Statement on Behalf of the Family of Charles Campbell

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LadJustice-Blindfolded-HoldingScalesofJustice Family of Dobbs Ferry Deli Shooting Victim Responds to New York’s Highest Court Unanimously Affirming Murder Conviction of Richard DiGuglielmo

“We have been asked by the family of Charles Campbell to respond on their behalf to the decision issued today by the New York State Court of Appeals.

 “The family is thankful that the murder conviction of Richard D. DiGuglielmo was unanimously affirmed today by New York’s highest court. But more than anything they are sadly reflecting upon the fact that Charles will never return to them and the man who senselessly shot him will be separated from his family and friends for many more years. When Charles was alive he spent a lot of his time working with troubled kids to help them learn to make wiser choices. His family hopes that something constructive will come from his death, and Mr. DiGuglielmo’s imprisonment, if they serve as a lesson to young people to think about the consequences of their actions before acting out of anger.

“The family wants to thank everyone who has shared with them love, support and prayers over these many difficult years. Finally, they express their gratitude to the Dobbs Ferry police department and Westchester County District Attorney’s Office for their efforts to see that justice was done in this case.”

Randolph Mclaughlin and Debra Cohen have been the Campbell Family attorneys for the past fifteen years.             

eHeziStatement on Behalf of the Family of Charles Campbell

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