Mike Breen Kicks Off Campaign for Yonkers City Council

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Breen Family at Kickoff Mike Breen and family at his campaign kick-off.

Yonkers, NY — Mike Breen came before approximately 100 family members and staunch supporters on Saturday, February 26, 2011, at the Sprain Grill in Yonkers to announce his his anticipated candidacy for Yonkers City Councilman to represent District 5. 

"The City of Yonkers is facing some very tough times ahead with revenue shortfalls due to the downturned economy,” stated Breen. “As a community, we need a leader who will step up to the plate and deal squarely with the issues that threaten our quality of life."  

An entourage of Yonkers’ Who’s Who came to support and cheer on Mike Breen. Yonkers Deputy Mayor Bill Regan, former Yonkers Mayor John Spencer, former Yonkers City Council President Richard Martinelli (a likely mayoral contender this year), Yonkers City Council Minority Leader John Murtagh,  former Yonkers City Council Minority Leader Liam McLaughlin, former Yonkers City Councilwoman Dee Barbato (trim, slim; fighting weight ready! for possible mayoral contention), Yonkers Councilman John Larkin, Yonkers City Republican Committee Chairman John Jacono, former New York State Senator Nick Spano, former Westchester County Clerk Leonard Spano, John Spano, Carmen Goldberg (possible contender for Westchester County Board Legislator representing Yonkers), Westchester County Republican Committee Chairman Doug Colety, Yonkers Downtown / Waterfront B.I.D. Director Steve Sansone, Yonkers Firefighters Local 628 President Barry McGoey, Westchester County Counsel Jim Castro-Blanco, political commentator Mike Edelman, among others whose names escape me. 

Mr Breen stressed, "In today's economic climate our city and neighborhoods need to be represented by experienced leaders. I am a small business owner and believe me, I know how difficult it is for all of us to get by today."  

The energy in the intimate room was palpable. The people who gathered were confident in Mr Breen’s effort to become the next Yonkers City Councilman to succeed the term-limited position. 

Dee Barbato, had introduced Mike Breen to those gathered by invoking her hopes for Yonkers.  She expressed her expectations of those in office and those who vie for elected office to be mindful of the experience and guidance her experiences in politics she has learned.  

Breen continued, "My many years of involvement in our community, through my parish, neighborhood, and civic affairs have given me extensive preparation for the role of Yonkers City Councilman. As a small business owner, with over 30 years of experience, I am well-versed in the issues facing our local economy." 

Breen pledged to work tirelessly for the citizens of Yonkers. "I am confident in my capabilities, experience, and track record, which is why I am stepping up to the plate to continue my advocacy for our neighborhoods and families, as councilman for the Fifth District of Yonkers. I will work hard to make Yonkers a better place for all our families."

Yonkers political gatherings are moments for expectation and catching up with what is going on. Here are a few tidbits: A legal eagle has opened a new venture; one may only wish him and his partners success. Another has done his due diligence, and yes, his better half is pregnant. We can only hope for a healthy future for the entire family. This is what makes Yonkers tick.

To learn more, visit the Breen2011.com Website and direct email to Info@Breen2011.com.

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eHeziMike Breen Kicks Off Campaign for Yonkers City Council

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  1. The fact that is supported by Spano is the reaon he will get my vote. bobble head Murtag showed up to everyones anouncement. real leader he is. take a stand

  2. Isn’t it illegal for someone representing a non-profit (Sansone) to endorse a political candidate? Is this the only activity he’s shown up for lately? Merchants tried to call the BID office and nobody answers. A nice return for a tax assessment that pays him six figures – can’t answer a phone or an email! More friends and family BS.

  3. and maybe those that are posting in the middle of the day from a spot funding by city hall and the taxpayers should get back to work.

  4. Anon, you seem to hate everyone in office and anyone who was ever in office. Just tell us who you want to run for Office in Yonkers? Maybe you should. You seem to have all the answers!!

  5. Anon, I would hope that you are retired and have the time to go online and comment on every single article that is posted. Seems like you sit in front of your computer and wait for articles and comments to be posted so you can put in your 2 cents.And if you are not retired,”GET A LIFE” Moron.

  6. Regan, Spencer,Martinelli, McLaughlin, Jacono, Spano, Spano,Spano
    Quite a Rogues gallery of “staunch” $upporters.
    Nothing like new and fresh ideas on the City Council. I see the puppet strings already.

  7. Is that parish Bronxville. Is this another Bronxville wannabee like Murtagh? We need new blood and these old party hacks are not what we need to fix the mess. It is interesting that list of party hasbeens that were there. They are the reason for the mess we are in, from Spencer to Spano, Barbato to McLaughlin.
    We need totally new blood and people with ideas in government. Someone who is part of the problem will never fix it.
    FYI, were not voting for your family.

  8. Now who is the crap journalist, Hezi? You cover one candidate and not others? Lemme guess: Breen promised to buy the back page of the Guardian, finally supplanting Sazon! Breen
    By the way, that list of who’s who that you describe–particularly those Judas’s the Spanos–should be enough to make every real Conservative in that district keep their distance from him.

  9. In the article about Breen just look at the list of his supporter-all of whom are reason the COY is in the shape it is in-it makes you wonder how sharp this guy really is based on his “staunch” supporters listed in the article.

  10. Who is this guy exactly. What business does he own. Please fill I’n the blanks. I’ve lived I’n Yonkers 30 years and I have never heard of him. Thanks Ken t

  11. Based upon the list of supporter Mr. Breen appears to be just another in a long list of Yonkers politician’s who say what is politically correct and then if elected forget their campaign rhetoric.

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