Statement from Governor Cuomo on Rent Regulations

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Cuomo_Andrew "Affordable housing is an all too scarce commodity, especially in New York City and the surrounding areas. Our state's rent protection laws are essential and any long term expiration would create a crisis. Last night the State Senate — both Democrats and Republicans — failed to continue the laws beyond their expiration.

"We are making progress but the Senate's failure to act last night was unacceptable and a betrayal of the one million tenants living in rent protected apartments. I will not allow the legislature to go out of session and go home until tenants are protected. I am prepared to call special session to keep the legislature in place until there are rent protection laws in place."

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eHeziStatement from Governor Cuomo on Rent Regulations

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  1. The socialist loving Democrats have done more damage to neighborhoods in Yonkers, Mt. Vernon and NYC than the Allied bombings in Germany and the cities of Japan.People live safely, attend their houses of worship, shop and work in those bombed out cities today but not in New York and we won the war.Take a walk through west Yonkers and see the empty lots where homes stood,the vacant boarded up buildings and almost no businesses open after dark.New York should join the rest of the Nation and end the fascists control of what should be a free market.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  2. Jack Treacy and hard work are like oil and water. He’s another Richard Narog-feeding off the public and then having the audacity to criticize as they collect their pensions and free health insurance while most americans suffer. P.s. Sleeping for 24 hours in a fire house with a driver to take u around aint hard work. The only thing that is easier is the phonies collecting 207 a benefits tax free and social security disability tax free. Why dont you spill the beans on that jack!

  3. Why should Jack give up anything that he earned? He worked 30+ years and busted his a** to provide for his family and retirement. He did not sit at home and seek handouts and complain when his “benefits” were cut. This is what’s wrong with America today, we vilify the hard working, taxpaying American that worked their entire lives and patronize the sloths that sit at home and live off the sweat of others. We have created generations of individuals that forever take and give back nothing! And if Jack chooses to live in a glass house at least he paid for it!

  4. jack,
    How about you give up your taxpayer funded pension and free health insurance for the rest of your life. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones, and still need a fire department!

  5. WW 11 is over,get rid of all rent control, rent stabilization laws. New York is the only state in the country with these fascist laws.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

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