Yonkers City Council Education Funding By WILSON TERRERO

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Terrero_Wilson The next two weeks are crucial for the future of the Yonkers Public Schools and the children of our city.

I assure you that I am doing everything in my power to make things work for our students. While I am a strong advocate for education, I am only one of 7 on the council. It will take my other 6 colleagues and the Mayor working together non-stop to get a budget that provides our students with the education they deserve. 

Our goal is to take every necessary step to identify and secure financial resources that insure our children get the educational services they need for this year and every year going forward. The right answer is one that provides a long-term solution to funding education. 

While only the Mayor, Superintendent of Schools and Union Leaders have the power to renegotiate the contract, I strongly urge all three of them to put aside their differences and place the student's interests first. 

Our children are our FUTURE and their education should not be considered an OPTION.  It should be for all of us a TOP PRIORITY.  Finally, I like to thank you all for being part of the process, getting involved, and fighting for what you believe.

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Las dos semanas próximas son cruciales para el futuro de las escuelas públicas de Yonkers y de los niños de nuestra ciudad. 

Le aseguro que estoy haciendo todo lo que esta en mi poder para que las cosas funcionen para nuestros estudiantes.  Mientras que yo apoyo fuertemente la educación, soy solamente uno de 7 en el consejo. Tomará a mis otros 6 colegas y al Alcalde trabajar juntos y sin parar, para conseguir un presupuesto que provea a nuestros estudiantes la educación que merecen.   

Nuestra meta es tomar cada medida necesaria para identificar y asegurar los recursos financieros que aseguren a nuestros niños a conseguir los servicios educativos necesarios por este año y cada año siguiente. La respuesta correcta es la que proporcione una solución a largo plazo al financiamiento de la educación.    

Mientras que solamente el alcalde, el superintendente de las escuelas y los líderes de las uniones tienen el derecho y poder de renegociar los contratos, yo le exhorto fuertemente a los tres de poner a un lado sus diferencias y poner los intereses de los estudiantes primero.   

Nuestros niños son nuestro FUTURO y su educación no se debe considerar una OPCIÓN.  Debe ser para todos nosotros una PRIORIDAD SUPERIOR.     

Finalmente, quiero darles las gracias y agradecerles por tomar parte en este proceso, por su participación, y luchar por lo que ustedes más desean.

Wilson Terrero is the Education Chair and Yonkers City Councilman representing District 2.

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eHeziYonkers City Council Education Funding By WILSON TERRERO

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  2. At the hearing at city hall on thursday Mr. Terrero failed to ask the Hispanic parent’s who spoke if they were property owners and if they they paid property taxes or for that matter income-taxes. The parent’s also stated that they were citizens-which you have to take with a grain of salt since the hearing was being taped anybody in their right mind is not going to say that they are here illegally.

  3. ENOUGH WITH THE MORE TAXES FOR EDUCATION ALREADY! This financial scheme that the council is ready to vote on is nothing more than a tax increase and a one- shot to make everyone feel good while sticking it to the taxpayer who will have to pay the bond back with interest. AND, next year it will be the same performance all over with more money bonded to feel good again and feed our out of control habit. Councilmember beware of what you are about to do!
    Generations went without pre-k and full day kindergarten in the past. These are nothing but babysitting programs and it’s been proven that younguns’ shouldn’t be thrust into school at an early age but should be with their parents/guardians in order to grow emotionally before being put in a classroom setting. The hogwash that 3 and 4 year-olds do better if they go to school is just that – hogwash.
    Lastly, some parents have said at recent rallies and public hearings that they don’t mind paying more in taxes for education. Well fine. Let them do it. Propose a tax program where if you have a child in public school you get a surcharge on your property tax – if you’re not a property owner you get a additional surcharge added to your existing income tax surcharge. Councilmembers propose that and see if all those who spoke out at the rallies agree to it… Just leave me the hell alone. I’ve had enough. It’s not about the kids, it’s about the teachers’ salaries and over spending!

  4. “our children are our FUTURE”? I would say not the dregs that the YFT are producing these days. MY children are our FUTURE. Parochial grammar school. Prestigious Catholic high schools. Elite private universities and masters and doctorate degrees. All on my dime becuase I know it works. Don’t waste more of my tax dollars on something that doesn’t work. $500 million for 24 thousand kids. Open the books. Puleo says it “s all about the kids.” Haaaaaaaa. It’s ALWAYS been about teacher salaries. STOP the gravy train.

  5. hey education is number 1 – Wilson should not be representing his district. He cheated to win the election. His lawyer was Wilson Soto who was arrested for cheating.
    This council seat really belongs to Virginia Perez – but this time she’s going to take Jose Alvarado’s job. He cheated too.
    Maybe this will teach the students that cheating is wrong. That’s an education.

  6. Wilson is doing exactly what he should be doing as a representative of his district and education chair. He is fighting for the schools and the students.

  7. Wilson how about the taxpayers why are our property taxes going up are you doing anything about that? My kids don’t even go to public schools why do I have to pay so much in property taxes yet the schools are so bad that I have to sacrifice and pay for a private school.

  8. For English read from the top, for Spanish scroll down. what a joke this guy is!! If he claims he is for education then be an advocate for English!

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