Elected Officials Comment on Gov. Cuomo’s Budget

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Spano_Mike - red tie Klein_Jeff-headshot Assemblyman Spano (left) suggests Governor Cuomo’s budget presents challenges, and opportunities for growth. Assemblyman Mike Spano said, “The governor has put fourth a budget that takes direct aim at realigning government and bringing spending under control. While there are many cuts outlined in his budget, I am pleased Governor Cuomo has maintained critical VLT impact aid for Yonkers, which directly affects our city school district. We face tough decisions in the coming weeks but I look forward to working with the governor and my colleagues in the Legislature to provide a final budget that gets our city and state back on track.”   

 Assemblyman Robert J. Castelli said, “The governor’s Executive Budget addresses the fiscal realities facing the state and mirrors the actions of millions of New York families who have been forced to tighten their belts during these difficult economic times,” Assemblyman Robert J. Castelli said. “I look forward to working with the governor to institute real fiscal and governmental reforms in Albany while ensuring that the needs of Westchester County are met.”

Senators Jeff Klein, (pictured right) (D-Bronx-Westchester), Diane Savino, (D-Staten Island/ Brooklyn), David Valesky (D-Oneida), and David Carlucci (D-Rockland/ Orange), all members of the Independent Democratic Conference had this to say:  “The Independent Democratic Conference applauds Governor Cuomo for setting the right tone in his budget address. We approve of  the Governor’s goal of moving this state to a zero-based, or reality-based, budget model, his continued efforts to right-size Albany and his vow to work with this state’s workforce to give New Yorkers the most efficient government possible. “Make no mistake about it, there are many painful decisions contained in this budget document. Given the fiscal realities facing this state, there is no avoiding it. “Since the IDC’s formation, we have been proposing our ideas on how to fix state government, help our residents, and put New York back on the right track.   “We are carefully studying the Governor’s budget blueprint and will be making the appropriate recommendations in the coming days and weeks.”   
Senate Democratic Leader John L. Sampson said, “New York is at a crossroads and facing enormous fiscal challenges. Our Middle Class families can’t afford to keep paying for an inefficient government that heavily taxes them while generating little in return. We need better results which is why I wholeheartedly support Governor Cuomo’s blueprint to restructure the budget process through long-term structural changes that radically reform how we spend taxpayer dollars. “Only by rethinking the way Albany does business, can we give New York a responsible budget that creates good-paying jobs, reduces the tax burden and makes New York more affordable, while still investing in key services Middle Class families rely on. Cuts must be made but with care. We also need to remember our values – to protect our most vulnerable citizens. “We must change the flawed ways of the past to better prepare for New York’s future and make the difficult sacrifices these tough times demand. That is why I was the first to say legislative member items – though an important resource for many valuable programs – must be taken off the table in a year where families at kitchen tables across the state have had to do more with less. “We need to reward state programs that produce and do away with those that are a drain on the system. We need meaningful reform of New York’s educational funding formulas, to provide aid based on need, and to ensure dollars actually go to the classroom and not to bureaucratic bloat. We need meaningful reform of our Medicaid spending, where patient care of every kind is prioritized in New York, with greater oversight and accountability. We need meaningful mandate relief and local government consolidation, as part of our local aid investments. And we need meaningful reform of our system for economic development aid so it goes to small businesses and communities where we can get the most bang for our buck. “We are also faced with the ugly prospect of thousands of state worker layoffs. As the state considers this option we must fully evaluate the potential impact of downsizing, bring our partners in labor to the table, and ensure any sacrifices are equitably shared. “Albany cannot continue to wait for these spending problems to go away or for someone else to miraculously solve them. The moment for change has arrived and New Yorkers deserve better to again set our state on the path to its former glory. We will work with Governor Cuomo, Lieutenant Governor Duffy, and our colleagues in the Senate and Assembly on a new approach to confronting the long-standing issues facing our state.”

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eHeziElected Officials Comment on Gov. Cuomo’s Budget

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  1. You might also want to check if the RCSI gets money from the Saudi’s; the Saudi’s currently have a division or so stationed in Bahrain.

  2. Sen Klein when his party was in control of the NYS spent money like a drunken sailor-you never see him up in Yonkers-you have to travel to Morris Park where he is always mugging it up in a photo-op.

  3. Doink dont count your chickens yet, i bet the race for Mayor will change BIG TIME after the Anabbi investigation?????????????????????????????

  4. IDA Exemptions for 2009, $26.5 million, now you wonder why we are broke.
    Date: 04/14/2010
    Total Number of Projects
    Total Exemptions
    Total PILOT Paid
    Net Exemptions
    Net Employment Change

  5. Hey Mike,Yonkers last year received almost 220 mil and is getting cut 17 1/2 mil,BUFFALO LAST YEAR 623 mil GETTING CUT 16 MIL ,SYRACUSE LAST YEAR 267 mil GETTING CUT 16 MIL , and last but not least ROCHESTER LAST YEAR 444 MIL getting cut get this 4 MILLION …………….. IF YONKERS TAKES THE SHAFT AGAIN DON”T EVEN WASTE A STAMP ON YOUR CAMPAIGN , YOU WILL TAKE THE BRUNT.

  6. Now if we can just get you to stop wasting our tax dollars on pork barrel spending that would go a long way toward solving the budget problem. Did Klein really need to spend $40,000 on a friggin trolley car for Tuckahoe? It is that kind of spending addiction that has caused the budget to spin out of control!

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