Council President Lesnick Statement on Attempted Assassination of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords

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Lesnick_Chuck “The senseless and brutal killings that took place today in Tucson, Arizona, illustrate the final breakdown of civility in American politics.    

 “Everyday, police officers risk their lives facing down the danger of a growing violent criminal and arsenal of weapons. We must redouble our efforts to get guns off the streets but also to take hatred out of the hearts of people who may share a different point of view. Responsibility starts in the home. Parents must engage their children with open communication and a basic concern with who their kids are hanging out with and how they are doing in school.     

“At this time my thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims who were doing their best to make their country a better place.”

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eHeziCouncil President Lesnick Statement on Attempted Assassination of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords

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  1. The biggest joker is the president of the United States calling for civility.American lack of civility in politics had nothing to do with the killing or Geore W. Bush, VP Cheney and secretary Romney(Remember Nazis,Fascists) would have been dead during their administrations.The killing is an opportunity of the leftists demonize the right without any facts to substaniate their campaign of blame. Secretary of State Clinton told Muslim leaders we have terrorists also referring to a lunatic killer as comparable to Islamic terrorists killing 3,000 Americans on 9/11.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  2. all of that has to stop….from both sides..this
    is not a partisan poltical issue…although some
    are trying to make it so ….the president hit
    the right tone in his speech…and so did roger
    ailes who told the jokers on fox to shut up

  3. The Congresswoman would never get nominated by the Democratic Party for Congress if she was in the leftist corrupt Democratic Party NYC area. In fact she would be characterized as a rightwing nut.The Tea Party was not a nut and lost by only 4,000 votes to a CONSERVATIVE BLUE DOG Democrat.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  4. well jack the congresswoman who is the unfortunately
    victim of this nut job was a democrat…a pro gun
    moderate democrat..who ran in arizona hardly a liberal
    area against a crackpot tea party candidate…would
    you have preferred that she would have been defeated?
    she is married to an astronaut and is highly regarded
    in the congress by both sides…she is exactly the
    kind of elected official we need to have more of..
    not those who use fear tactics and violent imagery
    to make their points…eg lock and load..don’t retreat
    reload…and its time for 2nd amendment remedies..
    the problem jack is that some people miss the forrest
    for the trees

  5. The shooter was a drugged leftist anarchist.He was registered as a independant and his parents democrats.The killer was never active in the Tea Party or any Republican campaigns.The leftists Washington Post along with the communist controlled Democratic Party are trying to use the actions of a lunatic to silence opostion to the Obama socialist agenda.What next;Have you and anyone in your family ever been a member of the Republican Party?Have you or any member of your family ever opposed abortion?Have you or any member of your family been a member of the NRA?Have youor any member of your family opposed social justice, manmade global warming,closing nuclear plants, closing the coal mining industry,closing offshore oil drilling,increased deficits,increased taxation and term limits?Democrats are the party of violence,riots, killing of police officers and firefighters and treasonous traitors. The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  6. The primary problem with the political discourse of the right in today’s America isn’t that it incites violence per se. It’s that it implants and reinforces paranoid fears about the government and conservatism’s domestic adversaries.
    Much of the culture and thinking of the American right – the mainstream as well as the fringe – has descended into paranoid suppositions about the government, the Democrats and the president. This is not to say that the left wing doesn’t have a paranoid fringe, too. But by every available measure, it’s the right where conspiracy theories have exploded.
    A fabricated specter of impending governmental totalitarianism haunts the right’s dreams. One month after Barack Obama was inaugurated as president, Beck hosted a show that gamed out how militias in Southern and Western states might rise up against an oppressive government. The number of self-proclaimed right-wing militias tripled – from 42 to 127, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center – in 2009 (and that doesn’t count those that are entirely underground).
    As much of the right sees it, the government is planning to incarcerate its enemies (see Beck and Erickson, above), socialize the economy and take away everyone’s guns. At the fringe, we have figures like Larry Pratt, executive director of the Gun Owners of America, who told a rally in Washington last April that, “We’re in a war. The other side knows they are at war, because they started it. They are coming for our freedom, for our money, for our kids, for our property. They are coming for everything because they are a bunch of socialists.”
    But the imputation of lurking totalitarianism, alien ideologies, and subversion of liberties to liberals and moderates has become the default rhetoric of the right. Never mind that Obama is a Marxist, a Kenyan and an advocate of sharia law. Consider the plight of poor Fred Upton, the Republican congressman just installed as chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, over considerable right-wing opposition. According to Beck, Upton is “all socialist,” while Rush Limbaugh calls him the personification of “nannyism” and “statism.” Upton’s crime is that he supports more energy-efficient light bulbs. How that puts him in a league with Marx, Engels and Nanny McPhee, I will leave to subtler minds.
    American politics and culture have a rich history of paranoia, as historian Richard Hofstadter and many others have documented. Many of the incidents of anti-government violence over the past couple of years – flying a plane into an IRS building in Texas, shooting police officers in Pittsburgh and carrying out last weekend’s savagery in Tucson – came from people who, however individually loony they may have been, also harbored paranoid visions of the government that resembled, though by no means entirely, those put forth by the Becks and the Ericksons.
    That doesn’t make Beck, Erickson, Rupert Murdoch and their ilk responsible for Tucson. It does make them responsible for promoting a paranoid culture that makes America a more divided and dangerous land.
    from an article in the washington post

