Letter from Former or Current Elected White Plains Officials in Support of Mayor Adam Bradley

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Democrats_logo White Plains, NY, January 18, 2011 — Letter from former or currently-serving elected White Plains officials  read by the Honorable Pauline Oliva at the January 18, 2011 evening meeting of the White Plains Democratic City Committee at the YWCA. Some of the officials listed are also current White Plains Democrat District Leaders. 

"We are former or currently serving elected White Plains officials. We stand united in firm support of Adam Bradley as the elected Mayor of the City of White Plains and we strongly oppose requests for his resignation.

"The Mayor has been convicted of attempted assault, harassment and criminal contempt of court involving domestic dispute matters, all of which are at the level of misdemeanors or violations. We firmly believe in America’s judicial system and the full hearing of the matters before the courts, including appeal.

"We are aware of provisions in our City Charter that allow for the removal from office of an official in the case of a felony conviction. The matters involving the Mayor are not; they are sensitive domestic violence and divorce issues and they also do not involve government business or official misconduct.

"There is absolutely no indication that the Mayor is not effectively managing the City of White Plains. Mayor Bradley inherited a fiscal crisis unlike any other in the city’s history.  After one year of the new administration, White Plains is set on a prudent fiscal path.

"Significant strides have been made in 2010 against a very difficult economic background and, with the lowest city staff numbers in 30 years, there has been no letdown in the delivery of quality of life services to which the residents and local businesses have become accustomed.We urge all city officials and community leaders to recognize the right of the Mayor to the full process of the law as is due all citizens of this land. We urge all to stand together in working steadfastly on behalf of the people of the City of White Plains.

"Respectfully submitted,

[Signed]"Hon. Harry O. Bright,

"Jr.Hon. Mary Ann Keenan

"Hon. Pauline Oliva

"Hon. Dennis J. Power

"Hon. Sy  J. Schulman"

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eHeziLetter from Former or Current Elected White Plains Officials in Support of Mayor Adam Bradley

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  1. The man is just another political parasite feeding both his ‘control freak’ ego and his bank account off the public breast. Be done with this shameless creature already.

  2. ” a full hearing” are you being serious…he had a
    bench trial…at his request..he waived a jury…
    forget about the domestic violence allegations..
    how about the criminal contempt conviction…and
    let me ask you something if the appeal does not
    overturn the verdict are you then going to join
    in with those good democrats including nita lowey
    and amy paulin who have both asked that adam step
    aside..or are you going to force your newly elected
    governor to deal with this stuff instead of what
    is important…

  3. By this mongoloid logic, if he got arrested for rape and then plead out to a misdemeanor, everything would be OK.
    You folks are kidding, right?

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