Yonkers In Search of Police Commissioner

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Hartnett_Edmund One of Yonkers Tribune's acid -tongued bloggers advised that the City of Yonkers is in search of a Police Commissioner to replace YPD Commissioned Edmund Hartnett (pictured). True to form, they are correct. Here is the information:
Police Commissioner-Job Opening
Salary/Pay Rate: $161,132.


The Yonkers Police Department, with a force of approximately 600 patrolmen and officers services the fourth largest City in New York State serves a diverse community of approximately 200,000 citizens.

Salary: $161,132


Job Description:

This position has responsibility for the command, control, administration, disposition and discipline of the Police Department. The successful candidate will coordinate and plan the activities of the Police Department in accordance with existing laws, ordinances, regulations and established policies and procedures. The work is performed under the administrative direction of the Mayor in accordance with policies and objectives permitting considerable exercise of independent judgment


Candidates should have between 10 and 15 years experience in law enforcement at a high administrative level.

Either a bachelor's or master's degree in a related field is also preferred.

Contact Us:

Edna Colombos

City Hall

40 South Broadway, Yonkers, NY 10701

Fax: 914-377-6897

Email: Edna.Colombos@yonkersny.gov

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eHeziYonkers In Search of Police Commissioner

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  1. really, of all the out-of-towners we have working for the City of Yonkers, the POLICE COMMISSIONER SHOULD LIVE IN THE CITY OF YONKERS, PERIOD.

  2. The other $$$$ costly waste in the YPD is “Special Projects” ( job translation: we don’t know where to put you) person Ed Fitzgerald who was dumped as a city judge for serious ethics violations and given this bs job title that there is no job description found anywhere, just like Lorraine Lopez!! he too, feels a sense of entitlement and will snap at any taxpayer who dares question his “status.”
    Did Hartnett ever testify during the NYPD “Dirty 30” scandal??? I know his cop brother sure did…
    Arch Stanton

  3. Hes pissed off at the troops because they wont support him, going after them one by one to hit them with disciple over bs charges. Thats one way to balance the citys budget problems.

  4. You are right on , with E.H.’s approach
    the compstat secretaries get all the glory
    and( built in OT) while the slob humping
    a sector car takes it in the rear. ( God forbid
    you get a complaint on you)!

  5. Yonkers posts cop
    commissioner job, but isn’t
    replacing Hartnett
    YONKERS — The city has posted a job listing for a
    new top cop, but is not looking to replace Police
    Commissioner Edmund Hartnett.
    Yonkers officials posted the job to comply with a
    pension waiver that Hartnett has from the New York
    City Police Department.
    “He is allowed to serve as YPD (commissioner), but
    because of his waiver, we have to open the position
    competitively annually, Yonkers city spokesman
    David Simpson said. “It’s a legal requirement. But
    there are no plans for him to leave. The same thing
    came up last year.”
    Indeed, Mayor Phil Amicone has interviewed several
    people for police commissioner since Hartnett took
    the job in December 2006.
    The job posting seeks candidates with 10 to 15
    years of law enforcement experience at a high
    administrative level. The advertised annual pay of
    $161,132 matches Hartnett’s 2009 salary, according
    to city records.

  6. Hey Fed Up: forget the whole thing and spend a night with the aristocracy of Yonkers.
    With a $450 donation for Lesnick’s Super Bowl Party which will feature a special guest from the Buena Vista Garage Social Club.
    Our very own Parking Czar: the City Council Majority Leader: Ms. McDow.
    sounds like fun…doesn’t it?
    wanna bet Hartnett and YPD won’t issue any parking violations or DWI’s?

  7. Don’t you people read the papers, We have the second safest city in the country! He is hitting them up for a raise! Just like our school super, The best of the best!! No CORRUPTION here!!!!!Never a conflict in jonkers!!!!!

  8. I heard that he’s gonna take a job in West Virginia! Yeah right, West Virginia! If you told be that he was going to East Carolina then i’d believe ya!

  9. I was just wondering why he continues to get his annual pension waiver? Tell me there is nobody else in this country qualified to become the commissioner of the YPD. If he really wants to stay, take away the waiver, and give him a salary of $30,000.00

  10. while it may be a “mere formality” there are several problems with this approach
    it may not be just a formality
    no announcement was made.
    which likely means no solicitation for serious applicants is underway.
    the public (until now) has been unaware.
    and there is no transparency in Yonkers gov.
    and the question after each of the above statements: Why?
    in the end–whether he stays or goes isn’t the issue: it’s the arrogance of this city administration to manipulate a situation and do as they please.
    everyone else be damned.

