Yonkers Public School Audit Demands Finance Department Change Conduct and Protocol By Hezi Aris

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Pierorazio_bernard YONKERS, NY, February 7, 2011 — The Journal News penned by Ernie Garcia today reveals his uncovering and being made aware of a December 2010 audit of the Yonkers Public School District whose findings have supposedly now prompted school officials to reorganize the finance department.

Specif findings aluded to in The Journal News article do not fully specify the “five significant deficiencies in internal controls over financial reporting or the deficiency related to the certification of payrolls involving federal funds.

The audit also found that Yonkers lacks the staff "with proper experience and competence" to oversee financial transactions.

YPS Spokeswoman Maura Lamoreaux asserts the district will complete the tightening process over its purchaing and payroll procedures by July 1, 2012.

These findings go directly the the audit requested be completed by Yonkers Inspector General Dan Schorr who has chosen to let the issue die at his doorstep. The Inspector general must produce the document herein referred to and complete the audit he was charged to complete by the Yonkers City Council for the public good.

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eHeziYonkers Public School Audit Demands Finance Department Change Conduct and Protocol By Hezi Aris

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  1. How insulting and naive to the public for Trustee Bennett , Rev Sudick and Pierorazio to think that the audit was good for the district and that we did not understand it. The auditors were very clear. The district is in trouble. They have been in trouble for 5 years. I believe the mayor encourages a weak finance department in order to manipulate the finances. The BOE and Pierorazio are like sheep being led to slaughter by Amicone.
    All you have to do is look at all the audit meetings and you will see Wiggins chastising Pierorazio for not hiring a business manager and the yearly poor audit reports. Ask why they imposed the monthly audit committee meeting for Pierorazio. The BOE trustees are not advocating for the tax payers. We have never had such a weak group of individuals.

  2. If the auditor paid by the district is this critical, imagine what an outside auditor I.e. Comptroller Dinapoli would say? Shameful!

  3. Hezi,
    What happened to Dr. Educator? Is he now writing for another column? Your blog is missing an education section with a writer that investigates the BOE.These politicians always use the schools to beg for money during elections. There is much to investigate before the election. Where does Reagen stand on all this?

  4. correct on all points: under Amicone’s leadership it has taken 16 years to get no where.
    Indeed the next BOE super will have a mess.
    Schorr won’t do a thing as already witnessed by the simple and shortsighted McDow Parking-Gate absolution.
    What has been omitted in your assessment is the city councils ultimate support of the Mayor and BOE’s actions. Remember these are the morons that approve the budget, that gave the city away to one developer after another, have never provided the required oversight or cuts demanded by responsible leadership – in good times or bad.
    With few exceptions, we can thank them all for the state of affairs this city is in as Yonkers heads toward a perfect storm.
    it ain’t going to be pretty.
    For city hall it is all now reduced to a game of musical chairs.
    Taxpayer be damned.
    And when the economic and political dust settles – it will take decades to come out from this debacle.

  5. The Audit Committee under Wiggins leadership had repeatedly asked Pierorazio to tighten the Finance department. This goes back at least 4 years. Pierorazio continuously promised to do better but again it’s the old shuffle game. This may be unnoticeable when we change a schools name and say we are improving schools. Spinning does not work with an audit.
    If Reagan thinks he can run with this being unresolved, Amicone is mistaken. Schorr can not do this because Amicone is involved. That is why Pierorazio got a new contract with the large raise.
    Once Pieroazio leaves this district, a new superintendent will find himself in a mess created by Pierorazio and Amicone. YPS will never recover from all these incompetencies.

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