Remarks by Mayor Adam Bradley before the White Plains Democratic Committee Meeting of January 18, 2011

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WhitePlains_Cityof-Seal “Thank you for the opportunity to speak tonight.  

“I want to begin by thanking those of you here tonight who, over the last year, have put political and personal considerations aside and stood by me during a very difficult time in my personal life. Thank you for your continued support. 

“In moments like this, a man discovers a lot about himself – including who his true friends are. You know who you are, and your friendship means more to me than you will ever know or that I can ever repay.

“I do understand there may be others here tonight who are also supportive and sympathetic but, for understandable reasons, may not be comfortable expressing that in a public way.

“For those of you adamant in your beliefs towards me, please know that I respect you while disagreeing with you, and bear you no ill will regardless.

“I do, however, ask that you grant me the following. It is fair to say that very few of you were in court every day during my trial. More likely, you have been following the case through coverage in the news media, or from friends and colleagues who have seen media reports. 

“As we all know from politics, three different news organizations reporting the same event will often produce three different accounts.

“My point is that unless you were in court the whole time, like some but not many press members, you simply do not have the full account of what transpired. If you had been present, you would certainly understand my position and the reasons I am so adamant in my beliefs.

“Our Democratic Party charter states that as a party, we are dedicated to the ideals of justice, equality, and building a strong vibrant community where every voice is heard. 

“In this matter, justice has not yet been served and certainly not every voice has been heard. Numerous material witnesses were either blocked from testifying or severely limited in their testimony, and government agencies were not allowed to report what was said to them by my children. These witnesses corroborate my testimony but were not allowed to be heard.

“This is part of the strong and compelling legal foundation for my decision to appeal. Like everyone else I should be offered the due process provided in our judicial system, which includes the right to appeal.

“More importantly, however, and on a deeply personal level, I remain absolutely unequivocal that the charges against me are false. I am innocent.  I know the truth. My friends and neighbors, our marriage counselors, and my family know the truth – and ultimately I hope you will know the truth.

“I have dedicated my life to public service. I have endeavored to be a good steward of the public’s trust and resources. I have worked to serve as a voice for those without, and to stand up for my deeply held beliefs. It is for these reasons and the desire to continue my service that I ran to become Mayor.

“I am the first to admit that my inaugural year as Mayor certainly involved some unanticipated events. However, as I’ve done every day since taking office, I have stayed focused on doing my job as Mayor, effectively managing the administration for the benefit of the people of White Plains – and the City is in fact moving forward.

“When I became Mayor, the City of White Plains was on the brink of a fiscal calamity. My administration took immediate and aggressive action, and we’ve done a lot in a short period of time, from replenishing the city’s severely depleted reserve fund to reducing what would have been a substantial tax increase for our citizens. 

“We are doing more with less, having reduced our workforce to its lowest level in 30 years without impacting the scope of services provided, including how quickly and efficiently we handle snow emergencies.

“We also dealt with the fire that destroyed an entire city block along East Post Road in July. When the fire had been extinguished, my Administration took immediate steps to ensure that the City would prevent another hole in the ground from occurring in downtown White Plains. 

“Even in the middle of recession, economic development projects launched under my watch are taking hold, and other businesses and restaurants are on the way. I am confident that White Plains is finding its footing once again, even while nearby communities continue to struggle.

“Just last week I attended the grand opening of the new ShopRite at City Center, which, after months of hard work and negotiations by my Administration, will create more than 400 new jobs for local residents.

“Additionally, the Common Council recently approved the site plan for Metropolitan Plaza that will feature new retail shops, restaurants and office space.

“The opening of ShopRite and the plans for Metropolitan Plaza are the latest milestones in our Main Street Project that will extend all the way to Broadway and help revitalize our downtown and stimulate the local economy. In addition, 2 large businesses opening soon in the vacant Fortunoff space– Dick’s Sporting Goods & Raymour & Flannigan Furniture.  

“And although there is disagreement on what should or should not be done on Ridgeway Country Club, my Administration sought to protect the land and prevent a sealed bidding process from occurring by coming up with a plan to provide an opportunity to benefit all citizens of White Plains.

“I am proud of my record as Mayor and I stand by it. When I became Mayor just one year ago, many businesses were boarded up and abandoned, more people were losing jobs than finding them, and the City of White Plains was on the edge of fiscal abyss. Now, the opposite is true.

“The fiscal and economic development situation in White Plains is vastly different and much improved under my Administration, and I look forward to continuing the work I was elected to do on behalf of the people of White Plains.

“In closing, I want to reiterate that I respect the right of those here tonight and other Democratic Party activists to express themselves in any and every appropriate forum. 

“However, I will not engage in the distracting political noise and symbolic gestures that seem to pre-occupy a small faction of this organization and this city.

