Hugh Fox, Jr. On the Level with Narog and Aris

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WVOX_logo New Rochelle, NY —  Hugh Fox, Jr., newly elected chairman of the Westchester County Conservative Committee is Richard Narog’s and Hezi Aris’ guest  this Tuesday, December 7th, from 10 am through 11 am, on WVOX-1460 AM on your radio dial and worldwide on Narog and Aris will tackle Westchester concerns on December 14th, and the Hon. Nick Spano with be their guest on December 21st.

Listeners and readers are invited to send a question to for possible use prior to any shows’ airing and even during the course of an interview. 

Wednesday mornings at 8:37 am when he and Bob Marrone discuss issues on the Good Morning Westchester radio program hosted by Bob Marrone. 

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eHeziHugh Fox, Jr. On the Level with Narog and Aris

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  1. So he likes women in thongs? So what? In my opinion this labels him a heterosexual, not a weasely little faggot like yourself who posts shit anonymously….faggot.

  2. Rit is pretty funny! he said spanos are done in yonkers??? huh???? is that why Mike just beat Ramondelli who was supported by the mayor and murtagh and barbato and others gathering over 60% of the vote?? you like to say Nick lost to andrea but if you look at those numbers he won yonkers big but lost in greenburgh really big. Mikes assembly district is quite conservative and doesnt include the west side of the city where all the dems are. but when he runs for Mayor he will have the west side. tough for some of you to swallow i kinow but Mike Spano will be pretty tough to beat. dont forget astorino even did commercials for Ram

  3. Ok all you *ssholes who spend countless hours on this blog. Tell me who is going to beat mike. I am not a Spano hack. I personally don’t like him but I am a realist. Tell me who !!!!!!!!

  4. true about the wilson pakula, but john folkerts is a registered conservative and he will be primarying anyone fox runs………hahahaha… is going to be outfoxed and made to look very stupid

  5. NO Way that Mikey can primary on the Conservative line because he is NOT a Conservative Party member and would need a Wilson Pakula from the party and that is NOT going to happen.
    Doesn’t matter how many Spanoites are in the COnservative party in Yonkers because the County gives out the WP.
    Tough road ahead for Mike to win the Dem nod.
    He will Lose the convention and then lose a primary if he tries.
    Stay in Albany Mike. You can safely chase your dreams there and continue to engage in your extracurricular activities there as well.

  6. No way Mike wins in yonkers, the people are fed up with the Spanos. When Nick got beat by Cousins that sealed their fate. Its over for the Spano clan,thank god Nick is GONE, and Mike will be next.

  7. I agree, Mike Spano does need need the conservative line to win. And as sure as god made l;ittle green apples , whomever you put up on the conservative will be primaried and beat. You guys may have the nut jobs conservatives at the county level but not here in yonkers where fox is not liked. Sam, You won, why sit @ the computer and try to rag people? i think it shows a lot when you win and how you win and lose. be a good winner. ur still crying like you lost. guess you got used to it after all these years.

  8. Hey Sam…….Fox may have fooled a majority of the octogenarians that make up the Conservative Party in Westchester, but he will not be able to fool anyone else.
    Mikey doesn’t “need” the Conservative Party leaders’ endorsement, no matter who that may be. Mikey will have the support of the Conservative Party VOTERS in Yonkers. In fact, everyone of the candidates that is endorsed in Yonkers (and a few other Westchester locales) will be primaried in October. It’s going to be a very embarassing 2011 for Fox, Restiano and others like yourself. Not one of the “conservatives” that Fox puts forth will wind up on the ballot in November. That my friend you can take to the bank.
    Have a Merry Christmas.

  9. You idiots make me laugh. The Conservative party has been controlled by Nick Spano for the last ten years. The only reason they wanted it because they could never get the endorsement based on their record. If Fox is so incompentent what does that make Spano & Burns with all their firepower.
    It’s over, Mikey will have to become the Mayor of Yonkers without the Conservative line. Maybe he can do it let’s wait and see.

  10. Astorino makes no political decisions without getting Colety’s permission first. As a matter of fact, Astorino is afraid of Colety and how Colety throws his power around. The twerp knows his place.
    I predict that Fox will strut around and boast to his firemen buddies about his precious new gig, but his pals will get the wrong impression. They’ll think that he can offer jobs and take care of them. Within 9 months, Fox will be friendless and pissing in a litter box on the 9th floor.

  11. Never mind Doug- Fox is taking all his orders from Asstorino. The twerp will be deciding all conservative party policy from now on.
    That’s what Foxy’s 92K salary buys.
    Control. And lots of it.

  12. Rest assured that Hugh Fox is wearing a very very short leash and Doug Colety is holding the other end. Colety is not one to sugarcoat. If Fox does not know today, he will learn quickly that he is not going to make important decisions about the Conservative Party. Fox has always been somebody’s bitch and now he is Colety’s. Whores don’t care who’s buying.

  13. Nick Spano is a good honest man and the fact that few on this blog try likie hell to associate him with other ppl is just nonsense

  14. double dipping
    The practice of drawing two incomes from the government, usually by holding a government job and receiving a pension,

  15. Maybe you dont remember but fox was 628 president and didnt work the line or collect any overtime and Thats why there is a differance in his salary from one year too the next. Find out the definition of double dipping before you post your silly comments.

  16. How much is his pension and how does he justify padding his salary his last year to screw the taxpayers by inflating it by conniving with the other fire fighters?

  17. Ask him if he plans on issuing “thongs” to Vinnie Rustiano and the other “conservative” women. Fox was well known when he was a firefighter for passing out women’s underwear as gifts and asking women to put them on, while he watched.
    Ask him about his “hole in one” that he scored on a golf course recently. It had something to do with a golf ball, but nothing to do with golf.
    Ask him if he is really a “conservative” or just using the conservative party to get what he wants.

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