Increase in the Rate of the Yonkers Resident Income Tax Surcharge

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Yonkers, NY — An acid-tongued blogger advised us they had this late afternnon visited the New York State Tax Website and noticed that the publication on March 21, 2011, of the withholding instructions for the increased Yonkers Withholding Tax. The acid-tongued blogger states, "I knew from last year's budget that this should have gone into effect as of Jan 1st. I guess the state screwed up and are now just getting around to sending out the revised withholding instructions. They do say that people will not be penalized for underpayment of estimated taxes however for 2011. They really need to get rid of this regressive tax. The other towns and localities, other than New York City and White Plains don't have this tax scheme. You should post this for your readers on Yonkers Tribune. People will start seeing less in there paychecks in May." 

We've done just that and thank you for advising our readers of the importance and relevance of this information.


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eHeziIncrease in the Rate of the Yonkers Resident Income Tax Surcharge

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  1. It is not a regressive tax but it is a progressive tax since people who pay more will pay at a higher rate. A regressive tax is one like the sales tax that everyone pays at the same rate regardless of income.

  2. Keep in mind the tax rate witheld is 17.5%. I guess they are trying to get the revenue back they lost the past several months by not witholding the 15%.

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