  7. in terms of his solicitation for money for his
    mayoral run..chuck began that before the shooting
    are you suggesting that all politics stop because
    of what happened in Tucson…if so isn’t that what
    the shooter was trying to do?

  8. You want to talk political? In the midst of Lesnick’s tearful statement about the shooting he is soliciting money for his mayoral campaign on facebook. I am sorry but I think it is really low class.
    Mayor Tacky

  9. If you look at his statements and his u tube you see
    someone who is “disconnected” there is nothing he
    says that is rational or makes any sense at all..
    its not a political statement..its not even english
    his rants are not rants of anyone who has any perceptible thought pattern…he may be schizophrenic
    he may be phsychotic..what he isn’t is rational

  10. Tell you how irrational he was,the cab driver didn’t have change for the large size bill the shooter presented for the fare and the shooter who expects to get killed by police or his own hand in minutes instead of telling the driver keep the change, goes into the supermarket with the driver to get change.The media misses that and I would love to hear what the cab driver has to say.Jack Treacy

  11. there is nothing to indicate that the killer was
    even aware of the difference between left and right
    he was clearly disoriented as to reality if you read
    the notes he left and the question he asked the
    congresswoman a year ago and his utube nonsense
    this nut job was in his own world so you cannot
    say what his political beliefs were ..chances are
    he was too stupid and drugged out to have any at all
    once again this is not about left or right it is
    about creating a climate where those who might be
    prone to violence believe that their actions are

  12. It doesn’t matter if he was a leftist or a rightist
    or a democrat or a republican..he is one sick puppy
    and for those who are as sick as he is…the incendiary
    language that is used in the political discourse suggests that it is ok to be violently nuts

  13. It turns out the drug using insane shooter is a leftist, but you won’t hear much about that from the leftists.On the other hand if the shooter was a Conservative,Tea Party activist or a Republican there would be no end to trying to shut down the exercise of free speech by anti-communist radio and television media.Bottom line the shooting has nothing to do with any real politics in America as compared to Jack Kennedy being killed by a Communist,Robert Kennedy being killed by a Palestinian and Martin Luthe King being killed by a Klansman.Those killings were pure politics and were supported directly or indirectly by political organizations.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat,now that is political.