  11. A do nothing worker????? If I was a do nothing worker I’d be terribly upset if Hartnett was leaving. Under this administration more “Do nothing” positions have been created then ever before!!! Hartnett has created more “Secretaries” to look after his farce called “Comp stat”. Now a lazy worker can make just as much as a hustler under his absurd policies. It is the hardworking officers that have been punished. One day he’s patting you on the back the next he’s putting a knife in it. Whoever defends this individual is either an Amicone cronie or misinformed about his record. Like I said previously, the vast majority of the department cannot stand this guy. It has nothing to do with being disgruntled or being called to task it’s his leadership abilities. Anywhere he has gone in his career he has been disliked by the vast majority. You would be hard pressed to find anyone who worked under here or in the NYPD that would tell you different.
    P.S. I do agree with Arch. This is a mere formality in the Civil service law so that he can continue to “Double Dip”. Although I am sure he is looking to jump ship with the elections around the corner especially knowing that anyone with a brain who is elected the next mayor of COY will be giving him the boot.

  12. Sorry, no drinking problem here. Just frustrated that our cities Police department is headed by an individual who lacks good conscience and leads with a do as I say not as I do mentality (i.e. Bernie Kerik). I also would not give Hartnett the satisfaction of obscene gestures, I figure just calling him out on his record is better. If you are insinuating that doing that could get you fired from the Police then Mr. Hartnett would face the kind of civil judgement against him that Amicome has. Furthermore, the feelings that I have for Hartnett are echoed in the entire Department. With the exception of a few, and I mean a few (Maybe 4 or 5) the entire Dept. cannot wait for his exit. Individual Officers may smile and be nice to him but behind closed doors (which i do not agree with) they lambast him. The entire rank and file will be very happy to see him leave and would probably give kudos to whomever decided to “give a few obscene gestures” to him out the door. So, in closing Mr. Dead (or maybe I should call you John Flemming-just a guess, could be wrong) if anything that I have said is inaccurate then I am wrong for spreading false truths about this guy but since it is not and his actions are clearly unethical hopefully you will follow him on the way out.

  13. The nasty Hartnett posts remind me of the story of Frank E the mailman who had a major drinking problem and a boss who was all over his case.Frank hears that the boss retired on Monday and he sees the boss driving by the South Yonkers PO branch and gives a few obscene gestures.Unfortunately for Frankie the boss had pulled his retirement papers and Frankie was out of a job.

  14. Hey Hezi,
    Would not be surprised if he is taking a job with the State Police. His good buddy Damico just got the Superintendent job with SP… Yonkers gain is some other places loss. This guy was the worst thing to hit Yonkers in a long time (I know that sounds extreme but if the public even knew half the shit this guy pulled their head would spin). The best part is he sticks around long enough to get praise for Yonkers being the 2nd safest city in the U.S. (Total BS) and like someone earlier mentioned will not be around for the DOJ’s final findings.
    -I guess now the Police will not need approval to set up DWI stops-He ordered all commands to seek approval from him first before setting up DWI checkpoints. The reason for this is because he got upset when there was a checkpoint set up in the area of a City Hall gathering.
    -I guess now officers will not be getting Overtime to escort his son-Officers were brought in to escort his son’s wedding procession.
    -I guess now officers will be able to make eye contact with the Cmsr.-He threw a fit in Police Headquarters after an officer looked at him. He went into a tirade saying “Whats with this fucking Yonkers Stare”
    -I guess now we will have accurate reporting of crimes-As you have seen in other papers, many of the NYPD Police Brass have come out and said they were forced in to changing crime statistics. That same practice was brought to our City once he came in.
    I am getting tired of typing but could go on but I believe everyone reading this gets the idea.

  15. Hezi,
    The posting may be just a formality due to his contract ending. I believe this occured before with his job or some other ones that were posted like the Inspector General. BUT it is also likley that he is on the way out having interviewed already in Syracuse and wherever.
    Residency must not be waived for the next YPD Commissioner under any circumstances.
    Arch Stanton

  16. If this is true Good riddance,
    this guy single handedly destroyed
    what was the best law enforcement
    job in the country! Hopefully the damage
    could be reversed.

  17. I wonder where he is leaving to, he just lost out on his attempt to head up the MTA Police. If he does leave though, the announcement for a new police commissioner will be a sham, one of the existing deputy chiefs will get the nod.

  18. nah–this could have been titled: “the dog and pony show hits the road”
    Hartnett may not be a good police commissioner but he isn’t stupid. the game is over for the second floor.

  19. Requirements:
    1) Must live in Columbia County or further north.
    2) Must be willing to settle for a 2010 SUV.
    3) Must have at least 3 relatives who need jobs too.
    4) Must have at least 15 years experience watching crime shows on television.
    Nota Bene: Having multiple failures on civil service tests is a plus.

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