Yonkers DPW Worker Maier Charged in Road Salt Theft By Hezi Aris

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EHezi_Hezitorial Maier_Edward Yonkers, NY, March 18, 2011 — The Yonkers Tribune reported on January 25, 2011, of the firing of Department of Public Welfare (DPW) worker Edward Maier on allegations of selling salt purchased for exclusive DPW use. (Reference: Investigative News Breaking report: Edward Maier Fired for Embezzling Salt Sale Proceeds By Hezi Aris)Mr Maier worked out of the Lake Avenue  DPW warehouse supervised by D.J. Ramondelli. Mr Maier was alleged to have sold truck loads of salt stored at Murrray’s Skating Rink to CIPS FENCE CO. INC., doing business as King Fence, among other buyers who possessed no legitimate source of purchase. Mr Maier’s conduct had taken place over approximately five years duration. 

Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore announced that Edward Maier (DOB 11/20/60) of 66 Putnam Road, Cortlandt Manor, New York was arraigned today on a two count Misdemeanor Information charging him with:

• one count of Official Misconduct, a class “A” Misdemeanor,

• one count of Petty Larceny, a class “A” Misdemeanor.

The defendant, an employee of the City of Yonkers Department of Public Works, at approximately 11:45 pm on January 17, 2011, in front of 324 Tuckahoe Road, Yonkers, New York and outside the normal hours of his employment, used a DPW issued key to unlock the gate to the DPW salt dome located at that address.

After entering the gated enclosure where the salt dome was located, stole salt belonging to the City of Yonkers by filling a privately owned salt spreader truck, operated by a third party, with in excess of one ton of sodium chloride – road salt.

The defendant exited the gated enclosure at which point he and the third party were stopped shortly thereafter by the Yonkers Police. 

The defendant did not have the permission or authorization of the Yonkers Department of Public Works to engage in any of the aforementioned conduct.  

Maier’s next court appearance will be on May 18th, 2011.

The defendant faces a maximum of one year in the County Jail on each of the counts.

Assistant District Attorney Brian Conway, Deputy Chief of the Public Integrity Bureau, will prosecute the case.

In compliance with Disciplinary Rule 7-107A of the Code ofProfessional Responsibility, you are advised that a charge ismerely an accusation and that a defendant is presumedinnocent until and unless proven guilty.




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eHeziYonkers DPW Worker Maier Charged in Road Salt Theft By Hezi Aris

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  1. What the hell does any of what you said have to do with the fact that this pice of white trash garbage got caught red handed and got arrested ? Who cares if the captain is retiring.. who cares if they lived across the street from each other … payback ? Are you suggesting that this is all a set up ? Go back to being the mayor of fantasy land

  2. Hezi would have to handle that because he is the only saying it. Must have gotten that info from one of his impeccable sources.

  3. How come Cipriani wasn’t indicted? Is anyone running interference for him with the prosecutor?
    Well known that he’s a good friend of Spencer, Martineli & Spano.

  4. Did the Duty Captain and Mr. Maier live directly across the street from each other for many years? Is the Duty Captain retiring soon? Could this have been a last second pay back for something that happened in distant years past? The City of Hills where nothing is on the level….

  5. I wonder if he is the one driving the Yonkers DPW truck daily south bound on the Taconic State Parkway between the hours of 6am and 7am.

  6. If your driving up to a city facility in a truck, and “buying” salt then who do you think you are buying it from, $ucking Santa Claus.

  7. If your driving up to a city facility in a truck, and “buying” salt then who do you think you are buying it from, $ucking Santa Claus.

  8. If your driving up to a city facility in a truck, and “buying” salt then who do you think you are buying it from, $ucking Santa Claus.

  9. criminal possession of stolen property in the third
    degree..recent and exclusive possession of stolen
    property carries a presumption that the person
    posessing it had knowledge that it was stolen

  10. If a person knowingly takes stolen goods, that person is also stealing. Are we to believe that the recipeant of the salt did not know that the salt was stolen?

  11. my last posting was in resonse to Mr. Blow…moreover, I forgot to note a major issue..how is the other party in this theft, the buyer, addressing this on his taxes? That is a minor issue, of course to you, Mr. Blow? Go back to the second floor…hopefully your days at city hall are numbered…

  12. let me ask you one thing, if you have the ability to read between the lines…and let’s for the moment, put aside issues of Hezi’s accuracy, because at the heart of the matter is the city’s omission of the other guilty part in these salt talks, i.e. the purchaser of the stolen salt. The city is always blasing every tom dick and harry when it suits them. Do you not think it odd that the buyer of this salt, blatantly sold in a suspicious manner, with cash exchanging hands for God’s sake, has not been named by the mayor? As Joan Rivers would say, GROW UP.

  13. How is writing something that is so blatantly wrong, by almost two months, a minor detail? If Hezi is so off on that fact his credibility has to be questioned.

  14. Where does it say who got the salt? Hezi is wrong again. Where he gets his info is extremely suspect. He was obviously wrong about the date of the arrest so why would you think he was right about who got the salt? I am not trying to minimize Maiers actions or the lack of over site by COY DPW but to blindly believe everything Hezi writes is idiocy.

  15. Hey Blow…why are you so upset over this minor detail and don’t seem at all concerned as to the politically connected purchaser of this salt, which dots seemingly only Hezi has been able to connect…who cares about when this thief was actually arrested…
    This is an excerpt from the city’s police beat area of its website. Please note that they, too, only mention the thief, not the recipient of these stolen goods..
    Today at approximately 9:40 a.m., Edward Maier, a 41 year old former City of Yonkers DPW employee surrendered to members of the Intelligence Unit. The suspect was booked for Official Misconduct and Petit Larceny. This arrest is in relation to an incident which occurred at 324 Tuckahoe Road on 01-18-11 at 12:13 a.m., in which a Yonkers Police Duty Captain on routine patrol observed suspicious activity at a DPW salt storage location. Investigation revealed that the suspect, who at the time was a DPW employee, responded to the location outside of the normal hours of his employment and used a DPW key to unlock a gate. A privately owned vehicle (plow and salt spreader) was filled with approximately one ton of salt, to which the suspect intended to gain a benefit from. The vehicle was subsequently stopped by the Captain and an investigation immediately commenced. The suspect will be arraigned in Yonkers Criminal Court today.

  16. Yes, please click on the ads…how else do you expect Hezi to make money maintaining and continuing to run this site for the benefit and enjoyment of all of us ???? !!!!!!
    Arch Stanton

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