Lesnick Politically Ambushes Fellow Yonkers Real Estate Committee Attendees By Hezi Aris

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EHezi_Hezitorial Yonkers City Council Majority Leader and Real Estate Committee Chair Patricia McDow (1st District) presided over the February 15th meeting attended by  Real Estate Committee Members Wilson Terrero (2nd District), Chuck Lesnick (Yonkers City Council President), Minority Leader John Murtagh (5th District, John Larkin (6th District), as well as  Joan Gronowski (3rd District) and Dennis Shepherd (4th District) . The Real Estate Committee was considering a General Ordinance which if approved, would permit amending Section 43-15 of the Zoning Code of the City of Yonkers (CoY) with regard to an exception in lots in two or more districts or municipalities. Specifically, the call for the adoption of the General Ordinance spoke to a  property owned by Linda Louise, LLC, whose tenant Metro Green, engaged the services of Matthew Smith, Esq., of the firm of Smith, Buss & Jacobs, with which Mr Lesnick has been in the passed affiliated, and may in some capacity still be associated. The tenant advises that the property upon which he operates recycling operation which turns construction debris into concrete, rock, and dirt for use as gravel. The tenant advises he  has operated on this site for almost 2 years’ time and holds a 5 year lease with a first option to purchase. 

The property in question straddles the border with the City of Mount Vernon. Ninety percent of the property is situated in CoY and ten percent in Mount Vernon. The City of Mount Vernon has designated the property for industrial use; the City of Yonkers has designated the property for commercial use. The tenant should like CoY to approve use of the property for industrial purposes. Mr Lesnick did not admit to recognizing that such an action would amount to “spot zoning.”  Mr Murtagh recognized the issue and recoiled from entertaining the issue asserting the Yonkers City Council was not the appropriate venue for remedy of this issue and that standards of protocol would need to be followed.

Wikipedia describes “spot zoning" as the application of zoning to a specific parcel of land within a larger zoned area when the rezoning is usually at odds with a city's master plan and current zoning restrictions. The rezoning may be for the benefit of a particular owner, and at odds with pre-existing adjacent property owners. The Standard State Zoning Enabling Act states "all such regulations shall be uniform for each class or kind of building throughout each district."[1] Courts may rule certain instances of spot zoning as illegal.The specific lot numbers were not supplied. 

A Mount Vernon map was afforded the committee but was not verified by a map authenticated by the City of Yonkers. 

Mr Lesnick feigned an aloof stance in arguing the merit of the tenant’s interests but maintained a steady argument in attempting to arrive at a majority consensus to move the request to next week’s City Council Meeting.

Mr Murtagh, studying the map distributed as back-up material with the proposed item noted that the property seemed to be situated within 500 feet of a green trail which would thereby demand approval by both CoY and Westchester County government. 

Mr. Lesnick was found out by Mr Murtagh omitting information which whether he knew prior to its being revealed or not in the back and forth discourse should have known the issue. Mr Lesnick is a lawyer with claimed expertise in easement and other such modalities related to real estate law, 

No matter how removed Mr Lesnick’s body language was in expressing disinterest in the preceding, Mr Lesnick mentioned he had gotten verbal agreement from the City of Mount Vernon that they were indeed amenable to rezoning the property.

The language presented before the Real Estate Committee did not stipulate the lot number over which one must infer the meeting was called. The inexactitude of the papers before the Real Estate Committee could, if adopted, have lead to an inadvertent rezoning of other property not specified in this General Ordinance.

Not giving up attempting to shepherd the request through, Mr Lesnick suggested it may be prudent to refer the issue to Westchester County for advisement. Ms Gronowski was adamant in promoting that Yonkers should define its own interests and concerns before asking for an opinion from the county.

Mr Lesnick was undeterred. Mr Murtagh suggested the tenant bring his request for a variance from the Yonkers Zonung Board.

Ms Gronowski advised the tenant it would be prudent for the property owner to petition Yonkers and not him.

What became evident is that Mr Lesnick conduct was an attempt to dupe the Real Estate Committee to agree to real estate and zoning issues they may have not been knowledgeable. Were Ms Gronowski’s dead on questions and Mr Murtagh legal expertise not shared with the Real Estate Committee, Mr Lesnick could have hoodwinked to Real Estate Committee to adopt a General Ordinance that could have potentially hurt the City of Yonkers. 

Just as appalling is that Yonkers City Council Democrat Counsel Christian DiPalermo was  deficient in comprehending the ploy or complicit with Mr Lesnick’s conduct. One must ask what the Yonkers taxpayer is paying for when the Yonkers City Council Democrat Counsel is inept in protecting Yonkersites in his role as counsel to the Yonkers City Council, or if he was in n the ploy?

Mr Lesnick’s passive / aggressive attempt to hood-wink the Real Estate Committee is potentially deleterious to Yonkersites. It brings to question Mr Lesnick ever being considered trustworthy to be maintained for present office, much less considered for higher office. Mr Lesnick’s conduct yesterday evening has proven his susceptibility to prostitute himself for the client of an associate without concern as to its possible negative ramification to The People of Yonkers. 

