Westchester County Executive Astorino’s Chief of Staff George Oros Belittles and Denigrates Two Legislators in Email Message By HEZI ARIS

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Oros_George Offended Legislators Call for Oros’ Dismissal

White Plains, NY – A derisive and mocking tone was taken by Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino’s Chief of Staff George Oros (right) toward Board Majority Whip Judy Myers (D-Mamaroneck) when on May 10, 2011, at 4:02 p.m., Ms Myers received a suggestive and highly offensive email message from George Oros. Once colleagues of equal footing serving their respective constituents, Mr Oros’ defiled the trust earned between them over those years. The salacious tone Mr Oros expressed in writing to Ms Myers defiles his “vanilla” demeanor. 

Oros suggests Ms Myers’ speaking voice is “breathless," alluding to suggestive and lewd panting anathema to her cadence. A second sentence may be inferred to be descriptive of Legislator Bill Burton (D-Ossining) deemed by Mr Oros to sound “so comatose.” 

It is likely that Mr Oros sent the email during the Community Services Committee held in the latter part of the afternoon in the 8th Floor conference room at the Michaelian Office Building in White Plains. Myers and Burton were present and reviewing testimony during that day’s meeting. In the email, Mr Oros allegedly refers to Burton as “Bad Santa.”

Mr Oros may be judged to have issues with attractive mean and further harbor a rascist conviction not often recognized by his false demeanor  “I am angered and utterly shocked that the chief of staff of our county executive would disparage and degrade me and my colleague Bill Burton with such tawdry, inappropriate language while on the clock and supposedly serving the public interest,” said Ms. Myers. “I will be taking this matter to the County’s Human Resource officials and filing a formal complaint against Mr. Oros. In the meantime, I strongly believe this behavior cannot be tolerated by such a prominent figure in the County Executive’s Administration and feel George Oros should be fired immediately for betraying the public trust.” 

Mr Oros claimed he had never received an invitation to represent the County Executive in a Budget & Appropriations Committee meeting, and when he was shown a copy of the email sent to him days earlier, threw a fit and stormed out of the conference room in a behavioral display that left many who witnessed the occurrence shaking their heads.  

“George Oros should have better things to do than send emails around that belittle and insult elected officials who are trying to work together for our greater good,” said Ken Jenkins, Chairman of the Westchester Board of Legislators. “His dismissive attitude toward two praiseworthy legislators reveals a side of this Administration that explains why they have chosen to fight against progress we are making in lowering taxes and cutting costs county-wide.”

Acid-tongued bloggers had learned that upon departing the Michaelian Office Building on Monday, May 10, 2011, Ms Myers and Mr Burton met Mr Astorino in the elevator. Advising Mr Astorino how hurt they were, Mr Astorino gave a dismissive wave of his hand and departed the elevator without saying a word.

It is further understood that Mr Oros is not welcome to the 8th floor; only a liaison will be permitted entry to the offices of the Westchester County Board Legislators.


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eHeziWestchester County Executive Astorino’s Chief of Staff George Oros Belittles and Denigrates Two Legislators in Email Message By HEZI ARIS

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  1. This is yet another example of the ongoing ”classic duel”of when Lenin referred to people as ”useful idiots.” I’m not impugning a single person’s intelligence on this blog. I’m just pointing out that people are taking ”sides” of their ”preferred Pol” at the expensive of dealing with the facts. This allows the Pols to continue their unreliable and inappropriate job performances. While we ”bicker” they ”barter” and in the final analysis it always costs the Tax payer their rights and freedoms.

  2. Astorino has cut county spending dramatically and it would be more if it wasn’t for the two faced democrats on the county board. It’s funny, everyone says the county tax bill dropped this year except the angry masses on here.. i saw my county tax bill drop and i’m sure if what you are saying was true, then snooze 12 and ken jenkins would have put it out there but they didn’t. Stop trying to play propaganda and stick to the facts… Astorino is a great county exec and has done more already than spano did in his entire tenure

  3. Taxes didn’t drop. They increased the % on properties so it actually went up. The double speak of all these politicians is laughable. Get your facts and take out your tax bill and see what went down. Nothing. So when you hear a politician speak get your wallet out.
    And while your at it get back down on your knees for Bob.

  4. If you knew your ass from your elbow you would know that our county tax rate dropped this year in accordance with a campaign promise make by rob astorino. The democrats on the county board are running scared led by the head jerkoff ken jenkins. Now the people of westchester know that it is the republicans who can cut taxes and trim county government.. thank you rob astorino

  5. Lower our taxes fools. They spend their time with this type of nonsense, yet they can’t find the time to lower our taxes. What a joke…all of them.
    Adults who are offended by words are cry babies, especially politicians who fling offensive words at the opposition daily. GIVE ME A BREAK…No wonder many are leaving the county. The taxes are too high and nothing is being done about it.

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