The Westchester Guardian – April 21, 2011 Edition

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eHeziThe Westchester Guardian – April 21, 2011 Edition

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  1. A correction and an addition to the above:
    ** the word may be: DEVELOPERS**
    In my experience, McDow’s presence at meetings related to the downtown has been abysmal, in fact often nonexistent.

  2. IMO
    Only in Yonkers can someone like Mcdow be propped up and supported by a city council president and mayor without a single critical word.
    the word is: DEVELOPERS.
    She has acted in deference to developers, to the determent of the community she was elected to serve.
    What is her legislative track record for helping Main Street?
    Very close to Zero
    What is her relationship to Collins and Hudson Park?
    Does she actually pay market value rent?
    Maybe the IG and the ethics board should look into this.
    Maybe the Feds should.
    A political career which should have never started.
    Hopefully it’s finished.

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