Budget Committee Meeting Scheduled for March 15th at 7 PM

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Gronowski_Joan The Budget committee has  scheduled a meeting for Tuesday, March 15, 201,1 at 7:00 PM in the Yonkers City Hall Council Chambers, 4th Floor.

The following items will be on the agenda: 

1) Any items held over from the March 8th meeting of the Budget Committee

2) Yonkers Councilwoman Joan Gronowski >>>: Resolution implementing a health care contribution for all City of Yonkers elected officials, non-represented employees, and all Board and Commission members who receive health insurance from the City of Yonkers 

3) Any additional items that may properly come before the Committees

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eHeziBudget Committee Meeting Scheduled for March 15th at 7 PM

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  1. @ anon..what unrepresented without raises???are you kidding me? they received raises when no one else did and i haven’t seen them brown bagging it. and FYI the lower paid employees are represented by a union….please get your facts straight before you bash the unions or non union workers. nothing has been thrown to the “wolves” as you have said, the teamsters and the SEIU have not had a raise in over 3 years,and they are all doing more with less…so please stop your bashing and stick to the truth.

  2. OMG…you equate to this across-the-board health insurance premium to being pissed off at the mayor?? You are a narrow-minded individual…pay attention to what is happening around the country with public sector employees – all having to pay equal for a tax-payer funded benefit that is health insurance. The public can’t afford these giveaways any more – especially in city’s like Yonkers where there is no quality of life anymore.

  3. Stop arguing with him. The idiot wants to get back at the world by tossing everybody under the bus. Anybody who argues for screwing 160 people ’cause he’s angry at the mayor is a colossal schmuck.

  4. and by the way..the mayor gave these poor abused employees raises at the end of 2008, to the tune of $2M. My heart bleeds for them, which caused the layoff of police. Another little fact you conveniently forgot.

  5. anon123…there are only about 160 unrepresented employees…what are you talking about —
    No answer, yet again, to the points I raised. You are a non entity in life and in your postings. Can’t even address one issue I raised. Take your city care and go for a joy ride.

  6. Either you argue simply to argue or you are obtuse. No one here is defending a director with a six figure salary and you know it. You refuse to admit that hundreds of ordinary low-paid workers who haven’t seen a raise in many years will be hurt by your mean spirited attempt to get back at a handful of overpaid people.

  7. Clearly you can’t rebut without being nasty and insulting…not a sign of an intelligent mind but it is a sign of insecurities. You possibly need anger management to boot.
    You miss the entire point of my postings. There’s a good deal more than the downplayed five do-nothing employees in the non-represented class but you clearly can’t count…and it is not only the quality of work that I am addressing…it is the fact that a director, a director mind you, can earn $145,000 and get free health insurance, a car etc. What don’t you understand about this? Why do numerous commissioners earning $150,000 merit free health insurance and free cars? Why does the city council, technically part-time employees, merit free health insurance? Why does their staff, which increased from two assistant years ago to seven civil-service exempt employees, merit free parking and free health insurance? Why does the part-time city council president and his staff of six or seven merit free health insurance and free parking? Is the total count thus far too much for you?
    Does the city pay your automobile insurance or social security? Try posting with facts insteads of fangs.

  8. Question.With the recent flooding of seemingly all our waterways,most notably the Saw Mill River,how wise is the daylighting of same in Larkin Plaza?

  9. Hey, dimwit- the people I’m talking about are the same ones anon is talking about. You’re the clown who wants to get back at 5 people in the mayor’s office by screwing over around several hundred employees. You’re just another idiot who can’t read. You must work for BOE.

  10. I’m a bag of hot air? Are you cognizant of anything taking place in the world around you? Have you checked out the unemployment numbers lately? Lots of people out there who wouldn’t mind a seven-hour work day, free parking, often a free car, a two-paragraph job spec which often creates a vacuous, nothing “job” that you can get with limited qualifications. I don’t know everything as you sarcastically conjecture. What I DO have is a wealth of information as to the hiring practices in the city of Yonkers, which is enough to sicken anyone.
    By the way, this was introduced last year and died. It addresses premium payments for EVERYONE – including elected officials and their staffs.
    Yeah, Joan is the villain in this city, yeah, right. You are a prime example of the decay that exists in government.

