Message from the Mayor: Again, with Ice on Top By Peter Swiderski

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Swiderski_Peter A brief reminder. While this latest storm has so far spared us what some had feared, tonight and tomorrow morning is likely to be unpleasant and potentially dangerous.  The icing conditions will make the roads treacherous and your own walkways too.  If you must leave the house, do so slowly and assume every hard surface is iced.  If you have elderly or disabled neighbors and can check in on them or clear their walkways for them or, later in the day, do a chore for them, please consider the good deed done.  A fall is all too easy, and in older years, all too likely a fracturing event.  

This winter has been relentless.  The Village has done its best to keep the streets clear and safe and our DPW crews have put in some long hours and hard time in trying conditions, with results to show for it. If you come across an unsafe condition (fallen tree, power line or branch in the road), call the Police at 478-2344 and keep your distance.  We've gotten through this exceptional winter season with few injuries. Let's keep it that way.  If you lose power, call Con Ed immediately (1-800-752-6633). (That's a good number to post on the fridge in this season.)

Pull your car off the road if you haven't already.  And take it slow tomorrow.  Not the weather to hurry.

Peter Swiderski is the Mayor of the Village of hastings-on-Hudson, NY.

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eHeziMessage from the Mayor: Again, with Ice on Top By Peter Swiderski

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  1. The residents of Hastings are not cub scouts Mayor Swiderski, does your ego know any bounds? God almighty this man is a nightmare.

  2. Mr. Mayor, if everyone heeds your advice and takes responsibility for their actions, what will become of the likes of Mike Edelman? By the way, has anyone seen or heard from him or his “firm”?

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