Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins Announces Wage Theft Prevention Act Having Been Signed Into Law

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ASC Headshot 10 Albany, NY — Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins today announced Wage Theft Prevention Act (S8380), legislation she co-sponsored in the Senate, has been signed into law by Governor David A. Paterson. This new law will effectively expand workplace rights of employees by requiring employers not only to provide employees with necessary wage information, but put in place sanctions for employers who fail to properly pay their workers full earned wages and overtime.

Studies indicate that a large number of employees are earning less than state-mandated minimum wage in New York, are being paid less than their correct wage and are not receiving the appropriate amount of overtime compensation. Employers often take advantage of employees by not informing them of what their wages are and how they are calculated. Also, past sanctions on employers found in violation were not strong enough, nor enforced properly, and therefore failed to deter employers from such discriminatory conduct.

“This new law will provide employees with the opportunity for legal recourse against employers that unfairly withhold wages and overtime pay,” said Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins (35th District – D/WF). “In passing this legislation, New York sends a clear message to employers that practices that undermine workers and put honest businesses at a competitive disadvantage will not be tolerated.” 

The new law will require annual notifications of wages (as well as expansion of these notifications), increase the availability of remedies for wage law violations and create stronger whistleblower protections. Moreover, the law will enforce stricter sanctions on employers who fail to provide employees with proper compensation for their work.

The Wage Theft Prevention Act: 

• Enacts more stringent and transparent record-keeping and employer notification requirements on all employers;   

• Increases the amount of wages that can be recovered as damages in a suit for non-payment over and above the lost wages themselves – from 25 percent to 100 percent, the amount allowable under Federal law;   

• Creates stronger collection tools;   

• Raises criminal penalties for failure to pay minimum wage to up to a year in prison and $5,000 fine.

• Strengthens protections for whistleblowers in cases involving wage violations.

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eHeziSenator Andrea Stewart-Cousins Announces Wage Theft Prevention Act Having Been Signed Into Law

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  1. To Mike and Company: While we would agree that Andrea’s performance has been less than gratifying, with nothing that one could identify as political courage: still she will not likely end her career as Nick is likely to in the Danbury or Lewisburgh lock up.
    Having said that we must remind all of you that the legislation was inspired by creeps like Joe Spiezio and his band of 40 Latino laborers, all of whom were getting ripped off by him as in the Saigon Kitchen bicycling deliverymen’s case.

  2. I just received a post card from Miss Cousins this evening. Amongst the useless and insipid platitudes, is the following comment:
    ..including working to resolve the state’s fiscal crises in a fair and responsible manner.”
    I then turned to the front of the card, and looked at the postage. It reads:
    Cousins, is it “responsible” to send a Holiday card at taxpayers expense in the current fiscal crises? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND???? I do not care if you have a “budget” line for this, it is wasteful spending, and simply reinforces what a joke you are.

  3. Once again Anon shows his true GOP colors by insulting the way some looks.
    How about this one: Mike Edelman looks like a slob who can’t walk around the block without stopping ten times to catch his breath.

  4. Oh Lord, another two years of this pandering broad. Another layer of overbearing government red tape to make it harder for business to get out of the recession.
    Scarf broad, I have two questions for you:
    1. You “co-sponspored” the legislation. You and HOW MANY OTHER DEMOCRATS. Why do I bet it is not an exclusive club. So do not make it out like it is your own. As you usually do.
    2. The amount of minimum wage is CLEARLY POSTED, along with the relevent agencies you can call for any violations in accordance with FEDERAL LAW in every work place. Why is that not good enough? If someone is truly being cheated, which everyone would agree is wrong, why cant they pick up the phone and call? ITS RIGHT ON THE WALL! OVER THE COPIER OR BY THE COFFEE MACHINE. IN ENGLISH AND SPANISH.
    Andrea..Ridge Hill has a Lord and Taylor opening with an expanded scarf department – named after you. You are useless.

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