  11. And who exactly is going to take their place- you?
    You obviously are nothing but a bag of hot air. When the people who actually do all the work do leave as you suggest, we’ll all just come see some genius like you about it. After all, you know everything and I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out how to do all that work with no people and for no money at all.

  12. why don’t you go to the meeting and hear from both management and the city council as they analyze the situation to see just how underpaid these people are. You have absoutely no clue and are clearly someone who never worked in the private sector. WHATEVER, these so called poor souls make they woud have to work twice as hard to make a fraction of their salaries in the private sector. Please don’t disregard the fact that most were given their jobs during this and the last administration. That says enough for me. Stop being hypocritical and recognize that the numerous mayor aides who never attend a meeting on his behalf are some of these parasites. Leaf blower girl being one of them, Dan Simpson, Fleming, Dan Schorr who couldn’t find a criminal act if his life depended upon it, Lopez, etc. etc. Commissoners in this city make upwards of $140K and also get free cars, as do many, many of these unrepresented people. They don’t punch timeclocs as do the rank and file and many also come and go at will “on the road” so to speak. Yeah, on the road. We all know what that means, don’t we?
    They are all welcome to leave if they don’t like it.

  13. The people I’m talking about are not teamsters. There are a couple of hundred workers at least who have NO one representing them. They’ve been screwed out of any sort of pay increase so everything could be thrown to the wolves in the union. Like it or not, there are people I know who bag their lunch or don’t eat lunch at all because they can’t afford it. We’re not talking 200K a year union painters here, OK? We’re talking ordinary, low level people who can’t pay their bills as it is, and now Joan is suggesting a pay cut- because that’s what it is, a cut- to cover the absurd 6 figure salaries paid to the union workers and unnecessary administrative personnel with nonsensical titles.

  14. oh yeah, the same poor, under paid UNREPRESENTED employees, most of whom are now teamsters, if you don’t mind sharing the truth. Many of them who had their jobs created out of nothing. Yeah, let’s hire another “program manager” or “special projects coordinator”. Don’t make me laugh. The only programs and projects they are coordinating is how to look like they are doing anything all day.

  15. point taken.
    here’s a simple reality: the union bashing in other states serves one purpose: it brings the entire working class down to the same level–union or not.
    nobody goes up.
    I’ll say it again:
    It’s the politicians stupid.
    And as a result: it’s the Taxes.

  16. So the same overworked, underpaid UNREPRESENTED workers who have been screwed out of any kind of raise for at least the last 5 years should now start paying even more money?
    Great idea. Yonkers continues to throw everything to the unions and screw over the regular working folks.
    Way to go, Joan. Can’t wait for the door to hit you in the ass on your way out.

  17. They are all dead or dying cities. We are on the same path.
    Vote in fresh faces; eliminate the corrupt political parties from the process. Take care of our on-patrol police officers who keep this city civil. Remove redundent services and take down entities like YPA and others. Make the BOE transparent and subtract nonresident students, whos families do not pay taxes for services rendered.
    Hezi – enough with your silly over-the-top articles. Rally your readers to start coming up with solutions and promote them with your soap box. Do not become Irrelavent!!!
    God Bless Us.

  18. Didn’t the minor leagus stadium in bridgeport help the economy (the same people amiclown wants to have in jonkers) They have renegotiated at lease 3 time because they can’t afford the lease payments and the city is still dead!!! Cost the TAXPAYER MILLIONS!!!!

  19. Ms. Joan, thank you for your service. You were elected by your district to protect us and ask the tough questions.
    Folks, we better start looking around for a leader. Dont be surprised if you wake-up in a city that looks like Camden, Bridgeport, Rochester, etc.

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