The Hezitorial: Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone is Right on Every Issue By HEZI ARIS

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Ehezi_charicature The People have been blamed for this calamity. Yet The People are not to blame. The People have been fed lies and trash by the political parties whose only interest is patronage. It never was about governance for The People. The political parties played their roles well. They would kick one person in the shins to stymie their agenda because it spoke to The People and not the party bosses. As they stumbled, the “ Family and Friends Network” stand-in was moved forward to become the anointed one. The one The People did not find credible; the one whose baggage was laden with bad karma. But The People were never part of the equation. They were easily dismissed and shunned; kicked to the curb without regard.

Those that would grovel at the taskmaster’s feet would soon learn they were not welcomed. A kick in the face, and a second in the derriere was often not enough to dissuade the leeches that so wanted to suckle on the city’s teets. The more they were shunned, the more they were determined to demean themselves before Mayor Amicone, the leader of the “Friends and Family Network.”



By being the largest employer in Yonkers, City Hall could disregard the overall concerns of the populace. Those that worked for City Hall, counting their spouse as a second vote, and many times more their adult voting children, and relatives of the same, together they were sufficient in number to elect a titular head to maintain a moat of disregard for The People.


Today, as in the past, Mayor Amicone concocts another circus act to diminish the public from fully conceptualizing the Transitional Financial Authority (TFA) for what it is. It is nothing more than a one-shot instrument that guts the future power of the checks and balances ordained to be functional, and proven to be so, by the Founding Fathers, for a Trojan Horse that is the last required invitation for the third Control Board to rule over Yonkers’ fiscal affairs. A Control Board would have solved much if it were adopted under more propitious times, perhaps a year ago. Not now, when the $20 million bond would not meet the “goals” set by the mayor, and would further demand repayment that will cost the city taxpayer even more.


Yonkers is bankrupt. Mayor Amicone knows it. Yonkersites know it. Yet, Mayor Amicone will not admit his failure. He can not say he is sorry. He does not have the strength of character to say he made a mistake. He cannot apologize for his “inside” team of misfits, liars, and law breaking enablers. It works if you are a “Friends and Family Network” cohort. It’s all about the money.



The only imprint Yonkers has is The Westchester Bank. Nothing else is functioning, The nValley Technology Center is a failure, The Roosevelt Ballroon and the Phillipsburgh Performing Art Center are failed. The Chicken Island Ballpark has lost its feathers, the Yonkers Waterfront is barren or in default to its creditors. Lawsuit after lawsuit have failed in getting our “fair share” of funding from Albany. The Yonkers Parking Authority is bankrupt but it still gives benefits to the “Family and Friends Network” without batting an eye. Those that rob the city of services rendered skirt the law with claimed references to being made to pay but do not. Their penalties are not made public. It is one cover-up story after another. There is no accounting from the Yonkers Board of Education despite the court ruling demanding it be handed over.




The Inspector General, Dan Schorr is a tool of Mayor Amicone. The Yonkers City Council has also for too long gotten along to get along with Mayor Amicone.




The Yonkers City Council will likely NOT vote in favor of Mayor Amicone’s FY2011-2012 Proposed Budget in the first round. When it is returned after a few line items get finagled, the whole lock, stock and barrel, including the kitchen sink will be approved by a majority of enabling Yonkers City Council Members;The People be damned. And so we will. So it will be written, and so it will be done.



The political establishment have not changed to reflect the post-crash demeanor that engulfs us. Are those standing in the wings to succeed these misfits up to the task?

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eHeziThe Hezitorial: Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone is Right on Every Issue By HEZI ARIS

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  1. If you think it is bad now, just wait until Nick and Mike Spano take over and install their family members in the major city departments.
    Forget the “friends and family network” it will be the
    “family network”

  2. The big Amicone sham was his giveaways to the developers in order to grow the tax base. Ridgehill, the waterfront, the Raceway, Cross County …The tax base never grew, the giveaways amounted to no benefit for the taxpayers, but it kept the friends and family plan alive and well. Phil’s big lie was that he was securing a financial future for the City. Nothing could be further from the truth. Now he’s blaming everyone but himself. He can do no wrong.
    When his term is over, he will slink out of town with his tail between his legs.

  3. Sadly on the mark Hezi. The reality is that Amicone plans to skulk out of town and in to the arms of the developers who made millions on his generosity. He will retire to a 4-5 year consulting gig that pays his bills and he will declare bankruptcy when the judge hits him with a million dollar verdict after all. We, the taxpayers will not live in the lap of luxury after the bankruptcy court lets us walk free. Instead we will bear the burden of the years of poor deals and no real oversight. Sad for whoever takes over as mayor. Shortest tenure since the pope who died before JP2 control board by March people. Put it in the books!

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