I’m Running for Mayor of Yonkers By CARLO CALVI

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CALVI_Carlo My entire life has been conducted in Yonkers. Of all of the candidates for Mayor, I have the most experience, best credentials and greatest knowledge of how this City works. I know the neighborhoods and City Hall, inside & out. I worked as an engineer in the building department back in 1975. I’m a Civil Engineer and a Lawyer. In the past I’ve been a teacher, a truck driver, a construction worker, a pretty good carpenter (it’s still my favorite hobby), a heavy equipment operator and a pizza delivery boy, to name a few.

I also run my successful business in Yonkers – real estate development and management. I treat my tenants with respect and fairness – the same way I treat all reasonable people. That’s the same way that I have served my constituents in the past and it’s my promise to serve you as Mayor with the same approach.

I’m married to Julie for 30 years. Cristin’s a lawyer married to Brian Hughes, an assistant District Attorney in Queens. George is a Civil Engineer, Matt is too but he’s going to Law School at night. Noelle (born on Christmas Day – what other name could we give her) is in her senior year of College. She wants to be an elementary education teacher.

I love a good conversation, a few laughs and a good cigar. I play golf which is almost as frustrating as Yonkers politics. Finally, I know that I can apply my experiences, and professional abilities to run Yonkers in a much more efficient way. Having a good heart, a good brain and common sense is all it takes. I know I can do it with your help. I’m asking for your vote in the Elections.

My Record on Taxes Real Estate Transfer Tax & Income Tax Surcharge

I served on the City Council in 1998. On January 2 (my second day in office) I introduced the legislation to eliminate the Yonkers Real Estate Transfer Tax (the so called exit tax, when one sells their property) and the Income Tax Surcharge. It passed and the taxes were phased down.

Unfortunately, since I left office, those taxes have gone right back up to the levels they were at in 1998. Several of the other Mayoral candidates, running this year, have had a part in voting for and authorizing those tax increases. If I get back in, I’ll reverse their reversal and eliminate those taxes, again.

Real Estate Taxes Have Doubled Since I Left the City Council

I have always fought against tax increases. That includes my four years on the Westchester County Board of Legislators, 1980-1984. In one of those years, the County budget passed by a vote of 16 to 1. Who was the lone vote against the budget – yours truly. That budget raised your County taxes by approximately 27% in a single year. They’d have to nail me up before I supported that kind of tax insanity. In 1999 the City tax rate was $317 per thousand of assessment. This year it’s $627 per thousand. Simply put, your taxes have doubled. It amazes me that elected officials, including current Mayoral candidates, have no problem approving such outrageous tax increases. Maybe it is because they don’t feel the pain. My business owns real estate. The properties that I am involved with pay a combined total of more than $ 140,000 in real estate taxes. So it shouldn’t be hard to figure that I am not a fan of raising taxes. Of all of the Mayoral candidates, I believe I carry the greatest tax burden Here’s a promise. I will find efficiencies and savings and won’t take the easy way out by raising your already exaggerated real estate taxes. It can be done.

President Harry Truman is one of my favorite political characters in history. The man just oozed common sense. Harry had a plaque on his desk in the oval office that read “The Buck Stops Here” on the front side and “I’m from Missouri” on the backside.

The significance was that he was to be in charge and accountable for the decisions of his administration – the big ones and the small ones. My plaque will be identical except that it will read “I’m from Yonkers” on the inside. My approach to running City Hall will also be like President Truman’s. I will take charge of the matters that need to be handled and I’ll accept responsibility for the successes or the failures. As soon as it’s made I’ll show a picture of the plaque.

The Finance Commissioner Will Have to Give Me Briefings When Payments Are Made

In my private business, I know where every dime is spent. All invoices are reviewed and verified before paid. It’s the only way to have financial control. It also gives a better sense of where money can be saved, next time around. As Mayor, I will direct our “check writers” – the finance department to get my approval before writing the check. Of course this doesn’t apply to payroll, but I will demand a periodic running total of each employee’s wages, to date, and how that compares to their salary. That’s called overtime control. We just learned of a police officer who earned over $300,000 last year and is now retired. Something’s rotten in Yonkers. Without pointing any finger of blame, our “system” has developed a lot of fat over the years. This is one way that I will find it and eliminate it.

