Breaking News Exclusive: Yonkers Mayor Amicone Finds $25 Million

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YONKERS, NY — Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone has somehow found almost $25 million  and assisting his effort, Yonkers Public School Superintendent Bernard Pierorazio has found another $7 to $10 million. The numbers may be off a bit. At minimum the combination of funds founds equal $25 million. At issue is not that the funds were found but rather who audited the books not finding the funds found today. 

Mayor Amicone's Communications Director is not available for comment today. Inquiry of Deputy Mayor William Regan was requested in light of the finding of the funds and to request who these funds may change or not change Yonkers pending budget crisis.

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eHeziBreaking News Exclusive: Yonkers Mayor Amicone Finds $25 Million

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  1. Hey Anon – your adding skills are worse than your logical skills. Hard to believe.
    Hey Jack of a million names – what party do Amicone and Pierorazio belong to?

  2. It seems the people of Yonkers are FED UP!! They have been walking around with the STENCH of Body Odor from their city government and appointed ”good ol’ boy” hacks all these years and the clothes pin that was on their collective nose has finally fallen off and they don’t like what they SMELL!! ALL the RATS will Fall under the weight of their own Hubris and when they do, it will be like a set of Dominoes (Dominos) and let’s hope they fall wearing handcuffs with no Golden Parachute to break their fall. This story DEMANDS a federal investigation at once!! The shills in Westchester and NYS can’t be trusted!! They should both be forced to resign and held without bail until they disclose where the money magically came from!! And then sentenced!! CALL YOUR CONGRESSIONAL REPRESENTATIVES AND DEMAND A FEDERAL INVESTIGATION NOW!!!

  3. So let me get this right Amicone found $25million in a cardboard box under his bed and Poorassio found another $10million in his cardboard box. How many more millions are just lying around. And now the silly council can slap the cash strapped taxpayer with another 5% tax increase to $uck the homeowner. Yonkers is a joke and rotten like a fish from the head down.

  4. Wow. I wish I could just “find” 25 million. Was it under a desk…in a closet…. in the backroom?
    How does one misplace 25 million dollars in the first place?

  5. Well…
    Keep looking…see if you can come up with a few more million…..
    I really can’t wait until this incompetent a$$hole has left office.

  6. Mayor finds $25 million and BOE president finds $7 million!Seen both guys on the Hudson shoreline with metal detectors all this week.

  7. So what did he do pull the money from his ass? Let me guess they went into all those city accounts in the friends and family banks and got a bit form here and a bit from there? The best part of this is that is another one shot yonkers scam, brought to you by dolla Phil and so the state was right to not give Yonkers any more money when it is flush with cash. So now that they have emptied the rainy day fund, or have they? what will happen next year? Dumping the problem on the next Mayor?
    This was done for many reasons but it was to try and bolster the republican chances of having their candidate elected. It was also done to make the taxpayer feel ok about paying another huge hike in property taxes, making it look like Dolla was doing something to help the taxpayer. It’s all a big scam and this fraud is being perpetrated by those we elected to do the peoples business. It is really time for a full federal investigation of both municipal and city budgets and accounts. Can’t wait to hear from the usual crew at the silly council. What will they have to add?
    Anyhoo. Hezi you made my day with this one. The tears are still not dry if being laughing so hard,

  8. ok its between 32 and 35 million…does that mean
    no layoffs because the rest can probably be made
    up in eliminating after school stuff…

  9. WOW…Pierorazio found a wopping 1.5% savings in his $600 million budget! How about an audit of the BOE budget and I bet you can find alot more! I would bet you would find…. many people on the health ins roles, who shouldn’t be there, also phones and internet being paid to ex-employees, people on 6 month contracts, still there years later, part time employees making $5000 a year and getting $13,000 worth of health ins for LIFE, lots of problems, but without an audit, we will never know!

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