  14. the difference between jack’s suppositions and mine
    are very simply jack made a statement I posited a statement by its very essence admitted
    I had no idea what happened..jack made an absolute
    declaration of the situation…clearly your understanding of the use of the english language is
    severely limited

  15. Since virtually all the crime and violence in this country is caused by libtards who pick up guns and start shooting, maybe we should require all the democrats to carry umbrella policies.
    Just a thought.

  16. Another reason that no one should be allowed to own a gun. Humans are too emotional and stupid to be allowed to own guns. Only in America, can a citizen buy an arsenal to shoot up the town. It’s time for gun owners to pay for all the damage they cause. Gun violence costs the taxpayer a small fortune. It’s time for the taxpayer to stop funding this nonsense. If you own a gun, you must have insurance for it.
    This way all those who own guns would be paying for the billions that guns cost the taxpayer.

  17. Why do the ”Libiots” always resort to Foul Lanuage? I know…it means they have no argument(hardly ever) and have ZERO Tolerance for any opinion save their own.

  18. Hey Edelman how about you stop “running your mouth” for once. You don’t know what motivated the shooter either! Your assumption that it might be religiously motivated is the same as Jack expressing his thoughts. Why is it ok for you to express yourself but not Jack? You are an a**hole.

  19. Yes anon I AGREE!! I thought I got that point across about the ”conspiracy” theories. You got right to the point where I did not.

  20. Definitely agree with anon about Chuck. It’s face time for him. No doubt he sat around with his staff and they all agreed this would be a great opportunity to plug his mug as he makes his final push for that 25 grand campaign war chest money he keeps begging for in his “Spotlight on Yonkers” emailings. Chuck, we see right through ya.

  21. when our leaders are silent it also sends a message..
    chuck is president of the yonkerscity council…
    if he feels the need to make a statement I don’t have
    a problem with it..

  22. You all are missing the real point here. Chuck Lesnick used a terrible tragedy as an excuse to get press time to pander for his run for mayor. I have no doubt he fells terrible about what happened, we all do. But a press statement was not needed.

  23. this is not about ideology…you miss the point this
    is about the way we express our opinions not the
    content of the can be liberal conservative or moderate..but if you make a comment
    that is incendiary or that suggests a violent rememdy
    whether you are keith oberman or rush limbaugh you
    risk influencing those who are mentally unbalanced to
    take actions that result in the kind of tragedy we
    saw on saturday..its about dialing back the rhetoric
    wihtout abandoning your principles…its about a civilized discourse not about changing your opinions

  24. A most eloquent and heartfelt sentiment. Yes, no one should be subject to such brutality, yet in your eloquence you did exactly what you so subtly alluded to as the ”cause” for such an act. You blamed the people of this Nation who overwhelmingly disapproved of the Health Care Bill as the reason for this dispicable act. This low life is a derranged individual end of story. To assign blame to the populous that showed it’s resoundingly strong objection to the path our Nation is being pulled is your right, but not factual. The people who continue to discount the unhappy majority of Americans fed up with the programs that have been put upon us, and against the will of the majority, will only strengthen the resolve of the majority. What good would it do to proffer a ”theory” that states the minority of Americans in favor of the path we are being taken, have recruited and ”backed” such an unspeakable act simply to discredit the majority of Americans? The person is mentally unstable. That’s where it starts, and that’s where it ends. May God take mercy on those Souls so tragically struck down and heal the wounds of the Congresswoman.

  25. And the whining from the left commences. Who was it who depicted Bush as a chimp? Who put Bush’s face on the cover of Vanity Fair in Joker makeup? Or the cover of the Village Voice where Bush was a vampire sucking on the neck of the Statue of Liberty? How about all the signs and protests- Bush faked 9/11, Bush lied to start the war with Iraq, Bush did this and that, Bush was a Nazi? You ass clowns on the left think NO ONE was paying attention the last 8 years while you screeched, yelled and carried on like drooling escapees from the nearest asylum?
    And now- NOW when it suits you fools you start to worry about the TONE of political discourse in this country?
    You reap what you sow, folks. You set the style and content over the last 10 years. A generation of children have grown up thinking your lunatic antics are the way to behave. Live with it.

