli knows how to spend and tax,she would make a great leftist Democratic president.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

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