Budget and Municipal Operations Committees Scheduled

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The public is advised of a joint meeting of the Budget and Municipal Operations Committees scheduled for Tuesday, February 1, 2011 at 5:30PM in the Yonkers City Hall Council Chambers, 4th Floor. 

The following items will be on the Agenda: 

1)     The expiration of the franchise agreement between Cablevision and the City of Yonkers

2)     Any additional items that may properly come before the Committees 

The Mayor has been requested to direct the appropriate Commissioners/Department Heads/staff to attend this joint Meeting and address the Council on issues pertaining to their respective departments. 

The joint meeting has been requested to be televised.

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eHeziBudget and Municipal Operations Committees Scheduled

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  1. I am more worried about occupied schools come Wednesday or Thursday mornings, if the roof tops were not at least partially cleared of the weight of the previous snows.

  2. Better still…why is Yonkers the only municipality that requires helpers on snow plows???? Even NYC has one man snow plows. Another shameful, thieving union perk from the Local 456 MOB that should have been re negotiated years ago.
    And shame on the Journal News for not identifying King Fence as the stolen salt buyer. They too should be prosecuted for knowingly receiving stolen salt. It is probably all on YPD video tape too.

  3. Your right on the clearing of roofs Jack. But here’s one for the books, why doesn’t the City have planning laws today that forbids flat roofs, since we know that under heavy loads of snow they are likely to collapse.
    Well I know why, because the planning board are only worried about signage, yes the size of the sign and where you put it. Check that one out.

  4. Please ask Lisewski why, after 16 years as Commish he still can’t adequately have the snow removed from the streets, especially the business districts. Send him for an education on how it should be done to the neighboring villages.
    Or ask him to resign and ask why he has “empathy” for an employee who steals from the taxpayers (rock salt) Ask why he tried to keep the matter under wraps. Ask him if he knows the private contractor to whom it was sold and if there are any political concerns in that regard

  5. We have had a lot of snow piling up on flat roofs and possibly more snow coming Wednesday and the city should make those schools,city buildings,retail stores and homeowners clear any flat roofes they have of the heavy snow before we have collapses and serious injuries.

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