Senate Democrats Announce Leadership and Committee Assignments

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NYS Democratic Committee Logo Senate Democratic Leadership

Democratic Leader of the Senate: John L. Sampson

Deputy Democratic Leader: Neil Breslin

Conference Chairwoman: Ruth Hassell-Thompson

 Assistant Democratic Leader for Policy and Administration: Martin Malavé Dilan

Democratic Whip: José Peralta

Assistant Democratic Leader for Conference Operations: Andrea Stewart-Cousins

Assistant Democratic Leader for Floor Operations: Thomas Duane

Vice Conference Chairwoman: Toby Ann Stavisky

Secretary of the Democratic Conference: Malcolm Smith

Assistant Democratic Whip: Velmanette Montgomery

Chair of Democratic Program Development: Adriano Espaillat

Assistant Democratic Leader for Intergovernmental Affairs: Shirley Huntley


Committee Assignments **Full Membership Assignments Attached**

Aging: Ruben Diaz

Agriculture: Timothy Kennedy

Banks: Malcolm A. Smith

Children & Families: Velmanette Montgomery

Cities: Tony Avella

Civil Service & Pensions: Liz Krueger

Codes: Michael Gianaris

Commerce, Economic Development & Commerce: Timothy Kennedy                  

Consumer Protection: Eric Adams

Corporations, Authorities & Commissions: Bill Perkins

Crime Victims, Crime & Corrections: Gustavo Rivera

Cultural Affairs, Tourism Parks & Recreation: Jose Serrano

Education: Suzi Oppenheimer

Elections: Joseph Addabbo

Energy & Telecommunications: Kevin Parker

Environmental Conservation: Tony Avella

Ethics: Shirley Huntley

Finance: Carl Kruger

Health: Thomas Duane

Higher Education: Toby Ann Stavisky

Housing, Construction & Community Development: Adriano Espaillat    

Insurance: Neil Breslin

Investigations & Government Operations: Daniel Squadron

Judiciary: Ruth Hassell-Thompson

Labor: José Peralta

Local Government: Andrea Stewart-Cousins

Mental Health & Developmental Disabilities: Shirley Huntley

Racing, Gaming and Wagering: Eric Adams

Rules: John Sampson

Social Services: Liz Krueger

Transportation: Martin Malavé Dilan

Veterans, Homeland Security & Military Affairs: Joseph Addabbo


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eHeziSenate Democrats Announce Leadership and Committee Assignments

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  1. i am glad the senator cousins is in a position of leadership yonkers will neeed at least 60 million from albany. mayor amicone has been strangely quiet about his bankrupsy.

  2. Is everyone aware that Lawyers are constantly exploiting Civil Rights Laws designed to help people that have truly been ”damaged” to line not only their pockets but the pockets of their ”clients” that HAVE NOT been ”damaged.” Case in point is a so Called Civil Rights Attorney that has made a living off the Tax Payers and he’s going back to the good old Well in Yonkers. It seems that several Highly Paid members of the Yonkers Federation of Teachers (YFT) have been reassigned to other schools and they ”claim” it’s because of their age. I ask you…even if this were true where and what are the ”Damages?” Each of those teachers retained their Salaries and Benefits. Yet, this Lawyer will ”Twist and Manipulate” the Law to STEAL MILLIONS of YOUR Tax Dollars to line the pockets of his ”clients” and himself. Nice Gig!!! COMPLAIN TO SOMEONE ALREADY!!! SMARTEN UP AND STOP OBSESSING OVER SPORTS AND REALITY TV and take CONTROL of YOUR HARD EARNED TAX DOLLARS!!

  3. Assistant Democratic Leader for Conference Operations: Andrea Stewart-Cousins
    Does thaat mean she gets the coffee and donuts? I am sure she will be “transparent” about it.

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