Westchester County Board Chairman Jenkins to County Executive Astorino

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Jenkins_Ken Astorino_Rob-approved photo Enough with the Republican Hypocrisy! 

White Plains, NY, December 22, 2010 —  Westchester County Board of Legislators Chairman Ken Jenkins (D-Yonkers) (pictured left) released a statement pointing out the hypocrisy of Westchester County Executive Robert Astorino (pictured right) who recently vetoed a transfer of $500,000 from the County Attorney’s office to the Board of Legislators operating budget to offset costs of assigning four (4) attorneys to advise the Board on legal matters. Astorino criticized the Board, expressing that the Board was “setting up its own legal fiefdom and patronage positions”. 

“It’s more than a little disingenuous for Mr. Astorino to make such wild accusations about a transfer from one agency to another.  Too many elected officials like Mr. Astorino are playing partisan politics instead of doing what is right for communities.  Mr. Astorino’s own words during his campaign were that ‘government belongs to us – not entrenched politicians and political insiders.’  However, since his election, all he’s done is provide a safe haven of county patronage jobs for Republican operatives and their families and has doled out more gifts than Santa Claus. 

Here are a few examples: 

·   Former Republican Mount Pleasant Supervisor Robert Meehan, the current County Attorney and his wife, Nancy, the newly-promoted Republican Deputy Commissioner for the county’s Board of Elections, make more than $423,000 from the county, including salary and benefits. 

·   The recent hiring of the newly elected chairman of the county’s Conservative Party Hugh Fox, making $92,470-a-year. Fox was elected when Conservative Party members recently ousted Gail Burns, who last year denied Rob Astorino the party's line, and supported his opponent, Democrat Andy Spano.  Fox, a Yonkers firefighter who retired this year with a year-end salary of more than $151,486, is also eligible for a pension. 

 ·   Former Republican operative and candidate for Yonkers City Council President, James Castro-Blanco, was just recently hired as the new Chief Deputy County Attorney. Castro-Blanco has no municipal law experience, however he represented Hugh Fox during the recent Conservative Party meeting, where former chair Gail Burns was ousted and Fox selected as its new chair. 

·   Sixty days into Astorino’s new administration, two members of his management team — Ned McCormack, Director of Communications and Laurence Gottlieb, Director of Economic Development – each received $18,000 raises, taking their salaries to an astonishing $155,000 for two months work.

 ·   The recent hiring of the wife of the Bedford Republican Committee chairman as an assistant to the County Executive.

 ·   Astorino has increased his own operating budget for salaries by $300,000 for the FY 2011 budget. ·   Astorino hired four additional staff members – with salaries ranging from $40,000 to $75,000 – since November 2010 to work in his executive office.

 ·   Plus, the hiring of Brendan Murnane, the relative of wealthy Astorino donor John Murnane, as an ‘assistant’ to the Chief of Staff.

If the Board were to sustain the County Executive’s vetoes, taxes for Westchester’s residents would actually increase. Instead of grandstanding and trying to score cheap political points, Mr. Astorino should focus on working with the Board of Legislators to develop creative solutions necessary to provide much-needed tax relief for our residents.”

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eHeziWestchester County Board Chairman Jenkins to County Executive Astorino

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  1. “Telephone scar”? I have never heard the term. I guess you have spent some time inside yourself. Figures you would like astorino.

  2. what his father did has nothing to do with him… i guess you would rather vote for ken jenkins, who actually has been in jail ( just look at the scar on his face – thats a telephone scar) … Astorino is the man for the job

  3. Astorino was clearly the RIGHT choice for the county exec job. He bring an air of being reasonable to County Government which we haven’t seen since andy o’rourke.
    Jenkins is a hack who will undoubtedly run for exec next time around and all of the uneducated democratic masses will vote for him even though they know nothing of him.
    The override of astorinos vetos show that democrats in this county ARE OUT OF TOUCH with the voters… a republican got elected to the top job in a county where democrats far outweigh republicans … DOES THAT NOT MEAN ANYTHING TO DEMOCRATS ????
    Astorino has the right vision for westchester and I for one feel better with him at the helm… people are tired of tax and spend and are tired of the democrats giving everything to people in Mt. Vernon, south yonkers, southern new rochelle who would rather just take take take then try to actually help themselves…
    Thank You Mr. Astorino for finally looking out for the rest of us.