Unnecessary Cars, Cell Phones and Gasoline Distribution to be Terminated

When I worked in City Hall, 1975, the only people who had cars were the building inspectors, street inspectors, the Mayor & City Manager. Now every Tom, Dick, Harry & Mary has one with a cell phone too. In the past if an employee used his vehicle for city work, he or she was reimbursed on a mileage rate. That’s what I will implement. There will be no more big SUVs or an open gas pump for employees. I won’t take a City vehicle. I’ll take the cell phone because it’s important to be on top of things. Also, every commissioner and other key employees will have cell phones for contact purposes.

Red Light Cameras on the Chopping Block

Let’s consider surveillance cameras in high crime areas instead. It’s my opinion that the newly installed red light cameras are more so aimed at generating revenue then enhancing safety. They also present a danger, especially if drivers are aware of their presence. Some people may speed up or jam on their brakes to avoid the ticket. My approach to ensure safety at a trouble intersection is old fashioned. I would direct the Police Commissioner to place a traffic detail at that point until matters get better. Besides, as a lawyer, I believe that there is an argument as to the illegality of the red light cameras. They may violate a person’s right to due process. We’ll be looking into that. I hope the City didn’t sign a contract for these cameras that will be difficult to revoke. Too bad that one of the candidates for Mayor, this year, was the one who introduced the law in the NY Assembly which allows Yonkers to have the red light cameras. Without that law, we wouldn’t be dealing with these cameras.

Code of Etiquette for City Employees ??? While we have many courteous workers in this City (many of them are friends or people that I know), some of our “public servants” may have forgotten that they serve the public. For example, a few days ago, I called into a City department on private business and was treated in a gruff way by the person who answered the phone. There is no need or excuse for that. We will develop a set of guidelines for employees on proper interaction with and treatment of citizens. I will direct every commissioner to apply the guidelines vigorously. The purpose is not to “get anyone into trouble”. The purpose is to foster better treatment of our customers – you, the taxpayers and citizens of the City. Of course, we expect courteous conduct in the other direction.

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eHeziI’m Running for Mayor of Yonkers By CARLO CALVI

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  1. that would never happen in a million years Mr.Calvi is aman of his words i hope all you people out there enjoy tax raises that came down from albany that mike spano approved of,so cut the bull good luck carlo i wish you lots of luck.

  2. Ah, so someone in the Spano family wants to see how much money they can make Murtagh waste campaigning against a bogus opponent.
    What a surprise.

  3. Carlo may be height-challenged, to be politically correct, but Murtagh is bereft of conscience and soul – one of the meanest people I have ever met, bar none. But, now that I think of it, just the perfect person to, let’s see how he phrased it at the Rep.Convention, “carry on the work of our mayor”, the epitome of a vindictive, punative and grudge-holding administrator.
    Might we also expect Murtagh to change the pronunciation of his surname, ala Phil Amicone, formerly pronounced with the hard “e” as in CONEhead. He actually changed the pronunciation of his name to run for office!! What does that tell you about the man. Show of posts: DOES ANYONE WANT ANOTHER AMICONE AT THE HELM???

  4. To Let’s not and say we did: Carlo Bonapart will never be Mayor. mHis antics (and I am being kind) when a leg and councilman were an embarassment. He is doing nothing but wrecking the chances of the eventual Republican nominee (who will not be him) He should drop out or he will be completely ignored in the future. (probably should have been done long ago. Without Bernadette’s help, Carlo is Nothing.

  5. Simply stated, Murtagh has zero chance in a general election because he will not get either conservative or independent nominations. Martinelli will not put a whole hearted effort into the race and at most will get the conservative line, he can’t win on that alone. If Carlo gets the Independent line, Martinelli should drop out and leave Carlo with the conservative line. Murtagh will lose in a primary because he is hated more than any other candidate. He thinks his base of 100 supporters telling him how good he is is an indication that he will win, but he will be very surprised when the citizens of Yonkers show him on primary day just how loved he really is. People don’t forget. If Calvi gets the other two lines and wins a primary he will be in good standing in a general election. He has the best shot at keeping the Republican’s hopes alive to win a mayoral race. Martinelli is the one that is truly ahrming the party by being in. He should drop out and let two candidates who actually have a chance and want to do this go at it. Time will tell, should be very interesting.

