Mayor & City Council Reach Budget Deal

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Amicone_Phil-postulating w hand 10:00 a.m. News Conference Thursday at City Hall

YONKERS, NYMayor Phil Amicone and members of the City Council* have reached a deal on the Fiscal Year 2012 Budget that will include more money for the Yonkers Public Schools to help save some educational programs. The budget deal will not raise property taxes beyond the 4.8% increase that was originally proposed in the mayor's Executive Budget. City officials will hold a news conference tomorrow, Thursday, June 23rd at 10:00 a.m. to announce the details. Schools Superintendent Bernard Pierorazio is also expected to attend. 
The press conference will be held in the Mayor's Reception Room on the second floor of Yonkers City Hall. All will be available for questions and one-on-one interviews.

* Councilwoman Joan Gronowski this morning departed for a destination outside the state. Her plans had been forwarded to City Hall and the Yonkers City Council over one week ago.

Read: Breaking News Exclusive: Yonkers Mayor Amicone Finds $25 Million first published today, June 22, 2011, at 10:27 a.m. learn more.
eHeziMayor & City Council Reach Budget Deal

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  1. Why can’t this State come up with something similar to the Proposition 2 1/2 the way they did in Massachusetts some time ago? They can’t raise the overall real estate taxes more than 2 1/2%? The taxes are driving everyone out of this state. How do you do Propositions on the ballot in NY? Anybody know?

  2. This mayor is as disingenuous as anyone I have ever seen in government.
    He found money?!? C’mon …..
    He “realized” that taxes were going up?!? and then can forecast it?
    He “realized” that taxes were going up?!? and then can forecast it?
    Folks, what’s going on here is that he has kept everyone out of the loop for 8 years…and he thinks he’s getting away with it.
    He says whatever he wants…does whatever he wants…and no one is able to hold him accountable for it. For which, I blame the Council members.
    Now he has found enough money to make his final budget balance and “preserve his legacy”….
    OK, Phil…if that’s what you want to believe.
    Phil, your legacy is intact. You’re incompetent at your job. That’s your legacy. You’ve left the City in a shambles.
    All I can say is…Thank God for term limits.

  3. i respectfully disagree that the “fools had the money all along” – please don’t lose sight of the fact that property taxes are going up by 5% to cover this budget (and this has apparently never been under negotiation). This is not money that was “had all along” – it is new money that me and every other property owner in the City will have to fork over. This for a service that some of us have never and will never use.

  4. wow! anon almost sounds like he/she is part of the friends and family network, and doesn’t give a damn about the children in our school, only about the almighty dollar….SMH

  5. Of course Hezi’s origional “news story” was not true. The council and the Mayor did find some savings but not $25 million.

  6. how the hell did he “find” 20 million! i guess chuck lesnick and john murtagh didnt need to borrow all of that money. what frauds. why make our teachers get some much anxiety. irresponsible as usual

  7. Can’t wait for the rats to be in full effect tomorrow night outside of Mannion’s in honor of the biggest head in Yonkers!

  8. How about giving the money back to the taxpayers where it belongs. Dont give another nickel to the BOE without a outside forensic examination of the books.

  9. To BOE employee,
    You must be a highly paid administrator who sits in a cubicle all day and whose job is not needed. Once again let me educate you….When the BOE through the Mayor gives us our back pay that an arbitrator ruled we are entitled to, and the BOE through the Mayor puts us up to our rightful pay scale, and the BOE through the Mayor cuts the no show / non essential jobs, examples are you, Fleming, Lopez to name a few, and the Mayor cuts the car fleet, and the Mayor and his deputies takes a pay cut, THEN maybe we will negotiate. Until way. We did not sacrifice jobs, the Mayor did. How convenient that they “found” almost 40 million dollars sitting somewhere. This is why we will never give anything back to this corrupt administration….fools had the money all along and tried to play everyone, taxpayers included. When this administration abides by signed contracts then we can possibly negotiate, but unfortunately they all lie. So BOE employee, crawl back to your cubicle and don’t hate because your administrators union took a pay freeze and got played.

  10. The city, with much sacrifice pulled money from every corner that they could squeeze it, because they care about the childre. Now I want to see if the teachers care. Can they step up to the plate. Or were they willing to sacrifice their fellow workers and the students. By the way, Detroit just fired 10,000 BOE employees because they could not afford the school system.

  11. Does this mean they’re keeping prekindergarten and cutting bus monitors? Or reinstating full-day kindergarten, keeping bus monitors, and cutting prekindergarten?I’ll be listening attentively tomorrow morning…

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