Yonkers Police Officer Indicted for Assault and Filing False Statements

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DiFiore_Janet Hartnett_Edmund White Plains, NY and Yonkers, NY — Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore (left) and Yonkers Police Commissioner Edmund Hartnett (right) announced Tuesday, February 1, 2011, that Raul Rameriz (DOB 10/30/79) of 435 Riverdale Avenue, Yonkers, New York, was arraigned today after the unsealing of a six count indictment charging him with:

• two counts of Assault in the Second Degree, class “D” Felonies,

• one count of Offering a False Instrument for Filing, a class “E” Felony,

• one count of Falsifying Business Records in the First Degree, a class “E” Felony,• one count of Official Misconduct, a class “A” Misdemeanor,

• one count of Making Punishable a False Written Statement, a class “A” Misdemeanor,
relating to an on duty incident which took place on April 12, 2010.  

On April 12, 2010, PO Ramirez worked the 12AM x 8AM shift in Yonkers Police Department’s Third Precinct.

He was assigned to (radio car) RC 303.  

At approximately 3:48 AM he arrived at the Las Palmas Bar at 59 Yonkers Avenue.  PO Ramirez responded to the bar at the request of his brother who was already at the bar.  

PO Ramirez was not dispatched to the bar by a Yonkers police department dispatcher.  

After arriving at the bar PO Ramirez proceeded to assault two individuals who were in the bar.
He then initiated criminal charges against one of these individuals.  

PO Ramirez then, in order to cover up his misconduct, wrote up a false police report regarding the incident and filed a false Misdemeanor Information.The Yonkers Police Department Internal Affairs Division was notified and immediately initiated an investigation resulting in today’s charges.

“As alleged in the indictment, Officer Ramirez betrayed the trust of the citizens of Yonkers and the Yonkers Police Department by putting himself and his own interests above the law.” said District Attorney Janet DiFiore after today’s arraignment. “Abuse of the public trust is a serious breach and my office will continue to prosecute and convict any public servant who uses their position for personal gain.” 

Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone said:"We will not tolerate people who abuse their positions of power and violate the public trust. And the people of Yonkers should be reassured that if these types of abuses do occur, as in this case, we will find those responsible and hold them accountable. YPD Internal Affairs and the DA's Office did a good job in this case."

Yonkers Police Commissioner Edmund Hartnett said:"The charges against this officer are troubling.  Such conduct, if proven, is unacceptable and does a disservice to the men and women of this department who perform their duty admirably on a daily basis.  In addition, there are two important points to consider:  First, the YPD Internal Affairs Division, working closely with the Westchester County District Attorney's Office, investigated this matter thoroughly and diligently.  These efforts led to this indictment.  Next, the allegations in this incident involve an on duty member who used his position as a police officer to handle a personal matter involving a family member. I wish to thank the District Attorney and her staff for their cooperation in this investigation."

Ramirez was released on his own recognizance. 

His next court appearance will be on February 16th, 2011.

The defendant faces a maximum of seven years in state prison on the top count of the indictment.
Assistant District Attorney Berit Hayes Huseby of the Public Integrity Bureau is prosecuting the case.

In compliance with Disciplinary Rule 7-107A of the Code of Professional Responsibility, you are advised that a charge is merely an accusation and that a defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.

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eHeziYonkers Police Officer Indicted for Assault and Filing False Statements

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  1. Based on your above comments would you say that Gail Baxter is responsible for the actions of her son who took the life of another human being.? Also do you agree with the consent decree which hired black fire candidates for YFD based on the their skin color over other candidates who scored higher on the written exam.?

  2. By the way, despite what you have heard rumors of my demise have been grossly exaggerated. Even better, I am NOT running for any elective office, have never held elective office and have no interest whatsoever. I have retired from the usual Yonkers politricks or anything related. I shall await the Justice Department’s final report on their investigation into the YPD and leave the rest of the BS to the wannabe somethings, leaders, elected officials, poverty pimps, or whomever.
    I totally understand why Joan Gronowski doesn’t want to be bothered anymore. One has to check the ego and know when to step aside. Unfortunately, some people think that it’s their right to fleece and under-represent the public. It is as if they can’t find employment elsewhere and can’t do anythig else with their lives. You start swimming in the cesspool and uuugh, then you get crap all over you and then it is so hard to get rid of that stench. Best not to even jump in, keep one’s dignity and respect and leave it to the lifers 🙂

  3. As, I am not one to hide behind anonymity, I will say that I had nothing to do with the hiring of any officer on the YPD (past or present) :-). The person who hired this guy, administered the test, scored the state civil service test, and ultimately signed off on his hiring, as well as his parents, are individuals responsible for his behavior. As a matter of fact, I have received complaints against officers of all races. You would be surprised!!!
    I wholly endorse the hiring of any individual who is qualified and fit to serve the public without abusing our civil rights. I have never ever said that standards should be lowered. I work in a corporate setting in NYC and I would never hire someone based on skin color. I only hire the best and the brightest and I suggest that the YPD does the same, no matter the ethnicity.
    The “people” of Yonkers wont stand up to public corruption and issues that affect their daily lives and comfort, so you really think they really give a damn about what I say? You place way more importance on my head my friend. lol! Geez! Blame me for bringing in the FEDS to investigate the police department. Other than that, I can’t really take credit for anything else. As a mere volunteer for the NAACP all these years, you don’t really think I had the time or inclination to do but so much :-). After all, I have a day job and a life! I never really needed to speak up and fight for the disenfranchised, I just did what my conscience told me to do.

  4. Thank you Karen Edmonson. It is people like you that have screamed for diversity that allows individuals like this to be hired. The funny thing is you will still get on your pulpit today or the next and shout that the YPD are nothing but thugs. Like someone earlier posted, lets get the standards of hiring raised not lowered. One standard for EVERYONE!!! It should not matter if you are a white, black, hispanic or asain Either you meet the standard or you don’t. Edmonson wants the department to “Look” like the community…. I am fine with that as long as you can pass a challenging Civil service exam and meet the standards. The people of Yonkers need to stand up to the likes of her and no allow our cities department turn into the rag tag department that is the NYPD.

  5. What about the Wilson Soto case? Why hasn’t he been convicted of election fraud?
    Seems cut and dried to me. Hez, What’s up with this?
    Editor’s Note: The Wilson Soto case is still pending. A decision has not et been made. It is long since the allegation was made. I do not know when a decision will be made or the outcome. I have been advised that the Yonkers tribune will be made aware of the decision when it is made. I appre3ciate your interest and I am also concerned about the final outcome.
    Kindly, Hezi

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