Breaking News: State Legislature Puts $36.3 Million Back In to Yonkers Public Schools’ Budget

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ASC_Andrea Stewart-Cousins-Headshot Fulfills Promise Given by Yonkers State Delegation

Albany,  NY, 28 January 2011  – The City of Yonkers' State Delegation announced the passage of S. 2026/ A. 2289 in the Senate and Assembly this week, which allows the Yonkers Public Schools access to $36.3 million in this fiscal year. The legislation extends several provisions of a budget bill that was vetoed by Governor David Paterson in July of 2010. The veto put $36.3 million out of reach for the Yonkers Public Schools, which threatened to eliminate pre-kindergarten, transportation and other school programs in the City of Yonkers. 

“This was a promise that we made in July, and this week we came through on our promise,” said Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins. “With a new Session bringing a new Governor I am pleased that Governor Andrew Cuomo and the leadership of the Senate and Assembly kept the $36.3 million pledge and carried through this agreement. I especially thank Larry Schwartz, Senior Adviser to Governor Cuomo and former Secretary to Governor Paterson, for his work in both administrations. Through our collaborative efforts we have demonstrated that we are committed to protecting the education of our children.” 

“The passage of this bill averted what would have been a major financial crisis to the Yonkers Public School system. I would like to thank all who helped in the lobbying effort to make this happen,” said Assemblyman Mike Spano (Yonkers- D/C/WF). 

"My colleagues and I fought hard for this, and I am glad we were able to restore the funding. Although New York is still enduring difficult economic times, we cannot forget our children. It is critical that we continue to invest in their education," said Assemblyman J. Gary Pretlow (87th AD). 

Shortly after the Governor vetoed the budget bill in July, the Yonkers State Delegation contacted Governor Paterson, his Secretary Larry Schwartz, then- Majority Conference Leader John Sampson, and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. A deal to reverse the veto was reached pending legislative action. Comptroller Tom DiNapoli agreed to certify the Yonkers Municipal Budget as result of this commitment. The legislation passed the Assembly on January 24, 2011, and the Senate on January 25, 2011 and is now headed to Governor Andrew Cuomo for his signature. 

Superintendent of Yonkers Public Schools Bernard P. Pierorazio said, “We applaud our State representatives for fighting on behalf of the District’s 26,000 students.  Their efforts to fulfill the promise they negotiated with the former Governor is now realized with the passing of this legislation. We look forward to Governor Cuomo taking the final step and signing the bill.”

The City of Yonkers State Delegation is comprised of Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins, Senator Jeffrey Klein, Assemblyman Mike Spano, Assemblyman J. Gary Pretlow and Assemblyman Tom Abinanti.

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eHeziBreaking News: State Legislature Puts $36.3 Million Back In to Yonkers Public Schools’ Budget

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  1. in a time when we have lef our children with skeletal crews to teach them, laid off so many staff who were never returned, left major gaps in our schools and systems how does anyone get an increase in salary! Our buildings are not safe, does anyone see you tube videos! look at what is happening.
    Look at Palisade and YHS they are out of control. So many example of problems.

  2. money alone is hardly the answer…we have to find a
    way to educate our kids…they don’t seem to be interested in higher learning..and its not just yonkers
    and its not just minorities…just take a look at
    mid western states…kids don’t learn…they don’t
    want to and their parents do not prioritize learning
    they are more interested in saturday night foooootball
    we are becomming a nation of morons…south korea
    china, india, and lots of other places who do not
    have the economic success that we do place far more
    emphasis on learning math, science and other subjects
    that will lead to good jobs in developing technological fields..we produce hourly workers for
    Home Depot…why because the teachers havent’ been
    held to high enough standards..and our schools are too
    engaged in teaching everything but what counts…kids
    can’t spell they can’t do algebra and they are not
    interested in anything that challenges their minds..
    maybe its because of our wealth..maybe its because
    their parents are spoiled but whatever it is if
    we don’t correct it we will not be able to compete
    and we will not be able to manufacture anything that
    the rest of the world wants

  3. pure bullshit
    this is either unbelievable ignorance or in your face corruption.
    maybe everyone should crank up the printers and spit out dollars just like the feds.
    ….and pay for Mcdow’s parking

  4. Open the books, lets see where the money is being spent. No accountability no more money. And who approaved a $30,000 raise when the district produces such piss poor results?

  5. The logical argument is that as much as every sane person wants to make sure our children get a first rate education, we have the following reality:

  6. Yeah – better that Long Island gets more money for its schools and its taxpayers pay less.
    You Republicans can’t make ONE logical argument.

  7. anonymous is 100% correct. The district has produced such poor results in NY and Westchester. Eight SINI and 2 SURR schools is not a badge to wear proudly. Oh by the way, Pierorazio got an extension on his contract and a 30,000 dollar raise. Only in Yonkers. The mayor has ruined our schools.

  8. Hopefully the new governor will be sensible and veto this bill. Another 36 million for this shithole of a district that can boast a 54 percent graduation rate, and a district that wont allow their financial records to be audited by the same city that provides most of its funding. With the amount of money spent per student, we should be producing scholars. I would rather see this money put towards hiring more cops so at least when you walk outside you wont get mugged.

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