37 Probationary Police Officers to be Sworn in on January 7, 2011

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Amicone_Phil Hartnett_Edmund Yonkers, NY — On Friday January 7, 2011 at 11:00 a.m., the City of Yonkers Police Department will be swearing in 37 Probationary Police Officers at the Riverfront Library located at 1 Larkin Center, Yonkers, N.Y.  Mayor Philip Amicone (left) and Police Commissioner Edmund Hartnett (right) will be attending the ceremony.  These new Probationary Police Officers will be attending the Westchester County Police Academy which starts on Monday January 10, 2011.  All are invited to attend. 

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eHezi37 Probationary Police Officers to be Sworn in on January 7, 2011

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  1. Say your saying that all contracts shiuld not be honored? So when you sign a mortgage with the bank for a certain rate its alright with you if they raise it? You sign a contract to have work done and if its not that’s alright too. These contracts were negotiated and signed in good faith. Don’t anti-union cause you dont have one. If it wasn’t for unions you job would suck even mire then it does now.

  2. Police and firefighting is a young mans job. Even a person in their fifties in good shape is no match for a foot pursuit of a felon or a firefighter fighting a structure fire. They should retire by age 50 and let young blood be hired.

  3. who cares what the deal was when these cops got hired. If they were hired and the deal was work for 20 years, then retire at half pay (plus OT) too bad. We’re on tough times now, We should tell these cops and firemen that now they have to work 40 years, or until they are 62 then retire at half pay with NO OT! That’s the only fair thing to do!

  4. My Brother , Is correct there won’t be any overtime because, There won’t be any money in a few months. The cops will get benifits for the rest of there lives on the taxpayer! Thank you phil his pockets!

  5. 67 are on the street. The other 11 are supervisors, detectives, traffic cops,taxi/bus inspectors, crime scene analysts,k-9 officers and anti-crime officers.

  6. 79 in the day and 15 on the streets…
    47 at night and about 30 on the streets…
    Plus all the night guys are the new ones on the job. So when the most amount of crimes happen, the newest and the fewest are protecting us. Got to Love Yonkers….

  7. Its the same number of officers patrolling the streets any given hour of the day. The same cars need to be manned. What changes for the day shift is all the support staff of cops doing civilian clerk work that needs to be done. How many? I dont think anybody will admit the truth.

  8. That is not an answer, that’s a deflection. When I asked the same question to the YFD, I received a direct answer: 57 during the night, 57 during the day. So if there are only 47 police officers working the night shift, how many work the day shift? Simple question, apparently not so simple answer. Anyone?

  9. Yonkers will become the “NEW” Mt.Vernon p.d. – we’ll train the recruits for other police jobs around the county. Awesome!

  10. Ask the police commissioner what the overtime costs will be for those sergeants, lieutenants and captains attending this event.

  11. On that note, does anyone know how many cops are on duty during the day shift? If there are only 47 on the night shift, how many are on the day shift? Just asking?

  12. Great this must mean that the overtime will go down and there will be more cops on the night shift, instead of being behind desks during the day. All is well in Yonkers!

  13. Never mind the overtime, They won’t last the six months (no disrespect to the cops)and it will cost the taxpayers hundreds of thousands in the long run. The clown should be in jail!

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