  6. Carlo as mayor ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha hahhahaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Crazy Carlo has ZERO chance in the general. This whole thing is a Spano wet dream. Carlo and a weak Martinelli drain coffers while the waters get muddy. All the former Steve Levy proxies went to the red headed geek. He voted them all for Martinelli. Spanos want no one candidate to get the Rep and COn lines and the I line early. If a candidate got the three he could raise money, have a solid campaign and pummel little Mikey. Instead, Carlo takes up time and space on an ego trip that weakens the party he claims to support, Liam blows smoke up Rich’s ass telling him that he can win and Murtagh looks for doners who can hide for now saying that no clear candidate has emerged. The C line should go to Murtagh and clear the field and be the king makers here but the Right to Life folks have drawn a line in the sand on gay marriage (a non issue for a Yonkers Mayor race) and will blow up the election and hand the Mayor’s seat to Mike PRO ABORTION SPANO instead of getting behing a candidate who they can make a winner. Sad day for the COnservative and Republican parties. Circular firing squads are rarely successful

  8. I failed to mention that Lil Carlo is looking for a minority party line now so he can trade it for a judical job after his REP primary loss…
    Follow the money, folks!

  9. Carlo Calvi is simply doing the Spano’s bidding. Martinelli does not have the onions to primary Murtaugh, so Carlo is going to drain the GOP coffers.

  10. Calvi has already made it a race between himself and Murtagh in order to have the Spano friendly Martinelli win the Republican primary.Remember the Jereis payoff money went from the state senator earmarks of Nick Spano to Angelo Martinelli Chamber of Commerce to Jereis.Nick Spano has already spent thousands of dollars to a defense lawyer in the event of ?????

  11. Hey Tom,
    Who represented Spano & Jeris in the voter fraud case. You remember when Mangone received a slap on the wrist for placing Spano’s name on the green party absentee ballots.
    Mangone, the wannabee Al Pirro, who just like Al will throw everybody under the bus to save his ass.Mikey better watch himself, Lesnick could give him trouble. If I were Lesnick I would follow the money when Mikey was a lobbyist for Ridge Hill.
    Rumor mill has it that Zehy is going back to his old job at the Chamber of Commerce, Martinelli told his ole man to hire him. Just like he did when Nicky got the Chamber that pass through grant.
    The problem is that Calvi can’t be bought, that rubs the unemployable hacks in the party.

  12. excuse me tom but I think the fool for lawyer/fool for client comes into play when they are one and the same? Hope you are not an attorney

  13. Calvi represented his brother in that bribery corruption case?
    Ben Franklin was right: a fool for a lawyer, and a fool for a client.

  14. All the Spano ward leaders, Sershen, Tubiolo, Barbato, Breen, Esposito, etc. went for Murtagh.
    He’s the weakest Rep candidate and cannot confront Mikey on Same Sex Marriage, since he also supports it.
    The Spanos want Murtagh. Take it to the bank. He’s a punching bag for the Spanos.
    Calvi on the other hand will speak frankly on the Spano record, their affiliation with Mangone, Jereis and Annabi and report all of the other Spano sins.
    Calvi’s the only one who has the guts and the brains to take it directly to the Spanos

