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EHezi_Hezitorial The political gauntlet was cast today in order to cause the first bloodletting to satisfy conjecture regarding the thought of the “old political families trying to carve up the City of Yonkers.” The prospect is alleged to be proven and grounded upon an alleged incident in which former Yonkers City Council President and Yonkers mayoral candidate Richard Martinelli, former Yonkers Mayor John Spencer, NYS Assemblyman and mayoral candidate Mike Spano, former Minority Leader Liam McLaughlin, and John Spano, Campaign Manager to Mike Spano, had a meeting at the Clairmont Diner, situated at 929 Yonkers Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10704-3033, Westchester County Board Legislator Bernice Spreckman’s favorite eatery, were to have met.

Upon reaching Mr. Martinelli by telephone, he advised most emphatically the assertions of such a meeting were, “Totally untrue.” “If it did happen, I wasn't there!," noted Mr. Martinelli.

The Honorable John Spencer said, “Adsurd! It did not happen."

Liam Mclaughlin advised that he and Steven Tvert were standing in front of the Clairmont Diner this morning when Mayoral Aide and confidante John Fleming drove by. Mr McLaughlin said he did not see Mssrs Martinelli, Spener, and Spanos that day. Ms Spreckman usually arrives closer to Noontime.

Assemblyman Mike Spano, and John Spano could not be immediately reached.

Mr Martinelli did advised the Yonkers City Republican Convention would be held om May 20, 2011. And that he would be attending the annual St. Gerard Mass held in the home of Mr & Mrs Leonard Spano, Sr. this afternoon at 4:00 PM. 

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eHeziScenario Proven Untrue By Hezi Aris

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  1. What nonsense.
    If the mayor wanted to back murtagh he would have done it long ago. Amicone has either cut a deal with Martinelli or will find a way tp parachute his few cronies in to some venture he and or his people control.

  2. To me this means that Fleming is tied to Murtaugh. The Mayor is going to tie his future to the guy who will deal with him.
    That lets Murtaugh out for my vote.

  3. The fact that this was proven untrue as it says in the heading shows just how misguided John Fleming is. Trying to concoct a fictional story of a Spano conspiracy is right up his ally. He is obsessed with the Spano’s and is going to be the biggest loser when Murtagh gets beat. He desperately tried to make this whole thing up to give Murtagh a boost.
    Who gives a crap about whether McLaughlin was standing in front of a diner by himself. Is that illegal? Don’t people have better things to do than to track dining habits.

  4. does tvert… balance of comments deleted by editor… incendiary comments meant to shock and offend as their rationale are not accepted. The vulgar visual depiction in word is tasteless and steps beyond the parameters of decorum. You have been banned from any future input on this website.
    Kindly, Hezi

  5. Liam was standing outside the Clairmont around 7 pm on Friday night. Saw him outside the diner with some unknown with my own eyes.

  6. where was Ed Sheeran? In the kitchen? or bussing tables? He’s the real power broker in all these different scenarios.

  7. Who cares if they were dumb enough to meet in a public place like a diner?
    Everyone, including Astorino, knows this cabal is working towards a common purpose: make the weakest Republican (Martinelli) the nominee, so Mike Spano breezes to victory in November.

  8. You people don’t think at all… this is clearly an attempt by Fleming to show Astorino that there is some mystery coalition that is working against him. Get your head out of your ass Fleming… you lose… again!

  9. inside sources say that Martinelli & Spano split spaghetti for two, Liam had the corned beef and Spencer had a baked potato & 8 beers.

  10. Listen, idiot, the statement refers to whether or not the meeting taking place is true or not.
    You Spano/Martinelli/Spencer/Jenkins morons are beyond help.
    Look what your group has done to this City and then try to claim some sort of righteousness. Any form of classiness and modicum of intelligence is denied you.

  11. Let me guess, they were discussing who gave away the most of the Yonkers Store, to the friends and family network? Be it at City Haul or at the IDA. So what we’ll get if Martinelli or Spano is elected (Hopefully not) is Spencer Part 2. Yuck…!!!…
    This is democracy in Action in the USA (Not). These entitlement politicians need to be sent out into political pasture…AKA…Retirement.

  12. Regardless of the truth of this matter, the sad fact is that an allegiance does exist between the Spanos, Spencer and the Martinellis (with McLaughln in tow) to despearatly retain control of City hall.
    It is their bread and butter – hs been for many years.
    They stand to lose many dollars if they are taken out.
    You folks decide. The same old small tight nit group in control. Or at the risk of sounding like Obama, how about a change.
    Change (not the Obama type) might be just what this Ciy needs. Otherwise just continue to suffer and pay your taxes and be misused by City government

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