Breaking News: Albany Correspondent – Another Corruption Charge for Another Senate Democrat By Carlos Gonzalez

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Gonzalez_Carlos1 Kruger_Carl Albany, NY — March 9, 2011 — State Senator Carl Kruger>>>, one of the most powerful lawmakers in Albany, is expected to surrender to federal authorities tomorrow, Thursday, March 10, 2011,  on alleged charges of bribery charges, sources advised the Yonkers Tribune / The Westchester Guardian.

The veteran Brooklyn Democrat will be charged by Manhattan federal prosecutors with allegedly using his influence as a public official tfor personally profit.

Several Senate Democrats were told by their leadership that Kruger would be surrendering to the U.S. Attorney in Manhattan.

Kruger was in Albany for the legislative session today, Wednesday, march 9, 2011, but his staffers said he was not privy to any  further  developments.  All day, Kruger was seen buzzing about the Legislative Chambers continuously pacing the hallways.

Kruger's lawyer, Ben Brafman, had no comment Wednesday but said he may speak on Thursday. 

One source said the charges would include allegations that Kruger used his influence in the Senate to push for approval of a merger involving the now defunct Parkway Hospital in Queens County, NY.

The merger surfaced in charges filed against late Assemblyman Anthony Seminerio who pleaded guilty to corruption charges.

Prior to the Democrats losing control of the Senate, Kruger was chairman of the powerful Finance Committee. He' is presently its ranking minority member.  Also awaiting federal trial is formally deposed Senator Pedro Espada, Jr.

As of the last campaign filing, Kruger has $1.8 million in his campaign account.

The sudden news of Kruger's arrest is another crippling blow to Senate Democrats who have been trying to change their image by focusing on ethics and redistricting.

Sources also confirm that federal authorities are widening a probe on additional lawmakers and staff.  

This story is developing.

Carlos Gonzalez is the Albany Correspondent for The Westchester Guardian and the Yonkers Tribune. Share your thoughts with me by directing email to


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eHeziBreaking News: Albany Correspondent – Another Corruption Charge for Another Senate Democrat By Carlos Gonzalez

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  1. The chief New York State law enforcement officers during this Democratic Party crime wave were Eliot Spitzer and Andrew Cuomo.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  2. There is a crime wave in Albany and it is headed by the disoranized crime family AKA the NYC Democratic Party elected state officials.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  3. Jack
    How long did Republicans control the NYS Senate?
    Who was the NYS Governor for 12 years before Spizter?
    What party has run Yonkers into the ground?
    You can run but you can’t hide.

  4. Republicans are little leaguers, when compared to corrupt Democrats.The NYC Democratic Party state delegation could have their own Hall Of Infame and they run the state.The Only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  5. Why did this headline not say “Another Senator Pleads Guilty”? Certainly Leibell and Valella were not Democrats. A Bad Senator is a bad Senator and there are no more in one party than the other.

  6. How can you use your office to enrich yourself with corruption and still collect a pension?Well they write the rules.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  7. Will never hear a Republican complain about extravagant pensions for politicians who are part time employees.
    Joel Klein got a 34K pension for 8 (EIGHT) years at NYC DOE before he moved on @ $3.5 million a year working for Murdoch to protect the rich and soak everyone else.

  8. These are the same crooks that complain
    about police pensions and want to reform
    it, but are dirtier and have more skeletons
    in their closets than any cop will ever have!

  9. Term limits as well as jail terms will limit the corruption.Why is it neither of the two major parties initiate the corruption probes before the federal government comes in? Why hasn’t Alan Hevesi gone to jail?Why wasn’t Eliot Spitzer indicted for using state police to forge evidence against Bruno? How does Spitzer get a job on CNN and his hooker a job on the NY Post?

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