Analysis: Court Ejects Rahm Emanuel from Chicago Mayoral Ballot By Hezi Aris

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Emanuel_Rahm_official_photo_portrait_color Jenkins, Perez, Schorr, Soto, and Stokes in Tenuous Political Circumstance

Chicago, IL — An Illinois State Appeals Court today ruled that Rahm Emanuel, declared candidate for Mayor of Chicago is not qualified for the office because he was found not to be a resident of the city for the required minimum of one year prior to the election. The ruling superceded a lower court decision and also that of the Chicago Election Board that had initially permitted his name being placed on the February 22nd ballot.

The Appellate Court noted that although Mr Emanuel owned a house within the Chicago city limits, he did not reside there.

The ruling may become the precedent to unseat Westchester County Board Legislator Ken Jenkins abdicate his position because he too owns a house within outside the district he represent. He lives in that house with his family but he also maintains a pied–à–terre across the street which is situated within the district. Mr Jenkins has in the past explained that his house was specifically gerrymandered out of the district.

Yonkers Inspector General Dan Schorr still resides in the City of White Plains despite the requirement demanded of him that he take residence in the City of Yonkers within the first six months of his taking office. He attested before the Yonkers City Council and  on television to that effect. He has no intention of taking residence in Yonkers.

Political operative Wilson Soto, Esq., was found to have fraudulently attested to resided within Yonkers 2nd District. He appended his signature stating that to be the case. Almost a year later, the case is almost forgotten and he did not then, nor now, reside at the address he swore to hold residence.

Mount Vernon Inspector General Harry Stokes is required to reside south of 287 but he resides in Salem, New York, which is situated north of 287.

Virginia Perez is expected to declare her candidacy for Yonkers City Councilwoman representing the 3rd District but she resides in the 2nd District.

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eHeziAnalysis: Court Ejects Rahm Emanuel from Chicago Mayoral Ballot By Hezi Aris

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  1. Just read this. Soto did at one time have a RESIDENCY issue as he represented the 2nd district from that fraudulent address.
    Let’s see if Janet of the Apes does a damn thing about this flagrant violation of election law.

  2. the supreme court has ruled 6-1 that emanuel is
    on the ballot for those of you who thought you knew
    what the story was you were dead wrong particularly
    the advocate who thinks he has a license to practice
    law but does not…and that is a whole nother issue
    the law in the state of illinois is settled and
    was before the appellate court decided to make up
    the law…blassberg go away for good…and stop trying
    to sell the rest of us on your legal knowledge…why
    aren’t you an attorney you did attend law school..what
    happened..did you not pass the bar..did you not pass
    the character committe..we are entitled to know after
    you have posed as a legal expert for years

  3. but its not the chicago supreme court its the supreme
    court of the state of illinois…and there is no fix
    the lower court ruling was wrong


  5. For all of those who really care where they all live, it’s pretty simple. File a complain with the board of elections, and cc the DA and the media. Then we’ll find out who, if any are dragging their feet.
    Otherwise zip it.

    The entire Jenkins ELECTION FRAUD issue was thoroughly researched, documented, photographed, and published a year or more ago in, you know, The Westchester Guardian. So, check it out Mr. Editor, and tell it like it is. As you should also be aware the whole similar Wilson Soto ELECTION FRAUD scandal can also be found in a prior edition of The Guardian.
    “the whole similar Wilson Soto Fraud” blah blah
    the poster wants you to buy the premise…that
    is what Soto did is equivalent to what jenkins is doing
    its called a red herring…SOTO alleged signed a
    an attestation under oath that he lived in a particular
    election district…this is not a residency issue
    its a question of making a false statement under oath
    jenkins on the other hand has two residences…he
    is allowed to under the law…this is not at all the
    same as claiming you live in a district when there
    is no residency whatever…but the poster who has
    attempted to correct Hezi did exactly the same thing
    all the time while he was editor of the guardian..
    he conjured the facts, got readers to buy into a false
    premise, and the arguments flowed from their…
    maybe its why he is no longer the editor

  7. Stop picking on Rahm. He may not know where he lives but at least he went to college in Yonkers.
    What did he do when he was a member of Congress?

  8. The Rahm Emanuel case was decided by two judges
    out of three with a blistering disent..Rahm was
    a former congressman from chicago who moved his
    family to washing to temporarily serve the president
    he did not sell his home in Chicago nor did he give
    up his “residency” you can have more than one
    residency but only one domicile…the statute
    in chicago refers to residency not “actual residency”
    which is what the two appellate justices relied
    on …eg they created new law because there are no
    similar cases in the state of illinois and in fact
    the chicago statute appears to contemplate a temporary
    move…now as for mr jenkins…it matters not what
    the guardian thinks about where he is domociled..the
    law requires only that he be a resident of the district
    If he chooses to have two homes that is not illegal
    If it were his “residency” status in the district
    would have been challenged by now…it is a totally
    different question of whether having two abodes
    is acceptable to the people of his that
    they are entitled to consider whether or not they
    contradict the spirit of the statute..but it is not
    illegal as a matter of law…Soto is a different matter
    and for those of you who think that ken jenkins is
    committed some sort of election fraud why don’t you
    bring a court challenge…I am sure you will get your
    final answer from the supreme court or the appellate
    division …saying however you reside in one district
    for the purpose of signing an attestation when you do
    not have any kind of “residence” in that district however is a making a false statement under oath

  9. No one has established that Perez is running. If she is, she’s young and single and she’s traveled all over the world on her own.
    I think she can find her way across Yonkers.
    In addition to overlooking that obvious solution to Perez’ residency issue, you link her good name to the likes of Ken Jenkins and Wilson Soto – known blatant residency frauds. Her entry into politics was motivated by her brother’s murder at the hands of street criminals, as you are well aware, not by a desire to perpetuate the Yonkers machine.
    I think you owe Virginia Perez an apology.
    PS Don’t let up on the Wilson Soto thing. Janet DiFiore is hoping people forget. The case is a slam dunk and shouldn’t take an afternoon let alone over a year.

  10. Hezi, we are not talking about “across the street.”
    Let’s get the facts straight. Moultrie Avenue, where Jenkins gets his mail, is about half a mile from Bushie Avenue where he lives with his family; the address from which his wife continues to be registered to vote, clearly within Legislative District #15. If he wanted to follow Andrea into the seat from District #16 he should have moved there. After all his primary occupation was, and continues to be, real estate. But that’s another issue that needs looking into as pertains to the DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SERVICES AND THEIR RENTAL OF APARTMENTS FOR THEIR CLIENTS.
    The entire Jenkins ELECTION FRAUD issue was thoroughly researched, documented, photographed, and published a year or more ago in, you know, The Westchester Guardian. So, check it out Mr. Editor, and tell it like it is. As you should also be aware the whole similar Wilson Soto ELECTION FRAUD scandal can also be found in a prior edition of The Guardian.

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