Yonkers UFOA Statement Regarding the Misappropriation of Union Funds by Our Former Treasurer

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Yonkers UFOA As was reported Friday, February 18, 2011, The Yonkers Uniformed Fire Officers Association has discovered that nearly $100,000 of our union funds have been stolen. The alleged perpetratorof this theft is a member of our organization, and our former treasurer, Lt. Kai Irwin (pictured herein), and heacted alone in the commission of this crime. [Reference: Former Treasurer of The Yonkers Fire Officers Union Charged With Grand Larceny].

Irwin_Kai The Executive Board of the UFOA would like to make a statement to clear up anymisinformation that may surround this matter.

First and foremost, only UFOA funds were stolen, and no taxpayer money was involved inthis theft. The UFOA represents the Lieutenants, Captains, and Assistant Chiefs of theYonkers Fire Department, and they were the only victims of this crime.

Secondly, we want to state that it was our Executive Board that uncovered this crime andbrought it to the attention of Westchester County’s District Attorney’s Office, and we have fullycooperated in the ensuing investigation. We have submitted copies of all of our financialrecords, and any other material that the D.A.'s office has requested of us in this investigation.While we have recovered a substantial amount of the missing money, we have retained theservices of a forensic accounting firm to ascertain exactly how this crime was committed, ifthere are more funds missing than we realized, and to identify weaknesses in our accountingsystem that we can eliminate to prevent this from ever happening again.

This alleged violation of our trust is both disappointing and saddening. It is our opinion thatthis individual be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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eHeziYonkers UFOA Statement Regarding the Misappropriation of Union Funds by Our Former Treasurer

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  1. the individual firefighter who stole the 100,000
    is not representative of the department..these guys
    save lives…the intra departmental squabbles that
    we are seeing on this post are unfortunate…there is
    an old rule about dirty laundry in public..but you
    can hardly blame the unions or its members for the criminal act of one person which was not against the
    taxpayers but against his own brotherhood…and in
    this paricular case the da was exactly the right place
    to go…however there is a much larger issue facing
    not only this union but all unions..and its taking the
    nation by storm. Unfortunately some governors want to
    completely take collective bargaining away from public
    sector employees..I don’t happen to agree with it but
    they do have to come to the table…because the public
    is no longer on their side

  2. Wasn’t it pagano’s racist comments that made you get a lawyer? Wasn’t it pagano’s sexist comments that made the woman get a lawyer and wasn’t it pagnao’s racist and sexist comments that are getting you promoted and the woman hired! Answer this question, why is a proven racist and a sexist still the commissioner of the Yonkers fire dept?

  3. Pete, just doing my job and learning how to spell. You are the one going on endless rants trying to explain the (tequinique’s)YOU used to accomplish YOUR agenda. Feeling guilty or just pathetic.Other posts afterwards are right. Jerkoffs and bitches are not who I am, I’ll leave that to you. Signing out.

  4. Hey! C’mon! It’s just WE bitches here who make up a small percentage of the YFD on this site. The rest can’t be bothered. Good for them.

  5. You firemen are a group of jerk-offs. You piss, moan, lie and cry like Real Housewives of New Jersey. I’ll never forget watching a bunch of you drunks fist fighting each other at Patrick Joyce’s wake in Empire Casino’s parking lot. To top it off, one of you flipped his car and ratted on YPD that tried to save his ass. A collection of bitches with no dignity, pride or creed. Jerk-offs.

  6. TransparEncy
    you’RE doing, short for you ARE doing, not ‘your’.
    technique NOT tequinique, that may be a town in Honduras but it certainly isn’t an English word.
    Chihuahua NOT chwaawaa. That’s a baby with a stutter.
    OUR jobs, not are jobs
    Now, I WAS up Pagano’s ass for no other reason than I believed he was a leader on this job who got things done. And by THAT I mean making our job better, not furthering individual agendas. I don’t believe I was being cocky at that union meeting. Our board had been fielding calls for weeks & I decided to put myself out there to clear up any confusion. The fact that you didn’t rattle me doesn’t make me cocky, it just makes you ineffective. I never had any ‘claim’ to ANY race before I retained counsel (again, there is no lawsuit!) but you can ask some of the senior men at Sta. 14, where I started 17 years ago, about John Gravenese & Willie Lopez pegging me for,”not being ALL Italian” back then. It didn’t bother me then & it doesn’t now. YOU seem to be preoccupied with my racial makeup & for that, I pity you. It’s precisely that kind of ignorance that inspires posters here to write things like, “stoopid foifighters”. I’m not angry with you. That would be akin to being angry with a child for believing in Santa Claus. It’s your PARENTS who I’d like to smack for raising someone as narrow-minded as you. I can’t comment on the cartel, posse, thieves thing. I’ve read it about a dozen times & still can’t make any sense out of it. I’ve used no ‘angles’. Just a federal court order that’s been in effect for over 30 years & has been manipulated by everyone ELSE looking for angles & mad hatter ‘teqinique’s. (Sorry, folks, I couldn’t resist!) I don’t kiss any asses. I put my name here NOT to seem like some sort of tough guy but to be held accountable for what I write. That alone is more than can be said for you. It must frustrate the hell out of you to see me put myself out here while you have to sneak around & shut your monitor off when someone walks behind you. Tell you what, when you grow up, we’ll talk ALLLLL you want about what it’s like to be a man. In the meantime, go away. The adults are speaking.

