Senator Stewart-Cousins’ Statement on Passage of Historic Marriage Equality Legislation

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ALBANY, NY — The New York State Legislature approved an historic marriage equality bill tonight that will allow gay and lesbian couples to marry in the State of New York. Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins (D/I/WF- 35th District), who voted in favor of the bill, released this statement:

 "This is an historic day for New Yorkers. As the world watched, the legislature took a stand and declared that discrimination is not acceptable in any form to any person or group. 

Tomorrow, same sex couples will wake up knowing that this government recognizes them as equal citizens of New York and they can take comfort in the fact that their right to a civil marriage in New York State will be granted.

"Civil marriage is a relationship sanctioned and licensed by the State and it provides protections, rights, responsibilities, obligations and benefits that gay couples have the same right to enjoy as different sex couples. It is important to note that this bill includes strong religious exemptions to respect the beliefs of clergy and religious organizations.

"I was proud to support marriage equality because loving and willing gay couples deserve the freedom to get married. Once again, New York has shown itself to be a leader in advancing the cause of freedom and equality to all people"

eHeziSenator Stewart-Cousins’ Statement on Passage of Historic Marriage Equality Legislation

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  1. Democrats….Don’t ever think about coming to my doorstep looking for my vote ever again. I’m disgusted by being a democrat. This world is ruled by devil these days. I have nothing against gay folks and their business is their private business. Shame in Albany and every person that voted for gay marriage. SHAME ON YOU……..

  2. Yes, I now feel *totally* safe walking hand-in-hand with my same-sex partner down my ghetto street in Yonkers, Ms. Stewart-Cousins.
    Your constituents would assault me if I even tried.

  3. at Anon Sen Stewart-Cousins had done a lot for the Gay community. But you wouldn’t know that since you are not Gay obviously. Get your facts straight no pun intended.

  4. Supporters of this bill are celebrating the expected “economic windfall” provided by same sex weddings. (ceremonies, reception halls, musicians, photographers and all the trimmings. Divorce attorneys are salivating over the new divorce clients.
    But no one is mentioning the negative economic impact this will have in the form of extending pensions and entitlements to the new same sex “husbands and wives”.
    I know that I would marry a same sex friend who had benefits and entitlements, just for the perks, not for the sex.
    This opens the door for many new scams, but no one is discussing it. How much will this cost the taxpayer?? Will it be an additional burden on all levels of government? How blind we are.

  5. Hey Jack
    What party is Burrows in?
    What party are Mangone and Jereis in?
    What party are Spencer and Amicone in?
    What party gets the support of the evil RC bishops who covered up crimes for decades?

  6. like I said you old fool, you continue to ignore the travesty of governance by the two top republicans in Yonkers for the past 16 yeras – Spencer and Amicone – who fiscally destroyed our city. Forget this marriage thing. That is not the issue which is at the heart of what is wrong with Yonkers and most other communities today – fiscal mismanagement etc. And, maybe for the 20th time on this site, you have been asked to address this issue caused by your trusty Republican duo. Clown.

  7. A handful of Republicans are for gay marraige and 100% of Democrats support gay marraige.The only public official arrested in Yonkers is a Democrat.Will the governor and his fellow Democrats and his adoring media be celebrating the first homosexual adoptions of young males.Talk about no shame!The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  8. for the upteenth time, Mr. Treacy, can you address the fact that one of your precious “republicans”, John Murtagh, has long supported this gay marriage agenda? Are you not ashamed to robotically spew forth your anti-Democratic agenda, blindly ignoring the equally guilty Republicans? Republicans who have raped and pillaged this city for 16 years in the personage of John Spencer and Phil Amicone? Have you no shame? Do me a favor, just go away until you can address any of the challenges to your hypocritical, phony and idiotic rhetoric.

  9. Hey Jack – you forgot to mention pedophile Catholic priests and the Republican bishops who covered up their crimes.

  10. Senator, I am bisexual and I wish to marry both a man and a woman. So what about my civil rights? Can I expect that you will introduce a bill for all the bisexual community.

  11. Cuomo,leftist print media editors,MSNBC,and CNN are dancing in the streets over homosexual marraiges, that legalize adoption and foster care for homosexuals of young males.Tell me again that Democrats are not extremist radicals.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  12. This is for all of you haters out there.
    Just think of all the extra revenue that marriage licenses will bring into the shitty city of hills.

  13. The queen of zamunda is a joke in the senate. She walkes aroud with those stupid fake furs around her shoulder like shes royalty from some african nation.
    Cousins does NOTHING for westchester… you call her office and get NO HELP… if you are white and try to talk to her she ignores you. If you are a minority and need more money she will always jump to your aid.
    Her disgusting sense of entitlement is the fault of all the liberal democrats who voted for her and all of the mindless democrats in south yonkers who have no clue what goes on in the real world but know that they need to go to the polls on election day and go straight across the democratic line. PATHETIC

  14. Republicans voted for this, but the Democrats were responsible for 2/3rds of this government madness that gives homosexual couples the right to the foster care and adoption of young boys.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  15. I find it disgusting that this leech jumps on every bill and stakes her claim when she contributes nothing. She has done nothing for the gay community and she has the nerve to broadcast this press release to feather her bed? She does NOTHING for anybody. Even her speech tonight was weak and canned compared to the other Senators who spoke from the heart.
    She is a useless sack that will use anybody or any idea that she can squeeze any publicity from.
    The worst kind of politician: a do NOTHING.

  16. NY has shown itself to be a leader? Sounds like the first lemming over the cliff. You watch, the religious exemptions will be cast aside or ignored by the courts.

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