Exclusive Breaking News Story and Peter Kischak On the Level with Narog and Aris

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WVOX_logo New Rochelle, NY —  Our first guest on Tuesday, May 10, 2011, will divulge exclusive news to the WVOX1460 AM listening audience; very few in the public are aware of what will be revealed. It involves an upcoming election. Following our first guest is Peter Kischak, owner of S & J Service, in Yonkers, New York, and president of the Service Station Dealers of Greater New York, Inc. , of Mamaroneck, New York, who will discuss gasoline price zoning and how it affects our wallet and what can be done about it. The show is on the level, thereby its name: On the Level. It is co-hosted by both Richard Narog and Hezi Aris.  The show is heard live from 10 – 11 a.m., on WVOX-1460 AM on your radio dial and worldwide at www.WVOX.com

Downtown Waterfront  B.I.D. Director Steve Sansone is on May 17th; Mayoral Candidate Chuck Lesnick is on May 24th; Marie Khury will discuss economic development issues as they relate to the Kingsbridge section of The Bronx on May 31st. June and July are also booked.  

For those who live and breathe radio, listen to Hezi Aris on Good Morning Westchester with Bob Marrone when he and host Bob Marrone discuss all things Westchester at 7: 37 a.m.

Listeners and readers are invited to send a question to the co-hosts by directing email to WHYTeditor@gmail.com for possible use prior to any shows’ airing and even during the course of an interview. 

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eHeziExclusive Breaking News Story and Peter Kischak On the Level with Narog and Aris

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