  7. The City of Yonkers is in a shambles.
    Who laid the foundation for this collapse. Thank John Spencer, Kathy Spring, Liam McLaughlin, Richard Martinelli, the Spanos.
    Now, they want to come back with Richard as the figure head. Lord, help us.

  8. Great job fellas! Bring more unwanted attention to the YFD. Put your thoughts on a public forum and slam each other. Well thought out! United we stand, divided we fall….remember????

  9. This guy really got to you, hey Pete.It must be tough to go through life as a hypocrite.First of all Pete,you were sucking Piggy’s ass.Second, Without going to a dictionary, transparancy means revealing what your doing from the onset.Being cocky about it at a union meeting after everyone finds out is not transparency.It is racist comments like this that inspired you, come on Pete.Your claim as far as any one knew, before your lawsuit, was that you were a card carrying Italian. Just so you know, You and and the other fifeteen or so members of various posse’s, cartels or what ever faction they belong to are thieves. You have used every angle,tragedy and mad hatter tequinique possible to extend your agenda to be promoted.You should all take a good look at yourselves.Those asses that you kiss,who head up this ponzi scheme of degenerates all the way down to a barking chwaawaa??? like you are being watched by those of us who just want to do are jobs and spell properly.Maybe the likes of lesnick won’t have the ammunition to talk about volunteerism.

  10. Kudos to you Pete!
    Yes,a real sh*tbird got caught,another one on-the-way.
    Seems that some of these commentators are just a bunch of trolls…THAT’S RIGHT! TROLLS!
    The way some of you people write makes me wonder if you are Bd of Ed Employees! LOL!
    In the meantime…GIVE ‘EM HELL PETE!
    The YFD is a bunch of GOOD PEOPLE, although it’s a few “sh*tbirds that have acted disgracefully, NOT the majority of the department.
    P.S. Does Civil Service still have reading comprehension in their hiring examinations?…that’ll clue you in to the “professions” of the illiterates posting all the insults here.
    Just sign me: Cat-in-the-Hat (Happily Retired)
    P.S.S. Mine know me, and I know mine.

  11. “Tell the real story about me”? “Shut my trap or else”? Are you for real? What does any of what you mentioned have ANYTHING to do with Kai? A hypocrite (yes, that’s how you spell it, genius) is a person who, “affects virtues or qualities he does not have”. I’VE never STOLEN anything. THAT’S the issue here. I have been transparent about EVERYTHING I’ve EVER done. True, I have my differences with the commish on a number of topics & I’ve retained counsel as a result of those differences but that pertains to HIS interpretation of matters TOTALLY UNRELATED to anything written about here. The bulk of what is written here about Pagano is bullsh!t & I’m simply calling it what it is. And retaining counsel doesn’t necessarily imply a lawsuit, starbright. Nor does my race & my ‘spanish mouth’ have anything to do with what has been written on this topic either, you little faggot. It’s racist comments like YOURS that inspired me to retain counsel in the first place. But you keep writing your ANONYMOUS crap & we’ll all try to translate your illiteracy. Christ, I’m the spanish one here but no one can read YOUR posts! I would tell you to study since you’re so worried about my being a lieutenant (yep, and THAT’S how you spell THAT!!!) but it looks like you need to learn how to spell first!!!! Anonymous bitch.