A call to Council President Lesnick’s Communication Aide Adam Brill requesting Mr Lesnick’s telephone contact led to him defining his job was to field calls for Mr Lesnick. Mr Brill has proven himself incapable to responding to this reporter in a forthright manner. Further inquiry of Mr Brill was terminated with the advisement that this article would be sadly written without any further input from Mr Lesnick. 

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eHeziLesnick Politically Ambushes Fellow Yonkers Real Estate Committee Attendees By Hezi Aris

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    Entity Information
    The information contained in this database is current through February 17, 2011.
    Selected Entity Name: LINDA LOUISE LLC
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    Jurisdiction: NEW YORK
    Current Entity Status: ACTIVE
    Selected Entity Address Information DOS Process (Address to which DOS will mail process if accepted on behalf of the entity)
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  2. The NYSED came out with the failing schools and the Report Cards. Yonkers has 19 schools out of 38 that did not meet their annual yearly progress. 50% of the schools are failing. Check out the http://www.NYSED.gov site.
    The schools were:
    Yonkers Middle
    Mark Twain
    Martin Luthur King
    Seven of the eleven elementary schools are perk-8 schools. Great idea Periorazio.

  3. I hate to give right to Chuck, but in this case I don’t think he meant it as an attack. After gronowski reintroduced her tuition tax credit legislation (after it died in committee last year), he actually jumped on the bandwagon in the media, once again, belatedly, after someone else has already taken the reins. However, she used the argument of more students being placed into the public schools as an enticement to those would would not lift a finger to help the private and parochials schools but who continually lament the loss of tax dollars into the public school. But, she tied it into the catastrophic loss to the community of parochial schools, further highlighting the fact that these parents are being double-whammied what with their tuition and their tax dollars funding the public schools, to boot. I think Chuck piggybacked, once again, on her initiatives but did it half ass. Chuck is many, many things but he is not a nasty man or mean-spirited, I will say that for him.

  4. Thank you to Arch for point out Chuckles anti-Catholic remarks. The public school system has long benefited from the relief in student population provided by Catholic schools. Now they are getting what they want (a single supplier of education) and they complain?

  5. I think part of this property may also be located in Da’ Bronx. Is this the site of the former concrete place on Electra Lane at the dead end of MacQuestian Pkwy, Mount Vernon???
    The property lines are so tricky there that Mount Vernon, Bronx and Yonkers fire depts would all respond there for calls for service. Not kidding!!
    Chuck the deceitfull liar cannot be trusted…I also resent his subtle anti Catholic remarks about our school closings and there effect on increased public school populations. Chuck…Catholic school parents pay property taxes for public schools and are entitled to send their kids to them….why is the silence so defeaning about the hundreds of illegals with higher than average birth rates in Yonkers that pay no taxes and cost us $19K per pupil??? Why no issue with these parasite illegals Chuck???
    Whatever became of your Ridge Hill exit from the Sprain Pkwy south??? Another slippery lie to us and our Greenburgh neighbors???
    Arch Stanton

  6. agh…I don’t think she loses focus as much as she is able (despite being the pinhead as she is depicted) to see how almost everything that comes before the council seems to lead to unending arteries of more schemes and deals and she goes with the flow as it unfolds.

  7. All of a sudden Murtagh wants to see the property owner. Last week he argued that the owner of the gas station need not come to the council meeting. I cant wait for his term to end. The two other amigos would not be so bad without him.

  8. Yes Joan raised valid points I do not disagree. But when dealing with a slippery character like Lesnick who is a lawyer and knows exactly what he is doing to try and deceive the public by obfuscation, the fact that Murtgah is an attorney is very valuable. This is not partisan, it is about cutting through the BS that comes out of Lesnicks mouth. Joan is an adjunct to that effort no question, although on occaision she loses focus and goes overboard.

  9. gee, and you are clearly a Murtagh lover….I guess you and your predecessor poster cancel each other out…read the article before you post…murtagh is not the only one who asks pointed questions…(and I am not referring to his protege councilmember Slip Mahoney)

  10. The only “Lap Dog” here is #1 above who is clearly a Lesnick Lover. The behavior outlined by Hezi is so typical Lesnick. He pulled the same thing most recently with the Assessment Appeal Board appointment.
    The fact that Murtagh nails his ass every time is not that he opposes everything he does, it is that almost everything Lesnick does is legally deficient. It is entirely appropriate that Murtagh points it out, as I guess corp counsel is too dumb or to taken to say anything.
    The over reaching question of course is this our future mayor? Is Lesnick’s method of doing business the way a Mayor of the third largest city in the state should run an open and transparent government? Or is it how Boss Hogg runs a small city like, say Mt Vernon.
    His actions speak for themselves.

  11. It does not appear that Lesnick has done anything wrong. It was disclosed that the commercial tenant had engaged an attorney from Lesnick’s former law firm. Lesnick had resigned from that law firm when he became council president so that they could indeed practice before the City of Yonkers where they are located. Once Murtagh pointed out that this sort of zone change might require input from the County Planning Board it was appropriate for the referral to be made. The only one politicizing this was Murtagh who opposes everything that Lesnick supports and brings his Republican lap dogs in to follow suit. I feel bad for the business who is paying taxes to City of Yonkers and is now in danger of loosing their livelihood because of petty politics.

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