  26. jack you do not know what motivated the shooter..
    instead of running your mouth why don’t you wait
    and see what the whole story may be right
    but you may be wrong…that’s the problem people
    are too quick to vilify others or defend their
    own positions when a tragedy like this occurs..
    there apparently was an don’t know
    and I don’t know whether the shooter was under his
    control and what his motivation was as well..
    just hold your water until the facts come out

  27. The wounded Congresswoman is a gun rights advocate and a gun owner.The shooter is a maniac and the shooting had nothing to do with politics and Arizona is not the”mecca of racism” as the Democratic Party elected sheriff stated.Arizona is being over run because the state borders the most unlawful drug controlled region of Mexico and the states public safety is at risk.To use this senseless deaths for a leftist political attacks on people concerned with runaway deficits,increased taxation,stagflation and unemployment of more than nine percent is the usual smear all leftist political tactic.

  28. as one poster noted the vitriol even on this site
    is an indication of how the political discourse in
    this nation has deteriorated into name calling and
    threats against those with whom we disagree…the fact
    that last election cycle sara palin had congressman
    giffords in a rifle site is unacceptable..because
    for those whose mental stability is in doubt it
    makes a suggestion that may lead to one
    knows yet what the motivation of this attempt at
    assasination was…it could have been personal it might
    have been random..and it could have been religiously
    motivated since the congresswoman happened to be jewish
    however whatever the motivation its time for those
    in this nation who speak the loudest through their
    various media outlets particularly fox pull
    back their accusatory rhetoric and their metaphors which urge people to revolt and engage in issue driven
    non personal discussions of the issues….and that includes this blog as well

  29. I know that like us, you were stunned and horrified by the attack today on Gabby Giffords , Arizona’s Congresswoman. Representative Giffords is a courageous and vibrant leader dedicated to advancing the causes and values we care so deeply about. Beyond being an advocate for health care reform and immigration reform, as well as the people of Arizona, she is our close friend. Gabby, those who were murdered and injured, and their families all remain in all of our thoughts and prayers.
    The tragic attack on Representative Giffords, her staff, and citizens participating in the practice of democracy in Arizona is beyond reprehensible. One suspect, now in custody, may be directly responsible for this crime. But it is fair to say – in today’s political climate, and given today’s political rhetoric – that many have contributed to the building levels of vitriol in our political discourse that have surely contributed to the atmosphere in which this event transpired. Throughout the health care reform debate, we saw an ever-worsening level of political discourse – frequently pointing fingers at Democratic members of Congress who were supposedly directly threatening our country and our way of life. As elections approached, members of Congress increasingly received threats, even as our public debate became more and more coarse.
    As we learned in Israel through the tragic assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, words – and an eroding public discourse – can have profound consequences. The rhetoric of hate and anger must be banished from our political discourse before the next calamity takes place.
    The loss of any life – and the injury of any American – is unacceptable. While we do not yet know exactly what motivated this deranged gunman, improving the tenor of our public debate can only help. It is up to us to act now. Nothing less than our democracy is at stake.

  30. If he wanted to get guns off the street he would not have voted to cut the Police departments budget which has resulted in the decimation of the YPD.

  31. Chuck did not issue the statement to get press. He cares about his colleague in government and he wants to get guns off the street. The shooter hear was a nut but how did he get a gun?

  32. Notify the national media!!!! Chuck Lesnick from shithole Yonkers has a press release about this tragedy.Did you write it yourself Chuck or was it written by one of the members of your bloated staff?
    Hey Chuck, SHUT THE HELL UP!!!! Show a little class instead of trying to get some press.

  33. Twit. Yup. Blame guns on the street again. The guy was a self-described terrorist who posted that his favorite books are Mein Kampf and the Communist Manifesto. He’s nothing but a lunatic.
    But chime right on in and make an ass of yourself.

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