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  1. “and the mayors office never returned the call”
    big surprise…….
    great reporting and congratulations
    but you missed the boat on the brownfield clean up on Alexander Street
    $75 million
    why don’t you foil that bit of BS and report on it.
    You may be impressed.

  2. Heads up Martin, some activists were being followed around by private investigators, this may include you and others. Frankly, it was all amusing to me months back. Watch for a tall, older white guy with glasses driving a green SUV. They get so close to you it’s almost funny and they will follow you outside the city limits into NYC and beyond, seriously, these folks are not law enforcement either, my own relatives in the same field, checked out their registrations.

  3. I called the City Planning office about 2 months ago and asked what was going on at the Austin Ave site and the girl that took the call stated they had no idea and had nothing on record for the Austin Ave Site

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