Council‭ President Lesnick’s Statement Regarding Mayor Amicone’s Call for Ethics Investigation

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Lesnick_Chuck with Flag President Lesnick Welcome Review of All Contracts, Especially‭ ‬Those with Ties to Mayor’s‭ ‘‬Friends‭ & ‬Family Club‭’ 

Yonkers, NY, March 17, 2011 — “I am pleased that the Ethics Board and Inspector General [Dan Schorr] will be looking into all of the possible conflicts of interest between those who awarded the towing contracts and those who received them," said Yonkers City council President Chuck Lesnick. "Specifically,‭ ‬the relationship between the Wuestenhoefer family that owns A.P.O.W.‭ ‬Towing and who’s relatives also catered personal events for the mayor‭ (Reference:Best In Gourmet‭ testimonial by Mayor Amicone's Chief of Staff Lisa Mrijaj)‬,‭ ‬his own inaugural celebration,‭ ‬and despite the fact that the business is Connecticut-based and not in Yonkers,‭ ‬was contracted by the City to cater Yonkers Business Week.‭” 

Reference: Click to read BOCS_April_28_2010__Annotated_Agenda_Rev.04.28.10     

“Yesterday the mayor made scurrilous accusations about Transit Towing,‭ ‬a‭ ‬30‭ ‬year Yonkers-based company.," Contnued President Lesnick. "‬They are a good corporate citizen who have donated vehicles to the Yonkers Fire Department for‭ “‬Jaws of Life‭” ‬training and have used their flatbed truck for public awareness campaigns such as Domestic Violence Awareness and Child Abuse Prevention.‭ ‬While I do not expect any of my supporters to receive preferential treatment from the city,‭ ‬they should not be denied standard business opportunities because of their affiliations.‭ ‬To do so would be unethical and illegal.‭”   

“Regarding my ties to Smith,‭ ‬Buss‭ & ‬Jacobs,‭ ‬LLP,‭" President Lesnick noted,  "‬the Ethics Board has already looked at my relationship with that law firm based upon guidance I sought from the board after I was first elected in the same year that the City’s Ethics Code was changed.‭ ‬Based upon their opinion,‭ ‬I resigned from the firm but continued to rent space and management services from them.‭” 

“‬Ever since I commented on the IG’s Towing Report,‭ ‬the mayor has been using his office to attack me and impede my ability to deliver services to my constituents.‭ ‬I suspect it will get worse before it gets better but I will not be deterred from speaking out for those who have been wronged by the system.,” concluded President Lesnick.

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eHeziCouncil‭ President Lesnick’s Statement Regarding Mayor Amicone’s Call for Ethics Investigation

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  1. Lions, Tigers, and Mayors, you could not be more wrong!
    1. All towing contracts are bid on by the various towing companies employing the “sealed bid” process. You could know God himself, but that would not help you when all of the bids are opened at the same time in a room full of people! Your “friends” theory has no weight in this process. Did anyone here ever ask what the “new criteria” is from Yonkers to the towing companies? How about an answer, Chuck? I guess the “Chuck Trucks” were not big enough to adhere to the new guidelines set forth by Yonkers.
    2. Yonkers wanted to “up the ante” by having six (6) different towing companies service Yonkers (instead of three.) Transit Towing (Lesnick’s bitch) lobbied against that idea crying to his rainbow master believing that he would be one of the three left standing when the smoke cleared (if it stayed as 3 companies only.) Guess what? Transit was too cheap and subsequently lost the bid. Tough shit! Welcome to Capitalism, Skippy! Transit has been “locked” in with Yonkers for over 30 years with an unbelievable amount of complaints from the general public. If you ever were towed from Transit, you were guaranteed much frustration, theft of personal property, and damaged vehicles. Now, Yonkers stepped up their requirements for these towing contracts, and the strong survive and the weak complain. Welcome to the “new world order!”
    3. The three brothers that you are erroneously trying to besmirch all went to Yonkers vocational schools, busted their asses, and are now successful. Why don’t you praise that instead of looking for a smoking gun that does not exist?
    4. I want to have a party. What do I do? I GET PRICES FROM THE DIFFERENT ESTABLISHMENTS OF MY LIKING, that’s what I do. I analyze the different charges for different services and make my choice. Party time, right? Wrong! Oh my God! There is a conspiracy brewing! This guy is the brother of that guy who’s dog dates that cat that went to school with blah blah blah blah! Why don’t YOU go out into the world and PRODUCE something instead of crying all the time.
    5. Remember the “Chuck Trucks?” Good grief. Ties to a towing company? Are you serious? Chuck and you should not throw rocks in your own glass house (pathetic.)
    6. I live in the Homefield section of this town. Have you ever seen the operation and fleet of APOW versus Transit? Give me a break! APOW is a complete professional organization equipped to handle any situation. You’re right, it’s their fault that Transit is swinging in the breeze crying.
    Listen, Lesnick is a self-grandizing, agenda-pushing, do-nothing, incompetent moron who could give a rat’s ass about anyone but himself. He got his own finger stuck in the cookie jar so now he is trying to deflect attention away from himself. Momma’s “special boy” is a worthless bag of shit. Nice tie Chuck! I can’t wait to see him hit the bricks (hopefully riding on McDow’s big fat ass.)
    Just so you know, I am not a family member of any of the parties. I do know them both, and I would much rather deal with APOW than Transit. You see, I am a businessman in this town, and I know the ”REAL DEAL” surrounding this “issue”, and I am tired of the “can’t dos” always attacking the “can dos”. Now, Transit is suing Yonkers. Look at the law firm Transit hired. Is it not the same law firm that Lesnick was a partner in? Nah, there are no friends and family issues here! Give me a break!
    Listen, I am no fan of any politician albeit dem or rep. I am just a fan of people rolling up their sleeves and producing goods and services without their hands out looking for something for nothing.
    Now, get to work.

