Attorney General Schneiderman Announces Sweeping New Initiative to Crack Down on Public Corruption

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SCHNEIDERMAN_Eric Attorney General Unveils Innovative Plan to Investigate Earmarks, Contracts, and Other Government Spending Through Cooperation with Comptroller

New Initiative Aggressively Enhances Powers of AG to Combat Crimes in Government


NEW YORK – Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman today announced a sweeping new initiative that will give the Attorney General the authority to investigate and potentially prosecute any wrongdoing involving government spending, including member items, contracts, and pension fraud. By working with the Comptroller to police public integrity in Albany, the Attorney General is building on his multi-pronged approach to root out waste, fraud and corruption in state government.


“As stewards of the public trust, we are all responsible for doing our part to crack down on public corruption with every tool at our disposal. We need to be smarter, faster and more efficient than what current law allows,” said Attorney General Schneiderman. “That is why it is critical we close every loophole that exists in current law as part of comprehensive ethics legislation. We need such legislation now more than ever, and I look forward to working with the Governor and legislative leaders in the coming weeks to do just that.”


The new initiative will also expand the Attorney General’s jurisdiction to the state’s public authorities – a shadow government that operates out of the public eye and often without accountability.


Attorney General Schneiderman has made restoring New Yorkers’ faith in their state government a top priority of his administration. Upon taking office, he established a new Taxpayer Protection Bureau to target corrupt contractors, pension con-artists, and large-scale tax cheats who rip-off New York State government and its taxpayers. He bolstered the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit and has already secured tens of millions of dollars in recoveries for New Yorkers. And just last week in Rochester, he began to fulfill his pledge to appoint a public integrity officer to all 13 of the Attorney General’s regional offices so that citizens can feel safe reporting local corruption to an independent prosecutorial authority.

eHeziAttorney General Schneiderman Announces Sweeping New Initiative to Crack Down on Public Corruption

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  1. That will be a good start I would say. Because corruption not only happens in the top most level but in the lowest level also there a great aspect of it.

  2. “pension con artists”? there is nothing illegal about
    the way pensions are set up…overtime is counted
    in the last year of work but it is pursuant to
    contractual agreements…however the attorney general
    should set up a special prosecutor to look into
    how it happens that overtime is given almost exclusively to those about to retire rather than spreading it evenly throughout the various agencies..
    in other words, there should be an investigation into
    what if any unwritten understandings there are or
    were that those about to retire get the lions share
    of overtime for the sole purpose of enhancing their
    pensions…who participated did they do it
    and what can be done to stop the practice…jsut as
    a grand jury can issue a report this is not about
    criminal activity this is about abusing the process

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