Shelley Mayer Seeks Any Available Elected Office in Yonkers to Extend Her Pension Benefits By HEZI ARIS

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Mayer_Shelley YONKERS, NY — May 15, 2011 — Coincidentally, last year, when the New York State Democrats lost their majority, their legal counsel, Shelly Mayer, was dismissed from her position which paid in excess of the governor’s annual salary. Trouble beset Ms Mayer as she attempted to stall inquiry by New York State Inspector General Joseph Fisch of emails between various protagonists in office. The interest in those emails was who knew what and when, specifically with regard to rigging the process for picking a company to run video slot machines at Aquaduct racetrack. It soon became evident that Ms Mayer was covering up an allegedly corrupt development scheme. I.G. Fisch issued a scathing  report in which he emphatically stipulated New York State’s highest-ranking elected officials rigged the bidding process for an unqualified gaming company seeking a lucrative contract to bring gambling to Aqueduct racetrack. 

Those involved in selecting Aqueduct Entertainment Group (AEG) included Governor Paterson, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and State Senate Democratic Conference Leader John Sampson. Shelley Mayer’s name is all over that report. Fisch said the bidding process was entirely political.To make matters worse for Yonkers, Ms Mayer could and did scrutinize the project allegedly enabling the project to move forward despite questions posed with regard to it. The deal would eventually collapse under a cloud of impropriety, to say the least.

Ms Mayer knows full well that almost 40 percent of the traffic enjoyed by Empire City at Yonkers Raceway is derived about the area abutting the Queens racetrack. She was mum over her involvement with regard to her conduct then and remains so to this day.

Today, New York Post reporter Aaron Short’s headline, “Vito Pal's 23G Mystery Gig," speaks about Carl Landicino, a politically connected consigliere of Brooklyn Democratic boss Vito Lopez, and a friend of the Democratic Party who earned $23,000 for a 10-week gig with the New York State Senate last year for a “no show" job. Landicino collected paychecks last spring as a "special counsel" advising Senate Democrats, but his colleagues insist they never saw Landicino once or discussed assignments. Landicino’s supervisor was Shelley Mayer. 

People may remember Shelly Mayer from about 6 years ago when she was introduced to Yonkers politics by Yonkers City Council President Chuck Lesnick who was already employing her son Aaron Smith as one of his interns.  With Yonkers Democrat City Committee endorsement she challenged incumbent Mike Spano for his seat at the New York State Assembly. She was soundly beaten. Her next stop was Albany as legal counsel for the Senate Democrat Majority. Nary a peep form her in all those years.

After losing an inside political tussle with then Senate Majority Leader John Sampson, Shelley Mayer, carpetbagger-like, returns to Yonkers licking her wounds and is soon promoted and  spoken about by some Yonkers Democrats as a credible candidate for Mayor of Yonkers. Mention of her tawdry past in the Yonkers Tribune dashes her hopes. [Reference: January 5, 2011 editorial: The Hezitorial: Political Controversy – Part II By Hezi Aris

She finds herself eclipsed by fellow Democrats, Chuck Lesnick, present Yonkers City Council President and long-time friend, and Mike Spano, present New York State Assemblyman who are both running to win Democrat endorsement for Mayor of Yonkers. Without a hope and a prayer, she receded into the political woodwork hoping to hide below the radar. No such luck.

Acid-tongued bloggers become aware that she accepted an interview by Dr. Giulio Cavallo’s Westchester County Independence Party for endorsement as a candidate to challenge Westchester County Legislator Gordon Burrows. Shelley Mayer’s Democrat supporters claim they are unaware of her challenge to Republican Legislator Burrows.

At issue now is whether Shelley Mayer is running to serve Yonkersites in the capacity of elected office or if she simply wants to embellish her pension? If she gets shut out of the Westchester County Board of Legislator’s race will the office of dog catcher suffice?

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eHeziShelley Mayer Seeks Any Available Elected Office in Yonkers to Extend Her Pension Benefits By HEZI ARIS

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  1. She’s a piece of shit. I met her numerous times and never thought of her as a “decent” person. She’s out for herself. Always was, always will be.

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