  2. how about the bus that wes had repaired and decorated for the first campaign. did everyone forget about that? election law violation.

  3. Please, Stop calling there lack of morals “mistakes”. To them, The only “mistake” is they keep getting caught, There upside is, They are never punished.

  4. Chuck made a huge mistake here and i hear much more to come out about this and more however mr amicone has also made a few mistakes here as well. they are both “catering” to the ppl who are in there network of family and friends. they should both be looked into very hard

  5. Shouldn’t someone have told the state the the clown and crew were breaking the law mr ccp (the lier)……processby which the City circumvented state law with respect to appropriate licenses, said President Lesnick”????????
    Just another cover up????

  6. i am not disagreeing with you
    that is simply how it seems to work.
    you are correct. Amicone should have been taken to task for his infringements on first amendment rights by the ethics board, by the IG and by Lesnick and the council. he wasn’t and likely will not be.
    think of it this way: what would you do if you were in the IG’s position given the political setup of that position?
    Its broken.

  7. Do not click on ads on this website. That’s how this guy makes money.
    He is a secret puppet of amicone. He reports your email address to amicone. I posted something and my daughter lost her job.
    Be careful.

  8. excuse me, but why is a future election (chuck) the only thing at stake here? If the mayor got quid-pro-quo deals, he should be charged with criminal offenses, like many of his colleagues in government of late…remove the bum from office and take his pension away if he is guilty..

  9. Don’t you see:
    If Amicone proposes a bill which passes and then turns out (over and over) to be a disaster, Lesnick gets blamed because he voted for it.
    Having said that – Lesnick is the most mealy mouthed I have ever heard.

  10. apples and oranges anon, but good point. However, why do you people continually, resoundingly, unabashedly ignore all valid points raised, such as the mayoral ties to HIS preferred towing company, APOW, that is raised in lesnick’s rebuttal. I think mayor had an 800-person fundraiser catered by this group, a family wedding, gave business week food catering contracts to them, and the MAYOR IS ACCUSING LESNICK OF TIES TO ANOTHER TOWING COMPANY? Yonkers has finally, officially, been designated Bizarroland.

  11. Chuck
    Let’s not forget your work to gut Yonkers Zoning by allowing properties that abut adjoining communities have a choice in choosing our zoning or the zoning of the neighboring city. That in an of itself is outrageous, why should Yonkers ever cede land use control to a neighboring city.
    Of course when you did this there was only one parcel that was affected, and Chuck, what law firm represented the property owner?
    Smith, Buss and Jacobs
    Amazing how that happens seeing that you no longer work there, that you would expend such an effort on their behalf.
    It’s time for the Chuck Truck to sail off to oblivion.

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