  15. Here’s how this breaks down; MURTAGH – The only reason he won the Republican nomination was because the Spano’s wanted him to. Think about it logically – Nick controls who gets the Republican nod, He obviously would want the weakest opponent for his brother in the general election. They see Murtagh as that weak link. John should not be flying so high about the nomination. As far as other part lines go, Murtagh will NEVER get the conservative nod due to the gay marriage. He will almost certainly not get the independent nod. There is no way he can win a general election on the Republican line alone, especially considering the fact that he is the opponent the Spano’s know they can beat.
    MARTINELLI – He should probably drop out. Even though he may get the conservative nod, he will not put enough effort into this election to take on the Spano machine. He’s a lay down candidate probably running to please Daddy.
    CALVI – Brash, speaks his mind, can not be controlled by anybody. Regular politicos do not like this because a person like this can’t be told what to do (who to give high paying jobs and contracts to). He may get the conservative nod, long shot for Independent. But if by some miracle he did get those two lines then he is the only candidate who would be candid enough to take on the Spano’s and run an election that exposes them for the criminals and scum that they are.
    My opinion? Martinelli should drop out of this race, he has 0% chance of a general election victory and he isn’t hungry for it. Murtagh is a puppet on the strings held by Nick Spano even though he doesn’t know it. He’ll mount a solid campaign effort but no amount will be enough to win. He is a hated man in the City of Yonkers and people have taken notice that he only gets involved when it’s election time. Call me crazy but if you look past the Republican Primary and ask which candidate has the best chance to beat Mike Spano and save this city from impending doom, to me the answer is Carlo Calvi. He has my vote.

  16. 1.calvi cannot win a republican primary
    2. republicans are totally outnumbered by 2.3/1
    and the remaining independents are not republicans
    in most of the city
    3. calvi may or may not get the conservative nod but
    he will have the effect of draining murtaugh’s resources that should be saved for the primary
    4. a republican needs all three lines to win…
    in todays climate..this is not 8 years ago..if
    the conservative’s bolt it splits the vote on the
    right if the ind party fails to support murtaugh
    the issue becomes where do they go….
    calvi is not doing the republican party any good here

  17. Actually Calvi was not just a shrill voice on the Council.
    He warned against all of the financial disasters that Spencer, Restiano, Martinelli and company created for us and put us where we are now.
    So if that got him some attention, it was deserved.
    Murtagh hasn’t had the guts, while on the Council to take the difficult stance of opposing tax increases, etc. Now he wants to borrow $20 Million to pay for operating expenses – insanity.

  18. The purpose of the Carlo Calvi run for mayor is to knock out Murtagh and elect Mary Calvi’s husband Mike Spano.Mary Calvi is Carlo Calvi’s first cousin.Do any of you people really think that Carlo Calvi will politically attack Marys husband and the Nick Spano political machine?

  19. well, if he is a media hound, he certainly can’t hold a candle to crybaby Murtagh, nasty just to be nasty, holding sneaky press conferences to blame the dems for wanting a control board (a board necessitated by murtagh’s boy Phil, who let the city get bankrupt after helping his boss John Spencer kick out the last control board in 1998) and always crying foul about something. Oh, and remember when he called out the national guard because someone challenged signatures his mommy got for him in a past election? Mayor Candyass.

  20. “Of all of the candidates for Mayor, I have the most experience, best credentials and greatest knowledge of how this City works. I know the neighborhoods and City Hall, inside & out.”
    Forget the Republican, Conservative and Independence Parties.
    Carlo is running on the EGO Party line.
    I admit he was very entertaining to watch on TV when he was a councilman. Always causing trouble for the heck of it. It put him in the media spotlight just like now.
    He has been reading too many Donald Trump books.

  21. I believe it was Carlo’s brother who was convicted …something to do with his position in the Yonkers Buildings Department.

  22. Mud slinging already huh? Unfortunately “ethics”, no Calvi was never convicted OR charged with bribery or any other crime for that matter. You should check public records before posting such libelous statements. But I’m sure you’re just another politico goonie starting early.
    Tell you what though, be careful, because when Mike and Nick are charged with felonies very soon I’m sure their Mike’s opponent’s will have a field day. Reap what you sow

