Yonkers City Councilman Dennis Shepherd Missing in Action Yet Again By Hezi Aris

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Shepherd_Dennis YONKERS, NY — The budget hearings that come before the Yonkers City Council began in earnest Monday afternoon. The process would take place this week alternating between the demands of protocol required to satisfy Yonkers Business Week and the Yonkers City Council's scrutiny of the budget. Missing in action from this week's opening was Yonkers City Council Dennis Shepherd, so-called representative to the 5th District. Over the past two months, Mr Shepherd has not attended scheduled City Council meetings and also missed Special City Council meetings. He has had one excuse after another. Once a relative was ill; another time he was on vacation, and yesterday, no excuse whatsoever. When Mr Shepherd decided to run for office he did not advise the electorate that he would not be able to attend City Council meetings as infrequently as he has, nr that he would miss other meetings at his volition despite their being noticed to the Yonkers City Council way before it reaches the public.

At issue is whether Mr Shepherd will be able to cast an informed vote when he does not attend meetings at which he may gain input from commissioners of various department and further have the ability to question them with pithy inquiry. Heaven knows he does not use the computer afforded him, nor does he carry any of the voluminous documents demaded for his understqanding the subject matter. perhaps he has an inability to comprehend the enormity of these trying times on all Yonekrsites. One must infer that Mr Shepherd harbors no pretense aboiut him, suffering his ineptitude, other than to regurgitate spin after repeated study at the mayor's knee. I cannot fathom Yonkersites require better. Alas Yonkersites will have to suffer his lack of contribution to representing his constituents until at least 2013. The thought is stupefying.

Mr. Shepherd's work ethic is anathema to his generation and is certainly not to be emulated by anyone. he is simply lazy and a fraud. 

Perhaps this telling will force Mr Shepherd to perform by attending Tuesday's scheduled meeting. Time will tell. 

I am starting to question whether Mr Shepherd really is a nice guy. Can anyone who disenfranchises 35,000 constituents he purports to represent be a nice guy? How so? This I have to hear. How so?




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eHeziYonkers City Councilman Dennis Shepherd Missing in Action Yet Again By Hezi Aris

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  1. Shepherd couldn’t win a game of bingo at St. Barnabas if Tubiolo wasn’t marking his numbers for him. Whoever Tubiolo backs will win in that district hands down. If Tubiolo runs, not a soul in that district can touch him.

  2. Tubiolo a “secret weapon” Haa Haa haa haa haaaaa.
    Tubiolo opposed him and Castro-Blanco from the outset and only got behind Dennis to save face. He has been on the wrong(losing) side before each convention for some time then switches and acts like it was his candidate all along. Same thing will happen this year.

  3. to relax Dennis…
    yeah, you’re right…Dennis IS untouchable because he never shows up at any meetings…he’s a phantom….you know what the saying is, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me…this big-headed dick got elected once and it will be the last time…

  4. Dennis is in solid shape in the 4th. He beat Rubbo by a landslide in the primary (even with Phil’s aides bumbling around) and won big on the Republican line alone in November — against a Dem with the Conservative line and Rubbo on the Ind line. Dennis is untouchable.

  5. Shepherd better get his act together. he has a few guys that im sure would run againt him. John Rubbo or Vincent Spano or Joe crotty. all young good looking guys wh tons of energy that just so happen to live in his district.
    Future is not bright for Dennis

  6. What a difference a year makes. Last spring, Insiders laughed at Shepherd. Today nobody cares less. Larkin cuts the ties with Shepherd as well.

  7. frankly, I don’t think the old dude cares about a re-election. He probably looked at this as a one-term thing, during which time he will take endless vacations, make guest appearances at city hall, do the mayor’s bidding and shut his mouth except when it comes to bashing the state delegation. The people get the government they deserve (from Thomas Jefferson, I think).

  8. Tell Nice Guy Shepard he will be replaced come next election for his district. If you make enough noise, I am sure he will see the light.. Most Politicians rely on you not caring…..

  9. Ode to Dennis S.
    The 4th District in Yonkers needed a leader
    But it only got a seat cushion heater
    A man who always looks like he drank his tenth beer
    And never appears to be thinking in the clear
    He takes his orders from John & Phil
    And sees City Hall as a patronage mill
    Not one independent thought enters his mind
    Lately he’s been harder to find …
    He doesn’t show up, he’s MIA
    But he continues to collect his pay
    He is an absolute disgrace to be sure
    How much more can the 4th district endure?
    The clock ticks on till 2013
    Maybe sometime before then he’ll be seen

  10. Tubiolo begged me to vote for this stooge. A major regret. I am disgusted with hacks like Justin. He acts like a concerned citizen, but his only concern is the employment of his goofy wife and kid at the county’s expense. Leeches on the taxpayers’ asses.

  11. Dennis Shepherd should resign immediately if he cannot carry out the most elemental duty of a councilmember: showing up. How can he represent his district if he is not there? Where are you Dennis Shepherd?


  13. mr shepherd is getting paid by the taxpayers to
    attend those meetings..if he feels he can’t in
    good faith do it..he should resign

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