Councilman Terrero to Conduct Education Committee Meeting (Revised Highlighted Feb. 7)

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Terrero_Wilson Gronowski_Joan Councilman and Education Committee Chair Wilson Terrero has scheduled an Education Committee Meeting for Tuesday, February 8th, 2011, at 6:30 p.m. in the Yonkers City  Council Chambers, City Hall, 4th floor.

1. Tuition Tax Credit – Legislation introduced by Councilmember Gronowski.

2. Bernard P.Pierorazio – Superintendent of Schools will update the Education Committee on the impact of the budget. 

3. Any additional items that may properly come before this committee. 

Yonkers Third District Councilmember Joan Gronowski last introduced legislation calling for a “Tuition Tax Credit”, co-sponsored by Minority Leader John Murtagh, which would assist low and middle-income families in sending their children to a bona fide school of their choice, and would relieve the state of some of the burden of funding public education by allowing more students to attend private schools.

Gronowski first introduced this legislation in February 2009, but it died in committee without ever having been discussed. Gronowski reintroduced the legislation again on November 17, 2010, and now on February 8, 2011.   Gronowski said, “With the increased closings of parochial elementary schools throughout the state, it is imperative that remedies be offered to those parents who have opted to send their children to private and parochial school, but who are still obligated to fund the public school system via their tax dollars.  Moreover, it is inevitable that the closures of these elementary schools will lead to a student feeder effect on the public schools, and will tax their limited resources and put a further burden on the taxpayer.”  Gronowski continued, “Parochial high schools will also suffer due to loss of the natural progression of students from parochial/private elementary schools.”
Arizona, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Florida and Iowa are among states with an education tax credit.

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eHeziCouncilman Terrero to Conduct Education Committee Meeting (Revised Highlighted Feb. 7)

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  1. PLease don’t call Wilson Terrero a “retard” as a put down. The mentally retarded are decent innocent individuals worthy of our respect and compassion.
    None of this applies to a common poverty pimp like Terrero.

  2. YEP, and that “loan” got lost in the black hole known as the cappelli development. Funny you never hear Poorassio, asking for that to be repaid…

  3. Reply to Freud,
    The 670’oo grant and the Boyce Thompson asbestos removal was all under Framer and Pierorazio as the Deputy. maybe you should ask him. The district knows both teachers and central office that Petrone was the real thing. Administrators worked hard for him and respected his support and tenacity. Quality personnel was always horrid and encouraged. look around you now. We have apathy and failing schools. The Finance department was never an issue. Reports were never redacted or sanitized for the public.

  4. Petrone was a fraud, that’s why he was kicked out the door. He abided by the tenants which governs Yonkers, the friends and family club and as he is quoted by Amicone the “I’m an Italian, your an Italian” clique. The Barberi case was just a glance at how business was conducted.
    Was he around when the BOE, applied for a $670,000 grant to the NYSBOE, for a HVAC contract for the then BOE owned Boyce Thompson building? Have you ever seen the result? No heating or ventilation there. No bills for work completed either. A real AUDITOR would have a field day at the BOE, but we don’t have one.
    There is more money wasted in this sink hole, than any other city dept. except police, fire and DPW. It’s time for a new regime, with a kick ass mentality to control our out of control payroll costs.

  5. Petrone was a great Principal as well as an excellent Superintendent. Remember all the quality people he hired and then ask, “Where are they now?” They’ve been canned by Mr. “P”. In fact, one of them was awarded the “Administrator of the Year”. Quality is not what Yonkers wants. That is the simple reason our schools are in such a shameful mess. I work for the system….but the politicians and the Union have their own agenda and it’s NOT IN THE INTEREST OF THE CHILDREN!!!!!! None of their kids even go to the Yonkers schools. What does that tell you! WAKE UP!!!

  6. a meeting run by terrero… they will be handing out jerusalem cruisers and yellow mesh shirts at the door along with straw hats with pictures of chickens on them.

  7. Right now at the board of Ed we have high school graduates getting $15,000 to 20,000 in overtime added to their salaries. Barberi would have been a steal at $90,000 with an MBA. Petrone was known to hire quality personnel not bookkeepers with a high school diploma or a GED. We get what we pay for……..a mess in the business office and poor weak leadership. We miss Petrone.

  8. Maybe he should bring back Angelo Patrone who could bring back Pietro Barberi, as a senior accountant at a salary of $90,100, now that it’s 5 years later and we have all forgotten about it.

  9. what about people who don’t have any children but are still “obligated to fund the public school system via their tax dollars”
    can we get a tax credit too?

  10. Wait until Chucks kills this one dead in the water. It’s going to be funny to watch him after working so hard to collect all that money to be shoved under the bus by Spano.

  11. Better yet…..have Cuomo agree to school vouchers. Then students can take that to any school. A tax credit is minimal and doesn’t give the tax payer a bang for their buck. Yonkers students should be given the opportunity of a better school system. We are onw the worst in Westchester County. No prize.

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