Jackson List: Tonight on PBS, Chautauqua Institution By Prof. John Q. Barrett

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Barrett_JohnQ Chautauqua Institution is a beautiful lakeside Victorian village/campus located in the southwestern corner of New York State.  During its summer season, Chautauqua is the site of intellectual and cultural programming of all types.  Many prominent Americans and others in every field of endeavor have appeared before Chautauqua’s special audiences in its gorgeous venues.

Robert H. Jackson’s connections to Chautauqua Institution were many faceted.  It is located very near Jamestown, New York, which was Jackson’s hometown from late boyhood forward.  For almost fifty years, Chautauqua was a major part of Jackson’s expanding horizons, intellectual development, study and leisure—it was one of the places he loved best, and it deserves much credit for making him what he became (as he does for advancing it).  Robert Jackson was attending Chautauqua Institution programs at least by 1907 (age 15), when he got to spend much of a day there in the group that was hosting speaker William Jennings Bryan.  Jackson began his own Chautauqua speaking career at least by 1917, when he was 24.  In 1936, Jackson was at President Franklin Roosevelt’s side when he delivered at Chautauqua his famous “I Hate War” speech.  Jackson’s own Chautauqua platform appearances included his highly-publicized July 4, 1947, speech about the just-completed Nuremberg trial and its teachings, including about the prospects for world peace in that time of spreading cold war and global tension.  On October 13, 1954, Chief Justice Earl Warren and the seven Associate Justices traveled to Jamestown for Jackson's funeral and burial nearby.  They then insisted on seeing Chautauqua Institution because they had heard so much about it, including from Justice Jackson and from Justice Stanley Reed, who had been a Chautauqua guest and speaker.

This evening, I encourage you to watch a new PBS documentary, “Chautauqua:  An American Narrative.”  For additional information on the film, click here:  www.pbs.org/wned/chautauqua-american-narrative/.  Check your local television listings for broadcast times in your area.

For Chautauqua Institution’s website and much more information on this unique and important place, click here:  www.ciweb.org.

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eHeziJackson List: Tonight on PBS, Chautauqua Institution By Prof. John Q. Barrett

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