  12. I love to see infighting in the fire department. nobody supports you clowns as it is and now this…. hahahahaha
    You guys are the joke of professional fire fighting … I say we go to an all volunteer service and fire all these theiving high priced babies

  13. heah carrozza how come with all your comments you havent mentioned your second lawsuit against tony pagano and the yfd everyone of your comments about pagano on this website all you do is not blame pagano but yet you are suing him and the city of yonkers your a hipocrit yeah we know now your spanish…..and no this is not kia…just shut your big spanish mouth or i will tell the real story about you….come on mister happy lets start throwing stones and we will see who wins…..for starters stop blowing pagano so you can become a lt. like lt. Irwin……

  14. Pretty sure the commish didn’t set off the bomb & if one isn’t quite sure WHAT it is that detonated I’d have to give him the benefit of the doubt as far as calling the PD. There are apparently legalities involved as far as removing Lt. (using the term LOOSELY) Irwin from the line. In the meantime, I’d grab my valuables if you hear he’s coming.

  15. Pagano called the cops because of a smoke bomb? My hero. Who would he call if the there was a fire? FDNY? And he doesn’t panic? He called the cops for a smoke bomb, what do you call that?

  16. The worst part about this case is… pagano still has this guy, Irwin, still going into your homes! Thats right, pagano still has this person, who stole from his FRIENDS, still going into your homes, do you think that he won’t steal money, jewelry, anything he can get his hands on, THIS SHOULD BE THE STORY! pagano do your job, safeguard the taxpayers and get this guy out of the firehouse!

  17. I heard that the police activity referred to earlier was the result of a smoke bomb (of the firework variety!) set off at headquarters. Could be bad info but didn’t want to see the commish continue to be maligned herein.

  18. Captain Renault: I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!
    [a croupier hands Renault a pile of money]
    Croupier: Your winnings, sir.
    Captain Renault: [sotto voce] Oh, thank you very much.
    Captain Renault: Everybody out at once!

  19. McGoey has no comment because Kai isn’t in his union & to comment on an ongoing investigation (re: Gas Boy) before any conclusions have been reached is just unnecessary. Hugh Fox IS ALLOWED to ‘double dip’ along with all the other who-knows-who & judges, etc. Make some of your own connections if this bothers you so much & become one of the haves instead of the have nots. Pagano doesn’t panic & certainly isn’t scared least of all by a smoke bomb or some faggot who posts anonymously. Damn right Chief W. Fitz is collecting ‘toys’ & eating! More power to him. When one of those toys saves your life one day, just remember to throw yourself off a bridge in shame. You got us on the ff’s stealing money from the piggybank. Thanx, Kai (now go find another job you can steal from with your superior intellect). Various people from ALL departments have been stealing gas from this city for YEARS. It’s only because Gas Boy wasn’t one of the chosen few & consequently helped himself that the shit is hitting the fan. Most of the civil services get along just fine. As a matter of fact, we have the best of times getting together to read posts like yours. Thanks for the good times!

  20. Who the heck is Frankie C? It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that someone with Sticky Fingers got caught. Steel gasolne from the City, no one from YFD talks. Steel Money from your so called brothers, the County District Attorney gets called by “The Brotherhood”

  21. Let’s see, you have McGuoy hiding and not commenting, Hugh Fox double-dipping, Pagano panicing and scared, Fitzpatrick collecting toys and eating, Firefighters stealing money from the YFD Piggybank or stealing gasoline from the city. Gee, how come the UNION didn’t have a word to say about Gas Boy? And you wonder why the various civil service unions in Yonkers (Police, Fire, Sanitation, Teachers) are all against each other? No one can be trusted. Meanwhile the City Of Yonkers gets the reputation of being a city of corruption and thieves. Wonder Why?

  22. It’s amazing that Piggy let him continue to work in the firehouse even though he admitted to stealing 100k, but gasboy still works in the firehouse too! Wouldn’y want to hurt their feeligs and put them in staff or heaven forbid suspend them. Hey at least they still go to work, I hear that there are at least two others who haven’t been to work in months and Piggy is afraid to do anything. Rumor also has it that Pagano thought he was be attacked by Al Qaida the other day and thats why he called for all the PD! He probably hid behind the women in the office when he dialed 911 because they were after him.

  23. Don’t be a “STUPID”, of course YFD would never report one of their boys to the YPD. YFD is still angry at the YPD for investigating “Gas Boy” These 2 are like oil and vinegar. They just don’t mix. Its like the mob, if you get caught biting off the hand that feeds you, you get your arms cut off. That’s what the YFD Union did in this case. Otherwise, like Gas Boy, you get banished to Fitzy’s Toy Store on Axminster, under hiding.

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