Richard Martinelli Releases Memorial Day Statement

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Martinelli_Richard "In a nation that stands for freedom, we, as a people, must never forget those who paid the ultimate price so we could be free. Two hundred and thirty-five years ago this August, the British attacked General Washington's troops at the battle of Long Island. Over the following months Washington and his troops were forced to retreat through what is now New York City and into lower Westchester County culminating in the Battle of White Plains in October of 1776 which would force the American volunteers to retreat across the Hudson to their winter encampment in Morristown.

"Their sacrifice has been repeated countless times in places with names like Guadalcanal, the Mekong Delta, and Fallujah. This Memorial Day, as we enjoy the company of family and friends, we should take a few minutes to reflect on those Americans who, with above average courage, have fought and died so we can be free. Their love for this country should only be surpassed by the love and respect that we, as a nation, have for them."

eHeziRichard Martinelli Releases Memorial Day Statement

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  1. To hell with what’s best for the party. This city has been destroyed by these two parties. They are nothing but a criminal enterprise.

  2. Where has this guy been for the past 5 Memorial Day’s-nowhere to be found-his rhetoric is nothing more than political pandering.

  3. Dear Richie,
    Who could disagree with this “mom, apple pie, hot dogs and baseball” kind of stuff.
    On the other hand what has it got to do with your ability to be a Mayor.
    As far as war zones are concerned you, Spencer & McLaughlin have created many in Yonkers that resemble falujah, Baghdad, Beirut and Afgnhistan.
    For example, your theft of $7 Million tax dollars to buy the Boyce Thompson Institute. All on a pack of lies from felon Andre Hornsby that the place was to bewcome a school within 9 months – that was 1999.
    Eleven years later it’s abandoned, an eyesore, toxic and has been resold for $3 Mill after we bought it for $7Mill.
    So on this Memorial Day think, Richie, how you have betrayed the public trust that so many gave their lives that you and yours could have.

  4. I agree it is a fine statement, however one wonders why he only issues such meaningful comments when he is running for office.

  5. Richard shows once again that he is a gentleman. Let us hope he thinks about what is best for the party and does what he knows is right. There will be other battles to fight Richard. You are a good man. Please be thoughtful when taking advice from others, and look to those with no ax to grind.

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