“I also want you to know that if anyone has a particular concern or disagreement on policy affecting White Plains, my door is open to you. Please come see me so we can work together to make our city better. 

“My focus will remain on implementing the policies and initiatives that benefit the citizens of White Plains. That is what the citizens of White Plains expect me to do, and that is my priority.

“Thank you and goodnight."

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eHeziRemarks by Mayor Adam Bradley before the White Plains Democratic Committee Meeting of January 18, 2011

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  1. Who cares?
    This is about that loud-mouthed, wife-beating dirtbag Bradley. Trying to change the subject won’t save him. He refuses to take responsibility for his actions, is blaming everybody but himself, and he should resign.
    Like right now.

  2. White Plains is tame compared to this, from Rising Times. Who would want anyone from the Spano “La Familia” as Mayor of Yonkers. It makes Bradley look like a Saint.
    Spano-Stewart-Cousins Election of 2004 Now on Feds Radar
    Anthony Mangone-Nick Spano’s election attorney back in 2004
    The sealed indictments against Anthony Mangone and Zehy Jereis have been unsealed. And although they are not yet available to the public, some who have knowledge of what Mangone and Jereis have shared with U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara’s office tell us that the infamous State Senate election of 2004 is one part of the feds investigation into political corruption in Westchester County.
    The election of 2004 in the 35th District had longtime incumbent State Senator Nick Spano facing off against Democrat Andrea Stewart-Cousins for the first time. On election night, the election count showed the race too close to call with Spano holding a narrow lead.
    Zehy Jeries-spilling the beans about the box of ballots in 2004?
    A two month recount took place with attorneys from both sides objecting to the thousands of paper and absentee ballots filed in this race. Anthony Mangone was Senator Spano’s attorney.
    At one point Stewart-Cousins held a slim 52 vote lead, and the court of appeals had ruled that several hundred paper-affidavit ballots must be counted. It looked like the tide had turned and Yonkers would have a new State Senator.
    But in the end, Spano won re-election by 18 votes. And during the election battle, it was uncovered that a box of absentee ballots had been taken from the Board of Elections and stored in the trunk of a car for one night. Cries of foul play were made by state democrats, but nothing happened and Nick Spano returned to Albany for what was to be his last 2 year term, with a miraculous victory.
    It now appears that the miracle has been unmasked, with Mangone and Jeries sharing with the Feds what really happened back in 2004. Also last month, Five Westchester County Police officers were called to testify before the Grand Jury investigation. These same officers were working at the Board of Elections storage facility for their ballot machines on Saw Mill River Road in Yonkers in 2004. Also called to testify before the Grand Jury was Lenny Spano, President of the County Police PBA back in 2004. We hear that the officers were told to “look the other way” when the box of ballots made its way out of the facility, and that the box “would be brought back in the morning.”
    This turn by the Feds makes some sense of why Nick Spano has spent over $25,000 to the NYC Law Firm of Leavitt & Kaizer, which specializes in white collar criminal defense cases.
    Recently Spano sent another $5,000 to the firm in October of last year. Nick’s campaign account-Friends of Nick Spano—is now $63,970 in debt. Some of the expenditures don’t add up, fueling speculation that Nick is hiding even more legal fees to Leavitt & Kaizer, and that he is also paying the legal bills of his brother Mike Spano.

  3. A politician crying for mercy and understanding….please.
    A resume list of accomplishments, LOL.
    The press get it wrong, really when there not favorable to you!!!!
    Cry me a $ucking river, violins and all.

  4. Bradley is ethically compromised and a stain on White Plains. Plus he is totally in denial about what is going on which calls his mental state into question. Just read the above. He is oblivious to the effect this whole affair is having on the City. It is all about HIM. Well it is not, Bradley, it is about the City.

  5. bradley has violated his oath of office both as
    an attorney and as an elected official..he swore
    to uphold the constitution of the state of new york
    but stands convicted of crimianal contempt which is
    the exact opposite of the requirements of the oaths
    he swore to uphold…the governor should and will removce him

  6. Recall Bradley aka “Dan Schorr” –
    Adam Bradley is doing a fine job as Mayor. If your soon to be Brother in Law would spend half as much time working with Adam instead of opposing him at every turn for personal gain, White Plains would be out of the recession. But that wouldn’t be good for you or DB now would it?

  7. If this criminal was a republican, the media and his party would have hounded his lying, wife-beating rear out of office months ago.
    It’s a disgrace that this creep is still a mayor.

  8. Dwight C. Douglas I urge everyone in White Plains, to write to the Governor of the State of New York, the honorable Andrew Cuomo and urge him to remove Adam Bradley as Mayor of White Plains. And all this ranting could have been avoided had you just let me speak about why I am a Democrat. BUT NO, you had to keep the town meeting closed to only those with titles. Another closed society with glass ceilings and artificial walls.

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