The Latest Terrorist Tactic: Litigation By Daniel Huff

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LegalProject_logo On December 29, Scandinavian authorities arrested five terrorists planning an attack in Denmark. Almost as interesting as what they targeted is what they spared and the lessons it holds for future counterterrorism efforts.

The plot was to storm the Copenhagen newsroom of Jyllands Posten and murder its staff. It was the fourth attempt this year by Islamic extremists to punish the newspaper that published the Mohammed cartoons. But the terrorists are guilty of selective prosecution. They have yet to strike Politiken, which also published the cartoons, even though its offices are literally next door.

It is logical that Jyllands is the principal target because it sparked the controversy. It was Jylland's editor, Flemming Rose, who originally commissioned the cartoons in 2005. A Danish comedian had told interviewers he would publicly urinate on the Bible, but would not dare do the same to the Koran. Rose's message was that Islam should be treated equally, not specially.

Nevertheless, there is a second reason Politiken is not a target. It already surrendered, vanquished by the nonviolent instrument of a civil lawsuit.

In 2008, extremists nearly murdered Kurt Westergaard, who drew one of the original cartoons. In response,Politiken reprinted the cartoons as part of a unified stand against intimidation of the press. The defiance didn't last. A Saudi law firm claiming to represent 94,923 descendants of Mohammed threatened it with legal action and the paper caved. On February 26, 2010, it effectively apologized for defending free speech.

This is a textbook illustration of how litigation has become a complementary and sometimes superior strategy for Islamic extremists who traditionally relied on physical violence alone to intimidate their opponents.

In Europe especially, their cause is aided by vague hate speech laws that make it all too easy to punish legitimate discourse on Islam. Last month, a Danish Member of Parliament pleaded guilty to violating hate speech laws with comments he made on Islam's treatment of women. He had agreed to forgo parliamentary immunity in order to fight the charges on the merits only to discover that truth is no defense. On January 24, another Danish politician, International Free Press Society president Lars Hedegaard, will stand trial forsimilarly speaking his mind. He also faces a potentially costly libel suit. There were reports last summer that Denmark's hate speech laws would be reformed to prevent abuse, but this has yet to happen.

In the meantime, authorities can borrow from the extremists and use civil litigation as a complementary strategy in counterterrorism operations, particularly in the US.

Forcing terrorists to fight simultaneous criminal and civil proceedings would make it difficult for them to focus their defense resources effectively. This has been the experience in white-collar cases when the Justice Department and a regulatory agency pursue parallel investigations against a target company.

While criminal defendants can get court-appointed lawyers, civil defendants pay out of pocket and the plaintiff's burden of proof is typically lower. In addition, the broader scope of discovery in civil cases may produceinformation otherwise unavailable to prosecutors. Finally, parallel lawsuits can pin terrorists between remaining mum in the civil suit and likely losing, or fighting back and forfeiting their right to "plead the Fifth" in the criminal case. Defendants might dodge these difficulties by delaying the civil proceedings, but courts do not always permit that.

This plan presupposes a clear basis for civil suits. In 1994, Congress passed a bill making it illegal to use force against persons exercising abortion rights and permitting victims to sue for damages. With only minor modifications, this law could be expanded to cover threats against free speech rights as well.

For example, officials are investigating whether the recent plot is connected to the 2009 arrest of two Chicago men for conspiring to attack Jyllands Posten. According to the indictment, Tahawwur Rana and David Headley gained access to Jylland's offices on the pretext of purchasing advertising for their immigration services company. Once inside, they conducted videotape surveillance of the premises which they provided to co-conspirators in Pakistan who recommended using a truck bomb.

Headley pleaded guilty in March, but Rana goes on trial in February. Were the proposed law on the books now,Jylland's staff could sue for damages using information from the indictment and guilty plea. This would be particularly disruptive to Rana as he tries to focus on preparing for his criminal trial.

More broadly, a law along these lines would allow victims to go on the offensive against Islamic radicals who terrorize them instead of having to hope authorities continue catching these extremists in time.

First published in The Daily Caller, on January 11, 2011:

Daniel Huff is Director of the Legal Project at the Middle East Forum and a former counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee to then Ranking Member Arlen Specter handling a host of civil, criminal, immigration and national security matters. One of his many priorities, as committee staff, was the Free Speech Protection Act which combats "libel tourism," the practice of intimidating U.S. authors by suing them for libel in foreign jurisdictions less protective of free speech rights. Mr. Huff also served at the forefront of many of the pitched battles over the proper balance between national security and individual rights. Prior to coming to Washington, Mr. Huff was a management consultant with McKinsey & Co. in New York City. He is a graduate of Columbia Law School.


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eHeziThe Latest Terrorist Tactic: Litigation By Daniel Huff

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  1. “A more honest and civil discourse” words by President Obama.Someone please tell me what these words have to do with a drug using maniac, who had no ties to any political organization.While the dead are still being buried, the leftist Democrats led by the Supreme Leader have completely distorted the facts and dreamed up motives to suit their leftist political agenda.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  2. Is everyone aware that Lawyers are constantly exploiting Civil Rights Laws designed to help people that have truly been ”damaged” to line not only their pockets but the pockets of their ”clients” that HAVE NOT been ”damaged.” Case in point is a so Called Civil Rights Attorney that has made a living off the Tax Payers and he’s going back to the good old Well in Yonkers. It seems that several Highly Paid members of the Yonkers Federation of Teachers (YFT) have been reassigned to other schools and they ”claim” it’s because of their age. I ask you…even if this were true where and what are the ”Damages?” Each of those teachers retained their Salaries and Benefits. Yet, this Lawyer will ”Twist and Manipulate” the Law to STEAL MILLIONS of YOUR Tax Dollars to line the pockets of his ”clients” and himself. Nice Gig!!! COMPLAIN TO SOMEONE ALREADY!!! SMARTEN UP AND STOP OBSESSING OVER SPORTS AND REALITY TV and take CONTROL of YOUR HARD EARNED TAX DOLLARS!!

  3. What happened to Wilson Soto charged with election fraud?
    Janet D, why hasn’t this democrat been convicted?
    Hezi, please find out what happened here.

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