  23. hey Sol…you know nothing about Yonkers…Calvi has always been a fiscal conservative and I have never, ever heard anything negative about his SERVICE as a councilmember. I am so very tired of reiterating how AWOL John Murtagh has been for his entire time on the city council. Wow, claim to fame – leaf blower law – now that saved our taxpayers a hell of a lot of money now, didn’t it??!! Yeah, OK.
    Leaves committee meetings, sneaking out back door, almost to the point that his colleagues call police to see if he is kidnapped while using the facilities in Chuck’s office, but no, he is just using that as his escape route. Year afer year after year, Mr. Murtagh leaving meetings.
    Mr.Murtagh’s sole solution in this and all other budget crisis years is the 5% solution – something totally only within the mayor’s hands to affect, and, moreover, a no-brainer solution which in no way addresses the years of tax increases and contractual votes which the city council new would not hold water. They all shirked their responsibilities and should be supremely ashamed of themselves.
    Mr. Larkin has mastered the art of rhetoric – talking a good game only to vote moments later in direct opposition to the rhetoric. But, people unfortunately only remember the bullshit one spits out, not the vote.
    Mr. Shepherd. Ah, what can one say about Mr.Shepherd. Not much, since his special appearances at council and council committee meetings are more like special appearances. Doesn’t say much, thank the Lord, but when he does, it is like seeing a white-haired Phil Amicone in the council chambers.
    And, don’t you lovethe press conference these three amigos had with the mayor the other day, blaming the dems for invoking the dreaded control board. Further, who else should be there but the “democratic” candidate for mayor, bob flower, excuse me, “doctor” flower. Also, a good friend of Mr. Murtagh. Just another way to muddy the democratic primary.
    Do yourselves a favor folks. As soon as you can sell your homes, Get the hell out of this city.

  24. Interesting. Will be interested to see if he further lays out his plans for civil union reforms and education. In my opinion the candidate who is willing to stand up to the “big, bad” unions in this race will be the victor. People are sick of paying high taxes because these people rape the system for absurd pensions. Couple this with the fact that the unions no longer hold the weight to control and election and you have a winning formula. Pepper on some minority vote won through a fully laid out educational plan and you have a winning recipe.
    Calvi’s record speaks for itself and thus far he is the only candidate to put out a piece that isn’t generic political pandering to win votes by saying what he’s going to do and not HOW like Murtagh. Murtagh better step it up. I think it will be a very interesting summer. Best of luck.

  25. The Conservative party will never give the endorsement to Murtagh. Martinelli’s campaign is going backwords, once Cavallo denies Martinelli the Independence line then Richard will realize that there may be important thing than being Captain of the Titanic.
    Calvi’s record as a Councilman indicates a fiscal conservative bias. He’s his own man and really can’t be swayed or bought off by anyone. If Martinelli takes the gas pipe and those supporters can get over their petty political vendettas it could be an interesting summer.
    In a three way Republican primary Mutagh could pull out a victory. Martinelli & Calvi would split the ethnic vote and Murtagh would have the log cabin Republicans working the streets for him.Michael Spano would crush Murtagh in a general election and that would be the final nail in the coffin for Yonkers. 50 years from now Yonkers will mentioned in the same breath as Three Mile Island “what ever happened to that City”

  26. A Republican could in with 2 lines, such as Astorino in 2007, Amicone in 2003 and in 2007 (tho he had 3 lines), Martinelli in 2003. Is it likely? Ask Mclaughlin, N. Spano, J. Castro-blanco and Mike Ramondelli if it is likely.

  27. wow, a mayoral candidate who actually SPECIFICALLY says what he intends TO DO, item by item. Hope you kick Mr. Murtagh’s pompous, mean-spirited, nasty, arrogant, mean-spirited, elitist, mean-spirited butt.
    Good to see you at the recent city hall 100-year ceremony, with some of the other past city councilmembers. I loved watching Murtagh’s face as you mentioned your mayoral candidacy during your remarks at the ceremony. He actually stopped chewing on his eyeglass earpiece, which is no easy feat to have accomplished. OH, was he smirking.
    I don’t care how intelligent or articulate Mr.Murtagh may be. There is no mistaking his malevolent nature. Would anyone out there really want to give such a person the mayoral powers in this corrupt city?

  28. I assume this means that carlo will be running in
    what appears to be a three way primary..but the
    real question is what does the conservative party
    do..and what does the independence party do…
    convential wisdom is that a republican needs all
    three lines to win…this should be very interesting

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