Yonkers City Councilmen Larkin, Murtagh, and Shepherd Call for Shared Sacrifice

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Yonkers City Hall Estimated Saving Near $40,000,000

YONKERS, NY — Yonkers City Council Republicans today proposed a “Fairness Plan” aimed at restoring many of the cuts proposed for the Yonkers School System while keeping taxes and spending low.
The three point plan calls upon all city employees to contribute to balancing the budget by means of shared sacrifice. Specifically the plan calls for:

• A total 5% salary give back averaged across all city employees and elected official depending on current salary – Estimated savings-$21 million

• An immediate across the board wage freeze – Estimated savings-$10 million

• An immediate freeze on contributions to Union welfare funds- Estimated savings-$7.2 million
Total estimated savings = $38,200,000.

“At the same time that we are talking about setting up a new Public Authority for financing and certain Councilmembers are threatening to resurrect the Control Board, the solution is right in front of us and we can do it ourselves” said Minority Leader John Murtagh. “Yes, it requires sacrifice but every family in Yonkers is making similar sacrifices and shared sacrifice certainly beats massive job losses, program cuts and a leap backward for the Yonkers Public Schools”.

Councilman John Larkin, himself a certified teacher, said “Three simple steps would all but wipe out the shortfall we are struggling to address. It is time for all stakeholders to come together for the good of the City”.

“We cannot pretend that government is immune from the effects of the economy that have battered the private sector” remarked Councilman Dennis Shepard, “Small businesses and private sector employees all across the country are cutting back and reassessing how they do business. City Hall and the Board of Education must do the same”.  

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eHeziYonkers City Councilmen Larkin, Murtagh, and Shepherd Call for Shared Sacrifice

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  1. These three are proponents of extending a multimillion dollar tax break to Empire City because it was “promised”. Last time I checked a contract was also a binding promise. Until the BOE becomes transparent and opens its books, no one should be asked to sacrifice to throw money into a sinking ship. If the BOE were streamlined and ran properly, ie-not giving out useless patronage jobs to otherwise unemployable losers who have political connections, they would not be in this mess.

  2. hey at least that horse will come riding down.. ill take that it means he is delivering. and as far as mike staying out of this issue, this is up to council right now not mike when it gets to him in albany he will act

  3. “Like Murtagh or not at least he is involved and working.” Oh, so he just woke up. Where has MY councilman been? The only time I see him is when he wants a campaign sign on my lawn. Check out “Where’s Waldo” at the next council meeting. He’ll be the one slipping out the side door.

  4. to #9
    Earlier in the week I read that Spano was basically sitting back “above the fray” having blown off lesnick (understandable) and waiting for the republicans to sort things out.
    Which means he will say nothing and let the City go down in flames. He will demonstrate no leadership or provide no ideas of his own that could possibly casue him trouble. Like Murtagh or not at least he is involved and working. Spano is sitting on his rear.
    But this is what I think Spano will do; the same thing Nick always did.
    At the 11th hour, when the clouds are truly black, and things look truly desperate, Yonkers will wake up one morning to the sound of the galloping of a white steed charging down the Govenor Thomas E Dewey Thruway from Albany, only this time with Mike Spano instead of nick riding upon it, the rising sun glistening in his hair, with either money or some fantastic idea or program from Cuomo to save Yonkers.
    Oh of course the Ride of the Valkeries playing in the backgorund.
    Nick did it for years and it worked like a charm.
    But then NICK LOST.

  5. ENOUGH WITH THE MORE TAXES FOR EDUCATION ALREADY! This financial scheme that the council is ready to vote on is nothing more than a tax increase and a one- shot to make everyone feel good while sticking it to the taxpayer who will have to pay the bond back with interest. AND, next year it will be the same performance all over with more money bonded to feel good again and feed our out of control habit. Councilmember beware of what you are about to do!
    Generations went without pre-k and full day kindergarten in the past. These are nothing but babysitting programs and it’s been proven that younguns’ shouldn’t be thrust into school at an early age but should be with their parents/guardians in order to grow emotionally before being put in a classroom setting. The hogwash that 3 and 4 year-olds do better if they go to school is just that – hogwash.
    Lastly, some parents have said at recent rallies and public hearings that they don’t mind paying more in taxes for education. Well fine. Let them do it. Propose a tax program where if you have a child in public school you get a surcharge on your property tax – if you’re not a property owner you get a additional surcharge added to your existing income tax surcharge. Councilmembers propose that and see if all those who spoke out at the rallies agree to it… Just leave me the hell alone. I’ve had enough. It’s not about the kids, it’s about the teachers’ salaries and over spending!

  6. Let’s see how they vote on the budget. If they believe what they say then they’ll vote it down, if not then this is the same act as last year, a shill game with no substance.

  7. Great. Except that most of the proposal violates existing contracts and would therefore be illegal. And another thing. You want to cut the pay of non-union people who are underpaid to begin with, and when most of them have not seen a raise in something like 5 years? Seriously? When you clowns have given the store away to the unions? When you have union wolves retiring at 55 with 6 figure pensions? Good luck with that. I hope all the non-union folks sue you. It would serve you right.

  8. Is Shepherd going to accept a HUGE reduction in pay for all the meetings he’s missed?
    Yeah Murtagh – he won’t sacrifice a dime even though he’s been AWOL.

  9. Councilmen Larkin, Murtagh, and Shepherd are three clowns. All three of those guys have jobs, they should do the city job for free. What do these three successful men need an extra $30000? Oh wait, they are not.
    Ask Councilmen Larkin, Murtagh, and Shepherd to give up their right to life time benefits for doing a part time job for 2 years. Why do part time employees need 2 or 3 assistants?

  10. republicans wante to screw the working tax payer again. A 5% giveback for council members will be about $1,500 as they are paid about $30,000 to do their B job half assed. Maybe they should give back 5% of their A job cause thats what will happen to us. So that number will be doubled and/or tripled for city workers. Also we can’t send our kids to this crappy school system. It’s unfortunate but when one lives in Yonkers we have to go the private school route and this same school budget crap will happen next year. Some solutions that should be considered are: 1) have neighborhood schools. Kids that live in other cities and towns attend the school that’s closest to their home. 2) This will allow to get rid of free busing which the taxpayer also pays for and I believe the childrens are allowed to ride the b-line free 7 days a week. No busing will also create less traffic/accidents and pollution for all you go green freaks out there. 3) do eliminate the pre-k, when i was a kid everyone started in kindergarden and with a lot of people not working these days, whether by choice or not, they will be able to stay home with their childrens for another year. 4) keep the sports and after school crap cause otherwise crime will go through the roof. As far as a wage freeze goes, I’m pretty sure all the unions are working without a contract anyway so thats kind of the same thing, however freezing the welfare fund for the city workers is messing with their health care and that is not a good idea.

  11. What about all the properties (commercial and residential) that don’t pay taxes?
    What about the numerous development associations that give away the taxpayers money?
    What about Yonkers having the highest number of (in the state and possibly in the country – 1 in 10) city workers with cars?
    What about the people who have cars and live in non-adjacent counties?
    What about an education department that gives money away to other agencies and has fought making its budget transparent?
    Why do Republicans ALWAYS say shared sacrifice when it isn’t shared?
    Mr. Murtagh – did you read the letter the Catholic professors wrote to Boehner about not abiding by Christ’s teaching? I respect your position on right to life but I ask you why does your respect for life end at birth? Why have you done a 180 since the Ridge Hill days? Oh – I know. You are a Republican. What a shame. You could have had Democrats on your side.

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