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Danroyhenryparents Danroy Henry Sr and Angela Henry (archival photo).>>>

"There are no words to express our disappointment in the grand jury's decision in the case of our son's killing.  While losing DJ has been tragic for our family, a compounding tragedy is the reality that this grand jury result is most certainly the result of a process not designed to tell the truth but, rather, to minimize the civil and criminal liability of agencies involved in his death.

"An investigation led by a police department employing one of the officers, working very closely with the department employing our son's killer and  District Attorney DiFiore and her office more concerned about keeping us shielded from the truth yielded an outcome we predicted.  We have no choice but to believe that evidence was either withheld or mishandled during the grand jury proceedings.  That ADA Murphy would tell us that the grand jury would not indict if Hess testified and was credible is beyond us.  Conclusions appear to have bee drawn at the outset and the entire process appears now to have been nothing short of an attempt to create better optics for the DA and her office.

"We now respectfully ask the US Department of  Justice to act in accordance with their statement relating to these very proceedings.  This process is most analogous to a person committing a crime which their siblings investigate and for which their closest relatives determine theirpunishment.  All the while the crime victim is left in the dark until the family decides how it handle the misdeed of their own.  Should we expect the conclusion to be fair and impartial?

"We also hope that both NY Governor Cuomo and NY Attorney General Shneiderman intercede for the good of their citizens who live in this county without the assurance they should have in the integrity of the people entrusted with the care and safekeeping of our constitution.  Truth should not be so elusive when it is the very foundation of our justice system.

"There is only one truth about what led to our son’s death and we believe a review of the actual evidence would have led to an indictment.  What was gathered and what was presented to the grand jury is not known, but the outcome suggests that it fell far short of being effective and far short of absolute truth!  We will NOT stop until Mr. Hess is held accountable for thekilling of our beloved DJ.

"No citizen should accept a murder committed by anyone, certainly not a murder committed by a person sworn to protect the public good."


eHeziHenry Family Statement

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  1. The lawyer Sussman,…isn’t he the same one who received a 1 year dis-barment some years back, for tapping into a client’s trust account…just another ambulance chasing bottom feeder…kind of like a white Rev. Al

  2. Mr. Henry stated in a live press conference after the Grand Jury’s decision that he was only interested in “what happened” and not in “why it happened”. Facts are of no interest to the man. He only wants to see that officer Hess is tried and convicted for the death of his son. That’s not justice, it’s revenge.
    He’s setting imself up for more dissapointment if he thinks the Feds are going to come to any different conclusion. They won’t even convene a Federal Grand Jury for this.

  3. time for the henry family to go back up to massachusets and leave westchester county alone. This was not a crime but it was a situation that was caused by THEIR son… maybe if they had raised him better he wouldn’t have been drinking underage and maybe he wouldn’t have had such disrespect for the police…

  4. What would this family say to their son,if this tragedy had not occurred to him, but to another mothers son? Would they not say never argue with an armed policeman riding on the hood of your car while speeding away from a police investigation,after you assaulted another officer with same car while legally drunk?Senseless tragedy for all involved,except for the lawyers.

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