  4. Democrats have passed a Zombie Budget that will lead to drastic layoffs, when the over estimated tax revenues are not realized.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  5. There must be another half a million there. Let’s get rid of all of these party hacks on both sides and I bet we could save at least $2 million. Until I see my property taxes dip by 10% then Astorino is not achieving anything. 1% here ans there is just fiddling with the numbers.
    A 5% cut across the board would be a welcome start, let Astorino lead, by announcing he’s going to take a cut. Then lead by example, otherwise shut up, all of you.

  6. to yonkers voter..i stand corrected…you are quite
    right…what expertise is it that fox has that no one
    else has…guarding adam bradley?

  7. Anon I must correct you there is a law that says that if you collect your pension and then go back to work in any government job you can only make $30,000.00 therefore in order for Mr. Fox to receive $92,000.00 he must get a 211 waiver from the State. In order to receive a 211 waiver you must prove that your expertise is needed and no one else can do the job. Also the job must be posted and eligble candidates must be interviewed. Wonder if that law was followed.

  8. There is nothing in the law that prevents hugh
    fox from getting his pension and then going back
    to work for a different municipality…however anyway
    you look at it hiring him after he becomes chair of
    the conservative party sets a bad example…he will
    be making almost a quarter of a million a year
    compliments of the taxpayers of westchester…just
    today a city in the south stopped paying its pensioneers because it ran out of money…if we don’t
    tackle this problem of skyrocketing pensions and the
    padding that gets them there new york will be in
    the same boat within 10 years…financial pundits
    are already predicting municipal bankruptcies..as
    for the attorneys hired by the board rob is correct
    the board doesn’t need four of them…at the most

  9. By the way, Poster #3 who declares that he likes Idoni. Just for fun ask Tim who did the renovations on his country place up in Monticello. Then come back and inform us if he suffers a memory lapse.

  10. The major media are afraid to go after Jenkins because of the “Equal and More Equal Doctrine.” However, The Westchester Guardian fully exposed the facts a year ago with photos of both houses, and interviews at the Board of Elections, as well as with an elderly resident of the house on Moultrie Avenue, where Jenkins merely receives his mail in furtherance of the fraud.
    As reported, at one point, shortly after unlawfully taking a seat, he tried to place an agenda item before the legislators to “correct” the boundary line between the two districts in order to make himself legal. Then he got cold feet fearing it would bring too much attention to his felonious conduct.

  11. the Jenkins residency scandal is too hot for anyone to handle. But it’s true, Ken doesn’t live in his voting district. The only hope to expose this fraud is if the media will take it on. Stake out his to alleged houses and see where he sleeps each night. Someone has to challenge him. He’s a power broker who all other politicians are afraid of. Ken you know it’s true. The rules don’t apply to you. Wheel and deal, but don’t be surprised if the feds come after you.

  12. I find it amusing that instead of justifying why the democrats need FOUR attorneys at $125,000 each to “help” them fight the Republicans over every little thing (using our tax dollars in the process), Jerkins can only deflect with jive and double speak.
    Seemingly all Jerkins wants to do is fight with Astorino, and is willing to spend a HALF MILLION DOLLARS of our money to do it.
    Jerkins, you so are politicially inept and transparent, I hope you run for Mayor of Yonkers, I want to see Lesnick tear you apart.
    And that is not saying much.

  13. Astorino has heard the people loud and clear.
    He was elected to do just what he is doing. The people are tired of all the hand outs. Taxes are out of control and Jenkins is a jerk. Soon enough all these politicians will be gone. Look at Kaplowitz. He couldn’t win and he too will not be re-elected.
    KEep up the great job Astorino!!!! There are jobs for those who choose to work.

  14. Mr. Jenkins isn’t a “political insider” but rather an outsider by definition. You see Mr. Jenkins lives outside of the legislative district that he purports to represent. In plain English, Ken Jenkins Lives on Bushie Avenue, clearly inside District 15, already represented by Coke Sniffing Gordon Burrows, Jr.; and, not on Moultrie Avenue in District 16 which he claims to be domiciled (living) in.
    When confronted he laughs the matter off. But it’s no joking matter. In fact, he is guilty of several counts of ELECTION FRAUD, a felony, each punishable by four years in state prison and a $5,000 fine. Of course we will probably see hair grow on Janet DiFiore’s hand before she will prosecute Jenkins for his crimes.
    What role models these disgusting, greedy politicians be. But, of course, Mike Edelman, so-called Republican political commentator, will come along soon and tell us that what Ken and Janet are doing is just fine. After all, none of the other 16 legislators cares. They’re all doing their own ‘schtick’. It’s time to bring the curtain down on this mob.

  15. How in the world is Mr. Fox able to receive such a high county salary and collect a state pension at the same time? I thought that was banned.

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